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Hook me up with new anime(ish) artist links!


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I have a dilemma and could really use some help in solving it fellow art addicts. I have a few people I'll regularly commission due to their skill, politeness, reliability, and most of all - the style of art that they produce. I do enjoy other styles as well, but I'm a sucker for that detailed but anime-like quality that these folks tend to have.

The problem is that it's difficult for me to find more of this style of art on FA without it coming across as too cartoon or too detailed. If you know an artist that has a very similar style to the below, either on Furaffinity or Twitter or wherever else (I don't care where so long as they do commissions and have a form of contact) then by all means give them a shout out. I'd love to add more talented artists to my personal commission arsenal. ;3

Some examples of the art style that I'm looking for will be presented below, but I don't expect it too look EXACT. So long as it has the same feel it's welcomed as a suggestion. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, and if you feel that your art is similar by all means advertise yourself!


Credit: angiewolf


Credit: Taurus666


Credit: CrystalBerry


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Hmm... those are pretty good arts.
My main artist was Stesha_Di which created those amazing arts


Unfortunately they have deactivated their account so there is no point with even linking them :/ however if anyone has contact to them? I would be grateful.

Other person I can recommend would be @Jadan

Made basically for free heh.

My good friend @RoxyHana

I really recommend her works.

And last but not least

Drawn by @5thSun also for criminally low price

P.s - I am looking for style of your artists too but can not get to them. Feel free to go through my FA gallery. Maybe you will find something fitting your taste in NSFW


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P.s - I am looking for style of your artists too but can not get to them. Feel free to go through my FA gallery. Maybe you will find something fitting your taste in NSFW

No worries, I appreciate the other recommendations and ironically have some of the ones you linked in my watch list already --- but I am using this particular thread to find that certain style as shown above, so I'd appreciate not detracting from that goal. ♡

An artist that someone mentioned to me in private was Falvie, and while I adore their work, they don't seem to be active or even take commissions anymore. Still, their style too is something I look for.


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Found another anime-like style artist...



Credit: saika076

Man I love these styles so much. ♡

If anyone has any suggestions of similar style please do share them, especially if they're underappreciated or relatively unknown.


Found another!

Figured I'd share who I found just in case there are others like me hunting for this specific style in hopes that I save them some time.


Credit: tofu93
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


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