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Horror Games



I adore survival horror games, but the truth is I only played one through all the way. It was Corpse Party the psp version for the vita.


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I loved SOMA. I think it's a great game that doesn't get enough love. It got plenty of love but not nearly enough it deserved in my opinion.
People I think were hoping for another Amnesia. They got something similar but I'm not sure what people expected. You play Amnesia today, you don't get nearly the same reaction (except the fucking water monster). But I don't really care about talking about that.
My favorite part about SOMA was its ending. I think they could have ended it better but the general idea of the ending really enticed me.
So Simon Jarrett is copied about three times throughout the game. By the end of the game, when Simon finds out Catherine lied (or in this case... enhanced the truth) and Simon is left at Phi in the bottom of the Abyss while the ARK paradise is launched into space. When Catherine says that "they are on the ARK" Simon responds, "They're not us! They're not us!"
These are questions about identity that made me think a lot more uncomfortably then I was expecting. But it was a good discomfort like a proper horror story would invest you in; the horrible realities of a situation, not just a spook fest.
So, by the end there are two very differing philosophies between Cath and Simon; Cath believes that the people that are copied ARE them, so when she says, "we will put ourselves on the ARK" she really means their copies, but to her there is no difference. Simon, on the other hand, believes that the copies are more like clones; they're HIM, but only technically. So which philosophy is right? I did some thinking, and I have to conclude that Simon is correct in his assessment; the people you play as aren't Simon.
The Simon in Toronto, the True Simon, lets call him, died well before the game even properly begins. He's alive maybe the first twenty to thirty minutes, only to find out that True Simon died from his brain injuries years before, his brain scan not saving him, but instead being put toward use for AI templates. Then someone shoves his brain scan into a robot, and he wakes up in Pathos-II. We will call him Simon 1. Now, here's the question: is True Simon and Simon 1 the same person? I would say, no. I think of it like cloning; yes they share the same memories, the same mind, but when those exist separately and that mind begins having its own experiences, that mind is its own person now. It's a separate entity. So you're playing as an entirely different person when you wake up as Upsilon; you just so happen to have True Simon's memories and past.
Same goes for when Simon 1 gets transferred into a new body. We will call the new body Simon 2. Simon 2 is, according to my theory, a completely different person from both True Simon and Simon 1, because when he woke in his new body he was experiencing something entirely different from True and 1, thus making himself a separate entity from them. Simon 2 kills Simon 1/abandons Simon 1 at Omicron, descends into the abyss, and copies himself again onto the ARK. We will call him ARK Simon.
So, when Simon 2 copies himself as ARK Simon, are they the same? Is Simon actually on the ARK? No. ARK Simon is, but not True Simon, Simon 1, or Simon 2. They've all been left to their horrible fates while ARK Simon lives it up, ignorant of the horror that Cath left them to (Cath could have been forward with Simon but then Simon would lose all hope and never do it). So in a way, Simon was damned three times over, but they're not the same person; they just share each others memories and experiences up to the point of being copied before becoming their own separate entities.
This is why it's such a lovely horror game.


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I'm in loooove with Corpse Party! I'm currently playing the first one on my Vita and i can't get past the infirmary stage but-
I've seen let's plays before and i'm p sure i can do it after a few tries.. i hope
Good story though

S a c h i k o d i d n o t h i n g w r o n g


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I do not like horror games but i heard that Silent Hill 2 is great as it uses psychological horror. I heard the game is terryfing and without a single jumpscare


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I really like Spooky's House of Jumpscares, now called Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion!

James and Mike sure got scared!

And its free on Steam, so no risk of wasting your cash if you don't like it!


Devotion, Visage and Silent Hill, Sally face isn't really considered horror but some aspects can kinda be horror idk?