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Horror Movies!


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I watched this a couple of weeks ago on Amazon Prime
It revolves around a corporation surveying a section of land that is traditionally a sacred site for the native peoples. The corporation wants to build a resort on top of it, which always works out well in horror movies. The groups of surveyors find a Japanese machine gun nest left over from WWII and go inside to see how easily it can be demolished - only to become trapped inside with something evil that won't let them leave! Definitely more of a psychological horror movie but I was impressed with it.

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Could Jurassic Park be considered a horror film? Because that would totally change my list.

My top 10
1) The Shining
2) Silence of The Lambs
3) Poltergeist (1982)
4) Creepshow
5) IT (2017)
6) Alien
7) Psycho
8) 1408
9) The Amityville Horror (1979)
10) A Nightmare on Elm Street


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I recently watched Pulse (2001) for the first time and it definitely wins the prize for most prescient social commentary. That someone back then could look at an emerging system like the internet and predict exactly how it could degrade a person's mental health is impressive. Like, imagine if someone made a movie in 1950 about nuclear bombs, but instead of giant radioactive ants it predicts how the entire Cold War would play out. Meeting people over the internet is a lot like meeting a ghost, there is no physical body to ground the experience in, and so your own physical body becomes irrelevant when interacting in online spaces. The technology meant to bring people together makes them realize just how alone they really are. The imagery of suicided corpses turning into black stains is iconic and indelible. I actually liked it a tiny bit better than The Ring (1998).