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Hot damn, bookmark sale!


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Holy Crap! bookmark sale! Normally I charge $8 for a 1 sided laminated bookmark, and $10 for a double sided laminatd bookmark, but for this week, this one special week I'm slashing my prices!

Call it a back to school sale call it a wtf stop dog earing my books! special, it's still fabulous!

so first 5 people get their 1 sided bookmarks for $5 each or 2 sided for $8 holy cowbells, that's fantastic!

Samples? SUUUUUUUURE! let me show you them.

Don't they look spiffy?

I'm game for just about anything, with a notable exception to some of the more... NSFW subjects. I'll draw nudity, gore, and some of the fetishes.

I also ask for $2 for shipping (cover stamps and envelopes) the lamination is included in the pricing. I'll ship anywhere too :D

Thank you for looking :p

edit: Note me on FA, or here, makes no difference to me except i check FA more :D
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Oh snap, more samples!



Esme Caza
If I had the money, I would so get one. OMG, Id get a bunch with my character in themes of my favorite books for when i read them. How long do these deals last?
Recognize these? Ill probably get one about The Host, The Hunger Games, and the mortal instruments.
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