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How am I progressing?


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Hey there, all. Been drawing original pieces for less than a year. Wanted to know how I'm coming along. What you see on my page is pretty much all the original stuff I've ever drawn. The latest was my first tango with shading in a digital picture, (I know I half-assed everything the smudge tool touched, it was three in the morning -.-). Well, overall, I just want to know how my "skills" are developing and what anybody thinks. Thanks!


Just another smiling face
Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely look at it to help me along. But I'm really more concerned with the rate I'm improving at. Is it a good rate, average rate, slow rate? For drawing for as long as I have been, am I picking things up quickly? I dunno, I'm just curious.


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Everyone improves at a different rate, but if it makes you feel better, no, it's slow, practice more and speed up your improvement.


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Progression isn't really something that can be measured against others like that. I know people who have progressed greatly in some areas (like color and form) and none in others (anatomy, lineart)... and some people who learned quickly but soon became stuck in their style and unable to progress any further, etc etc.

Really, if you're interested in improving, just do a lot of studying, draw all the time, and bring pieces here for us to help you with. :>


As a general point, you need to work on anatomy band proportion right now. That will tremendously help your line-art. Still, you also need to keep practicing shading and some high-end pieces every now and then instead of constant sketches. It helps you to grow and serves as a better benchmark for you being able to track your own growth. You also need to work on rounding out your figures a bit, because they seem flat. You're not thinking in 3D, just in 2D-- it's a hard step but you can get better with practice.

As far as your improvement rate: there's not right or wrong speeds. You'll definitely improve faster if you draw more often, but everyone has to get the basics down-pat before they're amazing. In the year you've been drawing, you've uploaded a total of 15 items. If that's the amount you've drawn, you aren't going fast enough to improve at a steady pace. At least draw once a week (even if you upload it or not) so you stay fresh, preferably draw every day. I spend at least 5~10 minutes sketching every day, and that's before I get into serious drawing. Get your feet wet often and you'll see an improvement like you want.

Like Zydala said, we're here to help you out-- ask for critiques redlines and someone around here will get around to it. You can even join my drawing class if you're having trouble or you're curious-- link's next to the red words in my signature, and everyone there will be glad to have you drop by.