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How and when did you 'discover' the furry fandom?

Ziggy Schlacht

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I first saw fursuiters back in 2015 at Dundee's comic con, I honestly didn't think much of it then. Following that Zootopia was released and it was a steady decline from Zootopia fics to general furry fandom.

Zootopia was a helluva boon to the community. I've seen many people cite it as their motivation to join.


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I mean, I knew furries were a thing for a while. But as far as getting into it beyond what people on forums and youtube said?

A webcomic called Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. My memory is a bit hazy, but the artist had a link to FA. I signed up so I could get a look at behind the scenes art and such. Or rather, some of the art was marked higher than general I think, so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything because it had a bit of blood or whatever.


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I had furry inclinations and an interest in animal transformations since I was a kid, though I had no idea the fandom was a thing.
That changed during high school. In 2008 I binged on a few Sonic TV shows and Tails become my favorite character, and from there I became rather obsessed with foxes. I started reading TF stories, joined Transfur, and started following furry artists on DA somewhere around 2008-2009. Technical issues with DA drove me over to FA late in 2009. So I guess it was around 2009-ish that I found out what furries were and figured out that I was one.


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My journey started in 2000. I stumbled over an image board called VCL (Velan Central Library) while browsing for dragon pictures. This was the first time I got in contact with furry art. Later on an acquaintance of mine founded a dragon Forum called nexus-draconis. And tho it started out as a meeting place for otherkin, there also were some therians and furrys in the mix which I made friends with. Through them I got intoduced into the colorful world of the fandom. I visited some local cons, and started to draw some art aswell. In 2005 when FA was released I made an acc to submit some of my pictures. From there on I got draged deeper into the fuzzpile, and now I here. But I'm more of a casual fur I guess.


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Redwall, plus various 80s-90s cartoons led me here. WoW expedited my ascent to furryness when Worgens became a thing and when googling Worgen art. I found E621..


I was on Youtube one day, minding my own, and then I saw it. What is this?!? A man prancing around in a costume of a fox?!? I thought, "He's crazy. I'm not getting into that. Look at the sounds he's making! Who names a fox Majira Strawberry? Why's he acting all funny? I'm not going to be like that when I grow up!"


Couple of years go by...

"Man, I hope my sona Vioko Moonlight the Bloodfox turned out well!"

(Vioko started off small, being a fox head addition on GTA Online, so I have GTA to partly blame for me being a furry. Not blame, but thank!)


The first time I was exposed to anthro characters was in high school, when a friend and I would trade images and comics online (SFW and NSFW). Many of them featured anthro animals, which I really enjoyed! I didn't really engage with it after high school, but fast forward 6 years and I started dating someone. He was a furry / fursuit-maker / artist who tried to drag me into the fandom all the time. I even went as his handler to a pride festival when he went in fursuit. We broke up a few years ago, and since then I've been trying to forge my own relationship with the fandom. It's going swimmingly.


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I've always had an interest in anthro characters. As a child, they were my favorite characters in various cartoons or games. I've never really thought of it as anything special, as I think that a lot of children are like that.

What I consider as my "discovery" of the furry fandom, happened many years later, while I was browsing the internet for porn. I was looking for something Fantasy-themed with elves and such. By chance, I found some pictures of anthro characters having sex or just posing naked. The realization that there was quite a lot of such art to find, and that I found it very sexy, is what brought me into the fandom.

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Prob 8 years ago roughly, and here is how; I hope you enjoy my recreation of my experience.


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I discovered them during the big hype of Five Nights at Freddy's in 2014 or 2015, though I'd have to say I was even one sooner because I was a huge Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles (2012) fan girl and had my own character by then.


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My story is long, and half of it I can't even remember.

Sometime during middle school, I discovered vore, and I was fascinated by it. And the more I watched the further into the rabbit-hole I found myself. Until, recently when one of my close friends came out as a furry, my brain found myself asking "Wait.. Am I a furry?" And after contemplating, I thought I'd tell my furry friend, and we did some rp's, then my brain one night basically constructed Dergen in vivid detail. Then I found myself on FA and now here I am.

I'm simplifying massively this story in all probably covers 9 or 10 years. Forgive my lack of detail.


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Gaia Online, probably.
I was always a fan of anthro characters in media but never knew there was like... a big following of them until I started hanging around on there as a young teen.


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I was about 20 when I started looking into it. Though I did have a liking for anthromorphic characters before then like werewolfs and such.