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How angry are you?

Please select the option(s) which best describe you.

  • I am always angry.

    Votes: 12 17.9%
  • I am never angry.

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • I don't get very angry.

    Votes: 20 29.9%
  • I get very angry often.

    Votes: 11 16.4%
  • My anger comes very slowly.

    Votes: 18 26.9%
  • My anger comes very quickly.

    Votes: 13 19.4%
  • My anger fades slowly.

    Votes: 15 22.4%
  • My anger fades quickly.

    Votes: 19 28.4%

  • Total voters


I pounce i bounce.
I dont get very angry.
My anger takes a while to build up.
And it takes awhile longer to go away.

I like to keep to my self when i start to fume.

Borophagus Metropolis

A modern stonerage floofy woof
As a general rule, I have too much nihilism to muster the energy to get mad at anything. All the world has to throw at me is like water off a ducks back.


Unless I'm hungry

All bets are off if I'm hangry


Oh yeah, if I'm hungry, watch out.


profound asshole
i very rarely get angry per se, but i'm a bit of a bitter pessimist, which is close enough.

similar to what others have said, i'm too philosophical about pretty much everything for me to anger about something unless it's prolonged or serious
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Fundamentalist Heretic
I don't get angry often but when I do I get angry quickly and it thankfully goes away pretty quickly too.

...unless I'm hangry. You wouldn't like me when I'm hangry. :mad::mad::mad:

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Mine takes a long time and it's not that a single being can wind my tapes up alone to bursting anger in any moment soon, it usually stacks for ages by various reasons and then bursts when triggered.

However, I know myself well and I have been learning the concept of rage since I was a primary student.(as well as logics) So even when I'm triggered, I know that the one who pulled the trigger almost has nothing to do with me.(not the appropriate target to rage) That being said, I almost never rage towards anyone unless the target is intentionally offending and when I can confirm that they need a lesson at the moment. (Age doesn't matter. Even the elderly need a lesson sometimes, but it's just that they take longer than younger adults to 'learn' a lesson. And most of the time, I don't feel responsible to those random adults, so I just let them be without conflict.)

When I'm in rage, I usually share it rather than attacking someone. It helps me ease the pain. And if someone really is evil enough that they deserve my rage, they should be facing all the potential justice around them even without my touch. So that means I won't have to swipe my claws, never ever need to. I know the offenders are to be taken care of somewhere else in the future, provided their attitude keeps going. Why should I cover the blood on my paws when others do the dirty job for me naturally? UwU

That being said, there's no anger that can't be dealt with unless the target is me myself. In this case, the pain and rage goes long and hard. I call this 'period'. And when someone teases me when in period....... they should have kissed their momma goodbye. (This happens very, very rarely though) Because not fighting is never equal no power to fight.
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Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf, Best Monarch!
I used to be quite placid.

However I bottle up my anger until it kinda triggers.

Then it isn't very pleasant.

I don't like being angry tbh. But some people just need a good thumping verbally.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
I used to be quite placid.
I don't like being angry tbh. But some people just need a good thumping verbally.

I agree. Apart from my method of dealing with the offenders, and not to be arrogant, when someone did manage to awaken a beast in naps, they really need a lesson or two.

Let's just not go too far giving them 'lessons' XD


Well-Known Member
In hindsight, I'm always huffing over something goofy. Literally spent the last 10 minutes screeching over something stupid and..I still am really seething over it. But internally, I'm usually always feeling content and extremely happy so I'm not actually angry. Just overly excited.

But when I really am angry and someone is upsetting me, my anger is akin to a dog either giving a warning growl or just suddenly snapping at their owner's hand because they did something that the dog really didn't like. Doesn't happen too often, but when it does it builds quickly, briefly snaps in some cases, and goes away in seconds if the offender stops getting on my nerves.


she do be vibin tho
id say my anger takes a long time to build as i store a lot of emotions within me
but well, once it builds up it floods out


I'm sensitive! Grrrr...


Well, maybe not that bad!

I'd say I'm extremely skilled at controlling/channeling my anger, as I usually only blow up or get visibly grouchy around people I know well.

That's the worst. Someone close recently pointed out that I get angry when I feel I'm not being heard. This... I can work with. The more self aware we become, the better equipped we are to manage emotions. Really though, I'd say it's mostly controlled. I've had friends who've never seen me upset, and would be shocked to see that side of me. It's just certain situations where I guess I feel comfortable enough to show when I'm annoyed. Takes a long time to get there, and I let go of it pretty quickly, but still. Oh well. Just goes to show I still have room for personal growth.


Explosion loving skooma cat
I usually have to have someone I trust to vent to and that keeps me even. Most times this keeps me in a mildly irritated state because I bottle my anger up and vent in the shower or car where no one has to hear it and I don't have to be kind and can just freely be myself with myself without others involved.

If someone keeps going, fight or flight kicks in on the high fight side and I flex my hands to relieve tension and muscle fatigue. I physically start to hurt, if not cramp, which can make me more irritable. Most people say they can start to feel my anger. I start to withdraw so I don't get hurtful.

God, I get flaming mad and I'm reaching for a cigarette. If pushed, I am not kind and end up withdrawing from nearly everything and everyone and hope I have time enough to cool down. I've had places hold me in a high stress/anger point long enough my hair starts falling out when I brush it.

So it all depends.

Deleted member 82554

Enough to assume most people are assholes until proven otherwise.


My rage heavily depends on the situation. Either needs to be one really large situation or many many small situations building up over time, then when I finally do enter rage mode it can take a while for me to come out of it.

There are also exceptions. Some topics make me angry almost immediately to where I have to ask the conversation to cease or I'll explode. People often don't respect that I'd rather not discuss something than blow up at them, so sadly the latter happens. I even had someone I thought was a good friend remove me from his life because he was so off-put by my insisting the topic was too much for me and then I went silent when he wouldn't back off.


I get angry for a short amount of time, but then it fades and I just feel really sad and want to curl up in a ball and cry and give up because I don’t know what else to do. Idk I just get very sad most of the time


mane diva
Let me say it by quoting AM from the 1995 game: "I have no mouth but I must sream"


But since I'm not the raging type. I rather smile thinking to myself, while I watch my enemys fall over their own feet.

Shane the chocco doggo

Overly imaginative and lazy
Im not very good with emotions i can swing from one extreme to the next .

I can never be just happy angry or sad if im im feeling either of those its really extreme.

When im sad its like the end of the world

When im angry its its not just anger its hot rage and its not very fun its the worst

But when im im happy im bouncing of the walls cracking a smile as wide as the sun filled with pure energy .

Also annoyance when everything bugs me i dunno how to describe its like every thing that happens , everyone you talk to ,even just the way your clothes brush against your skin its like sandpaper in your head . And it doesn't go away unless i find a way to sleep it off.

But between those 4 ish moods is just calm if not for anxiety.