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how big a part of your life is being furry?



Probably more than is healthy (directly and indirectly), but I've always been a bit of a loner anyway. I don't do fursuiting though. Just so long as it doesn't affect work, and I'm happy with the situation, I'm good.


depends on your attitude about it and how intrested you really are.

I guess, but since you were saying it only gets better...I just felt the need to voice opposition. In my experience, people tend to become disillusioned and openly unfriendly of furry when they realize who and/or what they're sharing the boat with. A lot of people historically have fallen out with the fandom, it has become one of those features of furry.

I think it depends more on what you're interested in, not how interested you are, in general.
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it really influences who i am, and my decisions, but other than that, not really. i mean i'm straight, and am really making money :) but i loves bein' a furry
i think it's more phsychological. it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside


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It's hard to say if it's a minimal part of my life or so big I don't even draw attention to it anymore. xP Being furry is a great way to express myself artistically, but in situations where creativity is stifled or just not appropriate (like at my current job) it takes a back seat.


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It isn't a very big part of my life because only a few people know that I am a furry. Although I am planning a vacation for next summer that involves going to a convention or two. I would like to meet other furries though.
Right now being a furry is kind of a big part of my life, but not too much. I don't know any furries outside the internet. I don't really have anyone that knows I'm a furry, so I don't talk about it. I think it would become a bigger part of my life when i'm older and have moved out and live on my own. Then I could wear a tail. ^^;
Being a furry is a big part of my life, it shows a part of who I am and I'm not ashamed at all what people think. Though I only know one furry outside the internet, I wanna go to Anthrocon or Midwest FurFest one day and meet other furries.


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Right now it isn't but it will be. I've been on this forum every day since I joined so it's becoming a bigger part of my life everyday.
Not super big. Drawing anthro art is my hobby. It doesn't infect my career, my family, etc. It sure does effect how I spend my time online though, and in some ways effects my friends (in that I have made some friends in real life that I wouldn't have known without the fandom). However, most everyone knows that I draw.


as drawing is a huge part of my life, just by that being a furry is a big part.
but i like furry stuff in almost every kind of way so yeah. :rolleyes:


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I have told a couple of my friends whom know and don't care. My family doesn't know.. I don't have really any indications that I am one and it doesn't run through my mind a lot in public. But when I'm home my mind wanders into it a lot and makes me want to get into it more and show it. Though with all the of the things that I hear going around the halls I'd rather not.

Its a minor part of my life but when I get freer then I will get more into it.

Thats exactly what I would say. I've just become a furry but over time its changed my behaviour and personality in a positive way and stuff. I don't think my friends have clicked onto it and my family won't know what a Furry is so dfkfjkldfjl.

Over time, it shall grow within me. This forum helps me to express this side of me more.


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I've run out of "This thread is dead so leave it alone" pictures, so, can somebody fill this in for me?
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I don't know to be honest. I just happen to like drawing fursonas and identify myself with cats more than humans, and I'm obsessed with cats. Also been a Sonic fan since I was 9. *shrug* It's hard to say. Other than wearing cat ears once in a while, I'd say I'm just an ordinary girl who just so happens to like drawing and roleplaying furs and a Sonic fan. o.o


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It influences my Art, and is a unfiltered social avenue for me. I always have to hold back in every day life, and being a fur gives me an outlet for that. It is just a fun departure from the norm.

I guess it doesn't affect my life as much as some other people. I am not a lifestyler, and don't own a fursuit. I said once I would never do any suiting, but since have retracted that statement as it seems like it would be pretty fun.

Really there are still a lot of things about the fandom I can laugh at, and honestly most times if I am walking around outside a con, I tend to get mistaken for a "Normy." I of course use this to my full advantage for people watching.


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i'm furry

my friends know i am furry

They dont care that much

its a big part of my life, but i dont really flaunt it.


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I drew this stuff long before I knew there was a fandom revolving around it.

Still, it is a small part of my life, since nowadays I don't have time to draw nearly as much as I want to. If I did, I'd certainly cover non-relevant material, since I have other hobbies than this one.

My primary reason for attending cons is
A: to interact with other artists, and
B: because I wouldn't have anything to do on vacation otherwise 9_9

(I still can't see why attending a con is viewed as some over-the-top-gone-bonkers manifestation of far-out-of-left-field lifestyle when practically every pastime has some sort of equivalent event/s associated with them)



Plays a minor part in my overall life.


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Just when i draw, first i draw a quick sketch of my fursona at a corner of the sheet like he was ooking what im drawing or like he is about to tell me something and i add a dialogue just so i dont feel all alone while im drawing, hehe funny isnt it?


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I try to involve more of it in my life. Furmeets and stuff like that especially, but right now it's not too big