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How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

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265 megs. I"m told that's pretty small :D


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I'm not just into furry art, though it's a large portion of my folder, so it's sitting around 5gb altogether. My non-furry folder only beats my furry folder by a little bit due to videos lol


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I don't have a porn folder because my parents would find it. So I just use Fchan while FA is down.


86 items, totalling 23.3 MB. :D
I have two other pictures in a different folder that could be considered furry art, but my actual furry art folder is here. :3


I've been collecting art for a month or two now. Since I'm fairly selective about what I save, I've only got ~5MB, stored in a folder called Movies. I'm sneaky like that.

My game screenshots folder is at least 5GB though.


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Holy Hell! I knew I had at least over a gig, but to be near 3 GB! That’s not even counting the time I cleaned the folder up years ago wiping most of it away. Well anyhow, this is the list, descending from smallest to greatest amount of space. Also these are just my general categorized folders, there’s a lot that I didn’t bother putting or counting.

F/F: 8 files - 2.03 MB (2,133,788 bytes)

Bi: 25 files - 4.01 MB (4,207,213 bytes)

Comics (general): 17 files - 7.59 MB (7,969,783 bytes)

Bondage: 42 files - 8.39 MB (8,800,969 bytes

Cooking: 67 files - 9.22 MB (9,676,815 bytes)

F solo: 42 files - 10.3 MB (10,897,027 bytes)

Macro-Micro: 84 files - 17.9 MB (18,800,858 bytes)

Straight: 134 files - 20.5 MB (21,596,620 bytes)

Orgies(4 or more): 185 files - 39.7 MB (41,661,166 bytes)

Incest: 202 files - 46.4 MB (48,741,077 bytes)

Teens(appear above 13 but below 20): 335 files - 58.4 MB (61,254,127 bytes)

Clean (other clean art throughout): 344 files – 60.3 MB (60,353,254 bytes)Videos and

Cub(appear to be below 13): 306 files - 74.1 MB (77,775,828 bytes)

Digimon: 412 files - 78.3 MB (82,182,391 bytes)

M solo: 439 files - 78.9 MB (82,792,438 bytes)

M/M: 1146 files - 268 MB (281,323,634 bytes)

animations: 103 files - 291 MB (305,964,307 bytes)

Pokemon: 1350 files - 294 MB (308,669,153 bytes)

TV-VideoGames-Toons etc: 1521 files - 316 MB (331,848,754 bytes)

VORE: 2679 files - 515 MB (540,083,913 bytes)

Total: 2.90 GB (3,114,506,262 bytes)

As can be guessed I have a hell o lot a vore and pokemon pics but damn, I need to throw in some more female stuff (only 8 F/Fs), hadn’t noticed I only been hording male pics.



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Oh god i collect everything lets see now big it is...

I'm proud of what i have DLed in the past.

Holy mother of fragmentation, batman!

Draco i applaud you, that was one of the funniest things i have ever heard, i bow to you XD

I'll just say, +18,000 pics, organized by species, then artist. Though, not alot of it would comprise of actual porn....none of it, actually


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i am a master archiver x.x; im like one of those vampires that to escape you throw a bag full of nails on the floor infront of me you would be able to get away while i picked up ever last one of them x.x;

total archive 3.9gbs including images, flash, videos, audio, and photographs

Edit: oh... and another folder thats 4.9gbs thats semi-fur related o.o *hides*

blarg >.> i need to move this stuff to an external drive! XD


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sadly I don't have my own computer and until then I have nothing.

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XD I have like 1500 images of the ones I really like, I'm picky with my yiff.

And the thread annoys me because on the main page it says 'How big is your..." X3

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Just thinking of all the data dvds I've burned over the years ... and a lot still left on my 2 currently inactive harddrives ...


The majority are yiffy related, both male and females, from a wide variety of sources ....

I would have to give a rough guess and say at least 60 gigs worth of Furry related stuff. A lot of it is unsorted, but the majority is somewhat sorted generally, and I do have folders for specific artists like ZEN, Wookiee, and Karabiner.

I've been browsing sites and such since 1995, saved some things from back then, but the majority of the saving didn't begin until I got my own computer (ie. not a Family computer) in 2001.

Back in 1995, the first story I ever read online was "A Night on Thundera" by Elf Steinberg and that story alone introduced me to the world of yiffy stories. It was the first sex related story I ever read. Then I found some Lion King stories as well and I was hooked.

So I guess 1995 when I began my online life, was when I started delving into the furry world. :)


One of these days, I plan to buy a brand new HD and sort all my furry related stuff onto it. Nicely organized and categorized.

Altho, I still need to see more pics of Card Captor Sakura's KERO in his Guardian Beast form (the big kero form) involved in ... yiffyness. *drools*




I don't have a yiffy folder any more, because the pictures I'm looking for are both favorited on dA (for the clean ones) and FA. If I can't find them, I look at this famous Rule 34 website, in which I uploaded all the missing pictures on deviantART.

Penguin art is very specific. Especially yiff... I don't get tired of them, though. I find those Happy Feet pictures awesome. =P


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All my stuff is on a dvd-rw thingie ^^ I think about a gig or so.. though its mostly a mix of anthro and anime things. My furry folder isn't too big XD maby.. a few 100mb's.
I'm all about the pornz, but i'm kinda picky with what I actually save for later ^.~
Mostly been goin to lulz, or e621 for my boredness, and paws.ru when I need 'somethin else'.
Humm... Not to big. All male of course :p I don't think all of it is even porn... 29.6 MB
Oh yeah, it's in a hidden file, which is hidden in another hidden file :p Just try to find it.
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