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How can I convince my parents to let me go to a convention?


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I live in Seattle and there’s a convention coming up here in January. I really want to go, but sadly my parents don’t really like furries :(
They believe that the majority of the convention will either be sexual and/or generally too mature/inappropriate for my age. At the time of the convention I will be almost 16. I feel I should have a little bit of freedom to do something that will make me happy, and I also know that cons aren’t usually that NSFW, and if there are some NSFW things, they’re not just like the main attraction or anything.
I’ve tried explaining this all to them, but they won’t listen. This is the first convention that’s ever been this close since I joined the fandom about five years ago (at least that I was aware of).
Please help!!!


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I dont have any advice but just wanted to say best of luck to you on finding a way to get permission to go :)


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while the fandom IS full of degenerates (no,i won't stop calling a duck a duck. bite me),clearly your parents think that that's ALL there is to it so what you need to do is show them it's more innocent side: my advice is to start slow,find some SFW furry art (and by "SFW",that includes no oversized boobs or anything that's "sexy but not porn") just here and there like "hey,mom look at this cool picture of this fox picking flowers". show them the cuter,almost disneyfied side of the fandom and they'll start to warm up to it a bit. then it's time to actually teach them about what the fandom IS and to do that you should sit down with them and have them watch a (good) documentary on the fandom (perhaps stick with what it is today rather than it's history since the fandom was basically built on sex) and have them see videos of actual cons with actual people walking around in their fursuits and being weirdos but not in a harmful way. once they have warmed up enough to be open to learn,they will be much more likely to see that they were mistaken and thus more willing to let you go to a con (you can also assure them that while most cons DO have NSFW stuff,you wouldn't be allowed in those parts of the con anyway so you wouldn't have anything to do with it). start slow,work your way up and choose your sources wisely.


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Depending on the con's rules, U might not be able 2 attend alone! Here's the rule 4 my home con, Fur Eh:

Fur-Eh! strives to provide events and activities for all ages; however, some events may be intended for a mature audience (18 years of age or over). Such events will be clearly noted on the schedule and at the door and access to the panel or event will not be permitted to attendees under the age of 18. A minor that is aged 16 or older on the first day of the convention may attend without an adult guardian present by providing signed guardian approval. A minor that is under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian. The minor’s guardian will have a badge that is linked to the minor.

Should check if any rules like that will be in place!