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How can you be a democrat?

I consider myself independent. But I find myself agreeing with Republicans more than anyone else. I have to wonder though. How can you be a Democrat nowadays? Or maybe not be one, but how can you vote for them? They all seem to say one thing and do another. For instance:

Democrat Politicians in general: Voted for the war, now claim it was a mistake. Claim the soldiers should be pulled out, then wont act on it, actually vote for more money. Wasted time and money passing a resolution with no weight behind it...
Nancy Pelosi: Claimed to have a 5 day work week, since she was voted in it's happened once.
John Edwards: Two Americas - 28,000 square foot house
Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth - Causes more greenhouse
Bill Clinton: Lied on National TV. Charges the secret service to reside on his property the amount of the house payment?
Hillary Clinton: Wants to use Bill to further her goals but had the party issue a statement saying it would be innappropriate to use him against her? Was changing her voice emulating stereotypical black american speech during a recent speech?

This is just a little bit of everything I read and hear about a LOT more. I know 99.99% of politicians are crooked, but some of this is blatantly obvious. I'm curious to know if anyone has similar dirt on republicans? I can't seem to find anything other than the usual 'Bush is killing americans for oil'.... From what I've seen, Bush is doing a great job. The economy is doing great! He does what he says he will. He's not scared to say he is responsible for something, even when he's not. He admits when he's wrong. I kind of wish Condelezza Rice was running, I'd vote for her next election.

Mega Wolf

Wow, I dont have a problem with your statement, but you might as well be painting bullzeyes and targets all over yourself posting something like this in General Chat. The others on here are going to rip you apart, or try to anyway.

*Tosses you a Helmet* G'luck.


I'm independent but registered as a Democrat for primary voting purposes. I basically looked at a list of general party opinions and figured that most Dem philosophies synced up with mine to some extent. I vote according to the individual candidate, which is why I voted Green for the '04 elections - cos I hated both primary candidates equally.

But I do have to say ... presentation of this question is ... not the best. *zips up flame-proof suit*


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How the hell can you be a Republican with the sorry excuse for a president that we have right now?

The economy is not doing great, no matter what you think. It took Bush three years to admit he was wrong about anything, while he was claiming he was completely correct the entire time. And doing what you say you will do is not admirable when what you do is completely reckless and idiotic.


Our government is a farce and our country is rapidly spiraling into self-destruction.

In other words, it doesn't matter "what side you're on" if its Left, Right, Fence up your ass, or all those other parties who get patted on the head when they stamp their feet and try to make people acknowledge their existence. They are all wrong. They all suck. Disband the party system. Every man, every vote for itself. I am not saying it would work, I am not saying it would not work either. I'm just pointing out that what we have going on right now is a bunch of expletive deleted expletives and we should all be ashamed of what we as a country have become.


I didn't bother to vote last election. Why? Because I knew I wouldn't be happy with it either way, therefore keeping myself out of the blame for it either way.

And whereas I'm not one of those "hogtie and shank the president" types, I'm pretty close to it. When more than 50% of the people that I know lost their jobs due to cut backs, yeah, I'm pretty not so happy with the whole bit. I try to stay positive, but I've directly seen what bad politics can do.

I can't wait 'til next year when he's gone. But then I won't be drawing little fuzzy marks between the W legs on people's bumper stickers. Oh well.


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Dude. Democrats at least realized it was a mistake, and they respect "the people's" wishes.

I'm neither Rep or Dem, but I lean towards Dems, since the republicans' constituencies tend to consist entirely of corporations and the upper class.

In my opinion, the war on terror that Bush has sold to so many is a war of ignorance and misunderstanding. And continuing the way the republicans are leading us will only lead us to perpetuated violence and heightened tensions throughout an increasingly unstable Middle East, and it will spread.

Bush makes the US a democratic dictatorship. I don't think his inability to speak English, whether an act for comic relief or real, is cute at all.

But I hate the game of politics too. I hate how polarized things can become. I hate government all the same. But if I had a choice, it would very much DEFINITELY be democrat!

Democrats = freedom in the civil rights department.
Republicans = Obey our Christian God, and give us money! Raaar!


I'm a libertarian. Basically, I believe both liberals and conservatives are too dogmatic. Even though I'm Canadian, it's basically the same shit up here. Every time an election is called, you're choosing between a few slightly different flavors of crap and you're expected to believe it's freedom. It's not. The moment a politician comes along who says what I want to hear, that "responsible government" should mean a government that channels it's resources into preparing a nation for a day when it won't need government, they'll have my vote. Until then, feck off.


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I'm a Democrat, registered. I work for the DoD, support the *real* war - Afghanistan. In fact, that's where I am right now. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan supporting the war on terror. The real one. The one most people forget. =P


Grimfang said:
Democrats = freedom in the civil rights department.
Republicans = Obey our Christian God, and give us money! Raaar!

Yeah, the folks who brought up such notions like thoughtcrime ("hate speech", anyone?), parents having no say in the upbringing of their children (it's trivially easy to get parents harassed by the local version of the Child Welfare Bureaucracy, just make a claim that the parents are abusing the child[ren]), speech being limited because it might offend someone (again, "hate speech"; also banning/censoring songs and video games "for the children"), and ignoring a constitutional amendment (guess which one the ACLU didn't print on its Bill of Rights pamphlet, years ago) are all about rights...

It's not a matter of one party being for rights and another being against them, but which party wants to do without which rights.

To borrow from the bard, a plague a' both your houses! :p


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Rostam The Grey said:
From what I've seen, Bush is doing a great job.

Either you haven't really been paying good attention, or you have a very weird conception of a "good job."


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Well, I'd say, if you want gay marriage legalized.. you're best bet is through the democrats (If it were between Dems and GOP). Now, I support a movement called... oh, say, the legalization of marijuana, lol. This seems to come up a lot as of lately... I don't think that'll ever happen by your standard-issue republican or democrat.

Maybe I just can't stand the republican party because of its prominent iconic figures (at least the most vocal..), though... Bush, Cheney, McCain, Ann Coulter (even though she's a journalist) *shivers*... ugh...

Besides... more republicans than dems were pushing for that anti-gay ammendment. Look around at the world and learn what a civil union is, at least.

I guess it comes down to this: democrats tend to be more liberal, which suits me better. It goes more along the lines of a separation of church and state.. but that's not what we have.


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How the hell can ANYONE be what I don't want them to be. Bastards!
*shakes fist vigorously in the air*


I am neither. Vote the issue not the party, people.


Grimfang said:
if you want gay marriage legalized.. you're best bet is through the democrats


Grimfang said:
I support a movement called... oh, say, the legalization of marijuana, lol. This seems to come up a lot as of lately... I don't think that'll ever happen by your standard-issue republican or democrat.


And you said yourself you're a liberal, so while personally the rampant Liberalism in Canada sickens me, you'd probably feel right at home.


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Aww, you disagree with me, but I somehow still feel warm and fuzzy inside from your comment. So kind of you to set up a guest room just for me. ^^

Actually, I really think I'd like to go to Canada someday. Moving to another country is scary though... >_>


Grimfang said:
I guess it comes down to this: democrats tend to be more liberal

Except when it's something they don't like, then they give the Puritan stereotype a run for its money for wanting to legislate it out of existence (or at least into hiding).

Mind you, prior to the '06 election, it was the Republicans that were being all "big government", mirror-imaging Clinton's "GOP Lite" that got him an 8 year residency at 1600 Penn Ave.

Like Heinlein said (via Lazarus Long), the real point of difference is between those who want people to be controlled, and those with no such desire. Political labels (Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, etc) aren't useful classifications.


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shucks. I think you win. I'm not so much a political guy. I gave up on it when I collapsed into a disgusting heap of anarchistic mush. xD

They say it's cus I'm young, right? Liberals when you're young, conservative when you're old... so the saying goes. So I must be in that climax of liberalism. 20 years old. I'm a responsible and reasonably smart young man.. yet, I'm too much of an idiot to be allowed to buy alcohol, according to my beloved Uncle Sam.

Another thing is all this melodramatic war nonsense. Everyone knows they're right, or has been enlightened. No different from the rest, I have my views about this 'war on terror'. So, being a product of my environment, I guess the Catholic church and the USA have made a dishonorable citizen out of me.
As someone else in this post said, I'm too liberal to be a republican, too conservative to be a democrat.
Grimfang said:
Republicans = Obey our Christian God, and give us money! Raaar!
Haha and you're calling the WAR ignorant???
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Well first of all, and you already said this, but 99.9% of American politicians say one thing and do another. Republicans are no more immune from this than Democrats, and it's a product mostly of the two-party, winner-take-all political system in our country. Candidates are constantly trying to keep satisfied the largest number of people, because if the other guy gets even one more vote than you, he wins...

That said, I identify myself as a Democrat because I align myself strongly with most of their stances on the issues. I.E. I am a democrat through and through on stem cell research, separation of church and state, legal status of marijuana, the environment and (USUALLY) on foreign affairs. I tend to waver, and sometimes cross into the "red" on issues like late-term abortion, the economy and affirmative action. There's even a presidential matchup that I'd almost certainly vote Republican in (and it rhymes with "Linton-Yuliani"...) However, one day when my hardcore, till-the-day-he-dies Republican friend said I was just another "America hater", I wrote the following on why I'm a democrat...

This has nothing to do with the personality of Democratic politicians (which you seems to have more of a problem with than their ideologies) - I say dump 'em all. But today, sadly, money IS power, and politicians generally have a shitload.


Oops... here's the thingy I meant to paste:


I’m sick and tired of being called “anti-American” and a “hopeless idealist” when I turn on my TV, get online or flip through a magazine. Even FA is not totally free from political nonsense, as I found when I ventured onto the message boards and journal sections of the site. So let me lay it down for anyone who cares to know – what I see as the difference between the two parties and why I come down so decidedly on the left. I should preface this by saying a few things. I’m not an expert on U.S. government, but I am currently earning a degree in political science, so I know a little bit about this stuff. I also know the statements I’m about to make do NOT hold true for all Democrats and all Republicans – just their ideologies at large.

1) The Place of the U.S. in the World System

To Democrats, America is but one among a group of distinguished equals (i.e. the stable, established governments of the world). Republicans, however, will and often do go to their graves proclaiming “America is the greatest nation in the world”, and they believe that in every sense. They consider America not only stronger, but unquestionable wiser and more correct than any other state on the planet. That’s quite a stretch for a country with a rich history of imperial rule, slavery and oppression of non-white non-Christians… This is not, however, to say that Democrats dislike America – we love it. But we do believe we should learn from our past mistakes in order to enjoy a better future. And we totally understand why the rest of the world sees us as a rogue state with an ego problem.

2) International Relations

Democrats see the United States as one of the more influential members of an international society – a system of nation-states in which communication and compromise can, for the most part, ensure a peaceful global existence. Republicans see the U.S. as the strongest and smartest individual state in a system of global anarchy. They are convinced that other nations have, at the heart of their intentions, nothing but their own power and self-interest. Thus they are paranoid of other nations that approach the status of America. They become convinced that other nations are out to undermine us, and they will do anything to suppress the relative wealth and influence of other nations, keeping America the only world superpower.

3) Economic Issues

Republicans have a very simple stance on economic issues: they shouldn’t be messed with. The free market, they say, allows those ideas and people that are truly the best to “rise to the top” and succeed, while inferior persons and ideas rightfully get left behind. Democrats, on the other hand, recognize an inherent problem with the free market: the mere fact that people get left behind. What may start out as a rightful disparity in wealth among a society, over several generations, spirals out of control and leaves entire sectors of society permanently and hopelessly disadvantaged. Democrats would say it is justifiable to take something away from those who are better off, so that the poor can be given assistance and shown opportunities they otherwise would have never known. Republicans? They tend to claim that the poor are always poor through some fault of their own…

4) Religion

Democrats support the right of individuals to practice whatever religion they choose, however and whenever they choose, so long as it does not intrude uninvited into the life of others. Republicans, while generally supporting the right of individuals to practice whatever religion they choose, tend to impose Christianity onto citizens and public policy every chance they get. They have proposed the declaration of the U.S. as a “Christian nation”, attacked stem cell research as disregarding the sanctity of human life, and are leading the fight to severely limit gay rights, in accordance with the word of the Bible. To Republicans, the “free exercise” and “establishment” clauses of the U.S. Constitution often mean a great deal less than their literal wording.

5) Tolerance of Alternative Lifestlyes

In many respects, Republicans long for a return to a basically heterogeneous society, and if they had their way it would be one of white, conservative, heterosexual Christians. For reasons founded in religion, nativism and an inflated sense of self-importance, many Republicans find any slightly unorthodox or “un-American” behavior repugnant. They are frequently disgusted by persons with dyed hair and/or tattoos, multiple body piercings, people who speak foreign languages in public, people who smoke pot, and gays. They would most certainly look down on the fur fandom… But Democrats, FOR THE MOST PART, are open-minded enough to allow individuals to do what they want so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.


It took me many years to pick a side. Just ask my parents how I waffled during the 1996 and 2000 presidential elections… But with coming of age I have reached my own conclusions. To recap:

-Democrats are the party of HUMILITY, while Republicans are the party of ARROGANCE

-Democrats are the party of COOPERATION, while Republicans are the party of COERCISON

-Democrats are the party of COMPASSION, while Republicans are the party of “TOUGH SHIT”

-Democrats are the party of religious TOLERANCE, while Republicans are the party of IMPOSED MORALITY

-Democrats are the party of the OPEN-MINDED while Republicans are the party of the CLOSED-MINDED… and Republicans are the party whose ideology would, if you’re a member of this site, much more likely classify you as a sick and depraved individual than would that of the Democrats.

...and that's why I'm a Democrat - NOT because I "hate America".


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soundhound said:
Grimfang said:
Republicans = Obey our Christian God, and give us money! Raaar!
Haha and you're calling the WAR ignorant???

Lol, I'm sorry. I can't put up a totally serious debate on politics anymore. :p

But I've done a lot of reading and research on the Middle East, and that's another big thing that has led me pledge loyalty to no leader. Atrocities, lying, cheating.. everyone is guilty, yet holds no remorse for their past actions. I don't see the US or Israel as liberators in the Middle East. I don't think they're the ones fighting the good fight.

All my own humble opinion though ^^


Heh. Come on, man. Obama. Need I say more?

Actually, yes I do. Let me just state for the record that 'wingnuts' scare the living daylights out of. Hard leftists and rightists both, but yes, I do lean toward the Dems.

I suppose I lean toward the Dems because in my humble opinion, the conservatives all have large spiky sticks up their asses. The Cons excuse for not legalizing gay marriage? I quote (loosely) "Oh noes! Christian values! The Bible!"

Get a clue, Cons. Christians are not the only religious group in America. I once read a post by a hard-ass Conservative Republican woman petitioning to have Atheists thrown out of the country. It seems to me that the Cons are all about seeing things from their own twisted point of view, whereas Liberals (who tend to be in the Democratic party) support things like gay marriage and pro-choice.

Pro-choice. Don't even get me started on pro-choice. I realize that in a way I'm just as bad as the Cons (as far as tolerance goes) in saying "Screw you, it's her body, let her do with it what she will, now kindly please f* off and leave her alone" but that is truly the way I feel. The government should not be allowed to regulate that sort of thing.

And now the Freepers (Free Republic. something or other, scary bunch of right wing nuts) want Libby pardoned. Excuse me? The man clearly committed a crime. "But...but...but...Bill!" Bill Clinton was not /convicted/ of a crime, he was merely indicted. There /is/ a difference. If Libby had been a Dem, I bet the left would've been like, "Oh well, tough sh*t, let's move on."

So...how I can be Dem? Because I love this country. And I think Bush is doing a whack-up job of running it. And by whack-up I mean something much, much more...inappropriate. I'm not actually registered yet but you can be sure that I will be registering Dem. *pumps fist in air* Obama! Obama! Obama for Pres!

quick edit: I would like to add that "Liberal" is not a curse word, would the Conservatives please stop using it as such.