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How close is your fursona to your actual personality?


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Yep, I'd say I'm more or less the same in both mediums. Maybe a little more prone to being snarky on the internet to strangers.

Moonfall The Fox

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Yeah. I'm fairly to the point and the same out of FAF.

And I'm Moonfall...why would we be different


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i pretty much am my fursona. aside from the physical wolf traits, and blue eyes i am exactly like him. but people might not be able to recognize me from my posts, i'm much more annoying IRL.


If anything, my fursona is more of an honest dick than I am. And he's funny, much like me.

If I could, I'd punch him, if he were real...

Then I'd make love to him.

Then punch him again.


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Almost identical.


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Nyroo was a character I created to help me forget about reality. He was fictional and fantasy. If I didn't like how my life was going, I'd just day dream about being a dragon. I made him to be what I hoped to become. I ended up forgetting about him for several years. Recently, I've pulled him back out to be my fursona, and it turns out I became as close to him as I could have hoped. Very empowering feeling.


So uh I'm sure most of you know me as one of the stupidest assholes around this forum, which is weird because IRL I like to think I'm a pretty chill kitty. Call it a eminem/slim shady thing whatever my point is

If I met you in real life would I be able to recognize you by your posts? I personally don't think this really applies to me but some folks might be different. Holler back!

Um... I don't know how others would reply to this and don't really care much, either, but, with me... Hell yes, you would be able to tell. x3 My fursona /is/ me. We look the same, act the same, have the same attitude/personality/quirks, etc. I hate men, she hates men. I'm a bitch when it comes to speaking my mind, and so is she. And we're both cool with that. We kick ass and take names when we feel we need to. Simple as that. You'd def. be able to tell who I am if you know my 'sona.


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Now that I made one, it matches my personality in real life exactly. What is on that bio is what is in real life as well.

His likes are my likes, his disklikes are mine. His strengths are mine, his weaknesses are mine.


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Yeah, basically, my fursona is just a furry representation of me. I'll draw him doing things that I do, interacting with the people I know, and stuff. Physically, I try to make his build as close to my own as I can, except for the fact that you can see his pecks. >.>


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My fursona is exactly like me in every way mentaly except for maybe for a few memories


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Pretty much, though I tend to be more assertive in text than IRL, that's only because I'm still learning to be assertive in personal dealings.

I worked really hard to find a 'sona that matched my personality, which is why I settled on blacktip reefshark. :)


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My fursona is just an extreme version of my actual personality taken to an absurd level. More outgoing, hyper, and also a huge showoff.


Maybe? My humor, temperament, and practicality are the same. But IRL i tend to stumble over nouns. ;0


Well, I've always considered my fursona as my alternate self, when it comes to personality. My fursona would do things that I would never do in real life. So, kind of like an Eminem and Slim Shady thing.
my main fursona, which is of a species I created called serwolf (half sergal/half wolf) is based with my personality heavily with a few minor changes here and there.
my other fursona (half tiger/half wolf), which I got for free as an open adopt, has not got a description but will most likely be somewhat different to me!