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How Did YOU become a fur?


bang your head.
I did screen plays in my mind about charaters who were furry and I looked it up on the interenet one day and found out that i was not alone.
Well, I found out about furries from yiff n shit being posted on 4chan, but that's unimportant. I didn't really consider myself a fur until a few weeks ago; when I was redirected here by a very helpful member of the fandom when I was having a crisis, and the people were genuinely considerate, caring, and amicable, and helped walk me through my problem. I've decided to stick around, now that the situation is resolved, and I'm very glad that I realized that furries are such nice people.

Also, watching Robin Hood and the Lion King one too many times as a child probably had something to do with it.
Jesus, I loved Robin Hood.


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First... It was the busy world of richard scary, then arthur and rocko's modern life, then, as I aged, it was Batman Beyond, then Anime in general + DeviantArt
I've always loved animals and acting like ones as a little kid. When I was about 8 I went to see the musical Cats and was fascinated by the fact that they acted like cats and looked like cats. And of course I loved talking animals in Don Bluth and Disney movies(still do). Then I heard about a fursona when I was about 10 and researched it on the internet. I liked the fact that people would actually use any type of animal and add their own personality into it. Then I found furries XD Since then I have made my fursona and love to draw anthromorphic and non anthromorphic animals/creatures.


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Copypasta from the other thread:

One thing I can tell you for sure is that I have NOT "always been a furry". Had I never found furry, I would never have had any interest in it whatsoever.

I discovered furry through the porn actually, and then just investigated from there really and discovered there was a whole community and art style based around it. I never had much of an interest in animals as a child, unlike most of the folks around here it seems, but when I saw the fandom I thought the art was cool (and the porn was hot :p)

I have a very open mind you see, not so much an actual interest in animals although that did develop as a consequence of discovering furry a couple of years ago. There are tons of weird things that I like (like very obscure music genres and some odd literary and film tastes) which is probably why I took a liking to the furry fandom. I pick up interesting things, give them a look and see if they're worth looking into, no matter how obscure or weird they are. This is what happened with furry basically.

Although, having said that I never had an interest in anthropomorphic animals before (or much interest in real animals for that matter) I can say that I certainly do now!

Apart from liking the art and stuff I have occasionally tried to role-play. I'm not much good at it though. I like to play as animal characters in games now as well if I can, and quite often now I wonder about having animal traits/physical features, but in all seriousness I don't wish I was an animal. I think it would be kinda cool to be an anthro, but I don't really wish that I was one.

It's just a bit of fun for me really, not a belief or a lifestyle (at least not yet!). A quirky little interest to suit a mad character, if you will! :razz:


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