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How did you become a furry?


I don't know why but this thread almost feels like a confession thread for some reason.
"Forgive me lord for I have become a furry.."
"you have been forgiven my child, now go yiff.."


Hmm, I actually kind of expected at least one more person to enter this community the same way I did.

My (very slow processing) gateway to fully accepting myself as a furry started in the game "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion". If you know the game, you should know a little on why.
At first playing the game, my first character was a human, and I just thought the beast races Khajiit and Argonians just looked funny. About 3 months into the game, I started to lighten up to the Khajiit race, and took a fascination to their situation as being misunderstood and loathed. finally, I made one with the name K'helt, and my affinity for Khajiit only went up from there.
Skyrim came out, I already had a plan for my first character being a Khajiit and how he'd look. Since then, all of my successful characters have been Khajiit (I simply could not be any other race for some reason). I noticed my own trend, and had denied that I had an affinity for humanoid animals in general, and that I only had a fascination for Khajiit... that did not stay true.
Probably the most key thing to this story of how I'm a furry involved me being horny a lot, but that's not exactly something I'm going to write paragraphs about. :V

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Largely: I didn't. I was a troll and stayed around. I am a transhumanist though. Which could be viewed as "Pro people choosing to become anthros i they wanted"

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
For me furriness is something inborn.

I'm a big guy who's into cartoons. no guys my age likes watching cartoon network and stuff.
I saw porns of Beast (from X-men evolution), Hellboy, Galka (Final Fantasy) and that's when I discovered the term "Rule34"

When I started playing Warcraft 3. I was in love with Cairne Bloodhoof and when I started looking for his porn. I discovered the term "furry" in one comment.

I searched what it means and I learned that furries are people who are fans of Anthropomorphic Animals.

I have finally found my true self. which most people is having a hard time


Years back my friend introduced me to Furcadia. I was always kind of on the edges of the fandom since then. I always thought it'd be neat to go to a convention, so I went to Anthrocon with my friend. It was incredible. I've doubled-down on the furry fandom, and I'm now working on my own fursuit!


Confused Fox
I started getting into all of the different Lapfox aliases, and I really liked them, so I decided to make my own fursona. After that I started looking more into the fandom and found this site.

Almost two years later and I'm still fairly interested in the fandom.


I grew up liking all sorts of monkey-related things, especially Donkey Kong and the old Planet of the Apes movies. For the longest time, I've fantasized about being able to revert back to a more ape-like form, and incorporating the tail of a monkey as well. I used to write stories about a cyberpunk monkey-man vigilante, and naturally that became my fursona.

It wasn't until I met a guy a few years ago that I wanted to become a real part of any sort of furry community. He was such a great guy, and I wanted to meet more people like him after we parted ways. He is a monkey too. :)

Nyte Kitsune

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Me? Hmm.. Well...was always into fantasy as a kid, D&D, Cartoons, games, etc., then in 1999 or 2000 I had a rather unique dream.... I was riding in a car with some friends, I saw a winding dirt road going up a hillside and asked to be let out. I began by walking, then started jogging, which then became a bit of a run, gradually I started to begin to run on all fours. I ran for a bit enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing through my fur. After a time I came to a trailerhouse and hid inside some bushes to watch a small human girl at play and curled up with my muzzle in my tail and faded to sleep. When I woke up I felt very tranquil and at one with the world around me. Though at the time I had though I had become a wolf, now that I look back on it, the attributes were wrong, my tail was a bit too bushy for a wolf for one, I realize now that I must have been a fox, hence my fursona. After that dream I began researching dreamshifting, which eventually led me to sites referring to the fandom.

As for settling on the fursona, that was actually inspired by several factors, 1: I always liked Disneys Robin Hood (The Fox), Todd, from Disney's Fox and the Hound, Star Fox's Fox McCloud, but one thing never sat right, I didn't see myself as a red fox. Until just recently I began reading books written by Kyell Gold (Furry Erotica) and his character Sammaki... A black fox. I am overly fond of black, so that cinched it. A few days later I began to draw again, but now I had to change my entire art style as I originally only drew "Comic Book" style art. Now I have made several drawings of my Fursona, some of which I have posted here on Fur Affinity. I have 1 Erotica drawing, which I have yet to color or publish, with my fursona. With lots more art to follow. And yes, if you like my work, you can make a request for custom work. Depending on what details are to be added will determine price (50-100 or so).

Now at 41, I've finally joined the fandom, attended Rainfurrest 2014 (Opening day only, had to work the weekend), even so far as to have a suit made of my fursona (My DTD is off to my fabricator, who I met at Rainfurrest 2014, on Tues along with a deposit), and will soon be suiting.


I always loved anthropomorphic animals since I was like 5 or 6 and was always fascinated about the whole idea, skip ahead a few years of watching classic cartoons like bugs bunny, tom and Jerry ect I got really into the sonic games and loved them so much I played almost every game in the series, 2 years later I found out about the fandom, thought it was cool and stuff, then about 2 months ago where one of my friends was talking about the art work, conventions and stories and pawsomness of furrys, so I did some research on what they were and was like "damn i been like this all my life and im just not figuring out that there is a fandom for this! and then boom OCD kicked in and now I have a half a page fursona and am getting my character commissioned to be drawn out since I have no drawing abilities,saving money up for a tail and eventually going to get a full fursuit and now wearing a collar and sometimes even a leash in public, howling and whimpering sometimes to lol...... I don't believe I was an animal in a past life or anything but I think I might take the fandom to seriously :p I just wish I could draw an RP better, so ya that's how I became a furry :D


I always felt like I was born the wrong species. Not sure what species exactly, just not a human.

Matt Conner

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I've always had an affinity for anthropomorphic animals (as a kid I loved starfox, Robin Hood, etc etc.), but I think I joined the fandom proper when I got in the internet and stumbled upon other furs through roleplaying and uh...unfiltered internet searches >.>


Eater of Apples
I've just always liked animals, and the concept of a connection to them. I guess it ties into my appreciation for many tribal and ancient cultures' beliefs and mythologies. - As far as the fandom is concerned, I've only literally (figuratively, but you get it :rolleyes: ) put a toe in the water. After hanging out with an artist friend who's made a living in the community, I guess curiosity drew me slowly in.


Mr. Prickles
Disney's Robin Hood. That is all.


Disney's Robin Hood. That is all.
That and the Rescuers Down Under, 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, Lion King, Balto, way too many cartoons to mention, lots of books like the Redwall series... The list goes on and on.

What actually brought me here to this corner of the internet? The desire to make a cool costume of Toothless from HTTYD. That went well enough that I'm starting work on a new suit of the pokemon Dewott. If that goes well, I may make a fluff-dragon suit next.
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A friend of mine invited me to Furcadia a decade ago, and since then I've been kinda on the fringe of the fandom. About two years ago I really decided to declare myself a furry, and Anthrocon 2014 was my first convention. Now I'm making my own fursuit, and will probably complete it this weekend.


Rattlesnake Flavored
Same. I would compare this experience to what transgender people go through.
Before I get trolled for saying that, http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Kathy_Gerbasi <- this person said the same thing.

Sounds like y'all are both morons then.

OT: Starfox Adventures kicked so much ass.

Then I learned about fanfiction. Then fanart.
It was all downhill from there really.

Simple. I was horny one day and stumbled across e621, and that's how I was born into the community.

You know---I admire your frankness and honesty.
Yes I forgot. I always wanted to be a sea cucumber.

Sounds like y'all are both morons then.

OT: Starfox Adventures kicked so much ass.

Then I learned about fanfiction. Then fanart.
It was all downhill from there really.

You know---I admire your frankness and honesty.


It's hard to take you seriously when insulting comments like these are tolerated, yet I get called "insulting" when I use humor and crude language to get people to think. I feel like I can't even interact with these people without being labelled "insulting" or being called a "troll". It's kind of hard to stay friendly with people when they're constantly insulting you, and you're told you can't fight back or even respond.

In my opinion, FurAffinity has nothing to do with the furry community at all. It just has "fur" in the name, and that's it.


Insults have the intent of offending people, I don't think anyone here is actually trying to hurt anyone here. I'm decently new here, but I can sort of determine that everyone here loves to call each other pussy bitch furfags, since there is no expectation for anyone to act like one. :D

I could be completely wrong though. :p

Hakar Kerarmor

In my opinion, FurAffinity has nothing to do with the furry community at all. It just has "fur" in the name, and that's it.

And that's awesome.