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How did you come up with your furry name?


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It's just a random question, but I think it's a good one. Where or how did you get your name? Some names I have seen I could never think of. So...tell your story!

My name ironically goes way back before I was a furry. I used to have an old sonic character photo on my MySpace, and when I found the picture, it actually already had the name Surry on it. I came to like the name. My real name is Sarah, and since I live in the south, some of the older people actually pronounce my name to sound close to Surry. So the name stuck and I just added a species. That's my story..what's yours?
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It's not a random question. It's pertinent to this forum. But I think you mean fursona name?

My fursona's name is Javier Sloth, 'Java' for short because I wanted him to be associated with coffee.


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Mine's not all that hard to explain! I wanted a name that was as generic as possible - I wanted my name to have no special characteristics. I decided I'd call myself something that already had its own meanings - and I plucked the number six out of obscurity.

The beauty is the capital letters. It turns that generic name into an identity. \:3/


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Well first of all I thought 'it has to include animal names!', because I'm original like that.
I have no fursona so I ended up picking a fox, because I very much like foxes.
After sticking many different adjectives in front of 'fox' and finding out all those names were taken I ended up settling for 'fallow' like a 'fallow deer', which is another creature I am rather fond of. The word also had connotations of uncultivated wilderness with it and orangey colours, which are my favourites.

According to google it also means '(of a sow) Not pregnant' so being a male I've got the whole not being pregnant thing going for me too.
I feel there is a joke about not being ploughed yet in there too somewhere.
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Typical online name is AnnoyedDragon.

Annoyed Dragon Furry


Yeah, not very imaginative.


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I just think it's really cool how you guys came up with your names!! It's very creative. :D


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There wasn't much of a thinking process involved. I wanted something that I could easily shorten, sounded unique, and didn't look too weird.

... Definitely won out on the easily shortened one. Not so sure about the latter two, though.


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A khopesh (co-pesh) is a type of Egyptian sickle-sword that was typically buried with the pharaohs. If you had one in life, it was typically granted to you by the pharaoh, meaning you were forever in his favor. The shape is based on the hind leg of a bull, which was a proof of power in ancient Egypt.

So, basically, my name is a show of power. Plus it sounds cool.


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A khopesh (co-pesh) is a type of Egyptian sickle-sword that was typically buried with the pharaohs. If you had one in life, it was typically granted to you by the pharaoh, meaning you were forever in his favor. The shape is based on the hind leg of a bull, which was a proof of power in ancient Egypt.

That's really cool! i never would have thought about something like that, and it's a great name!


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I taked my real life name (Alex Dias) and mixed it xD (Xela-Dasi) i am still creating my fursona but i want to name it like this, it sounds cool.


My 'sona name is Dante, chosen because i like the name, and it seems pretty rare. i know noone with the name, and it seems to match my Fursona to me at least. It used to be Sithon, since that is just my general Alias for everything, but i decided i wanted my 'sona and Alias to be different things.


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Well, I was coming up with a name, something sounding fantasy-esque and heroic, so I got "Marcus Stormchaser". I then turned Stormchaser into sort of a nickname and added "Lucian Valerius" to the end, to make it sound more Roman.

I then came up with another name which would be even more fantasy-esque, Calemeyr Harkonius. Calem sounds like Callum, a Gaelic name, and I learned eyr is an old way of saying air (in Chaucer's time). Harkon means dark red in Gaelic (I think). It's not like I was just playing around with sounds and spellings to come up with an aesthetically pleasing name. :V

Hinalle K.

it's a plant

the K. obviously stands for killah which is my ghetto status.
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I got my name way back when I played World of Warcraft. There's a city called Exodar there. I was in need for a nick, so I mixed a bit with the name of the city until I came up with Exodai.
Used it as my gaming tag for a couple of years, joined the furry fandom 2 months ago and gave the name to my fursona as I love and find it unique.

Also got a surname which is Blackbane. Black because my fursona has got black fur. I have no idea how I came up with bane, imagination I guess.

Kit H. Ruppell

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"Kit Ruppell" comes from the names of 2 types of fox, the Kit Fox and Ruppell's Fox.
I added the middle name 'Heinrich' after someone asked if I was a Nazifur, and because I discovered that Kit Ruppell is an existing woman's name :p


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See, I never would have guessed any names from video games (because I don't get around to play any that often), but they're such cool names.


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My aardvark's name is Dr. Zebulon Van Aarden.

Zebulon, because I wanted to buck the trend of aardvarks' names starting with "A." Bonus: It's a well-loved Jewish name. Bonus: My fursona shares his name with one of the more famous mountain climbers from my home state.

Van Aarden, because it flowed well, and because I wanted his surname to serve as some nod to the Dutch language, as "aardvark" is Afrikaans for "earth pig."

My deuterofursona, Loki the Jackal, is named for the Norse deity of chaos. That's pretty straightforward.