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How did you come up with your furry name?


say my name as 'Yon-hen
Well, my full fursona name is Jonchen Mezza Aakeli Ajho (I use German orthography)
Firstly, I found Mezza. I' ve taken it from my book about music which I used to read when I was a kid. It was short poem about voices and there was drawn fox for Mezzo-soprano. I had fox and I've named her Mezza.
Then I have decided that it is good enough for character to have surname. I was fond of Naruto, so I use japanese words Ai(love) and ho(fire). Also I love Redwall books and I wanted surname I can cry during the battle. Aiho is really "cryable". So, I has character named Mezza Aiho.
Year or two later, I thought that name is not very interesting an were searching for another one when I had a dream, when I have seen some different names. It was Аакели (Aakeli) written on sheet of paper, I remember it very well. And Йонхен (Yonhen), but Idon't really sure I remember it right.
Well, the name in Russian was done. Йонхен Мецца Аакели Айхо.
I had to write it in English. I could use transliteration and write it as Yonhen Mezza Aakeli Aiho. But it is a li-i-ittle problem. I mean first name. Becouse Yonhen means (in other words) that domestic bird who can lay eggs. It is not good enough to have 'sona with such name. So I decided to use another spelling. I learn German so...
Now my 'sona is Jonchen Mezza Aakeli Ajho


All the character names I use are just creative random words that attempt to sound "right".

Example elf name: Elrandius Forestwind
Example orc name: Grongtarg the Unchained

Just came up with those names on the spot. If you google either you'll find no search results. With furry names I likewise try to come up with a scheme... for a softer character I would use lots of "L", "E", "R", etc, type of letters that have a soft sound. For a more savage character I'd emphasize "K", "X", "Z", etc. If it is an important character, I'll refine the name through google to find a unique one... but that normally required a longer name. For lesser characters I'll settle for something more generic. I feel a name is very important, and it completely depends on the context. A modern furry setting I could see common names like Chris, Jen, Ryan, etc, being quite useful... a fantasy setting I can see titles for names, or compound word surnames. Science fiction settings can incorporate numbers and scientific titles, etc...

I have a specific fox fursona I really identify with, but I love to create different characters that represent different aspects of my personality and/or concepts I'd like to explore further. Developing solid realistic (realistic within the context of the character's setting) characters with strengths and flaws is something I pride myself in. Furthermore I like to design worlds, which when it applies to races and nations and the like, is just a collective form of characterization that allows me to weave commonality between characters, and makes it much easier to create a persona (or fursona).

I mean if we already establish what an elf is, it becomes much easier to create an elf character. If you have say an anthropomorphic owl, it is a lot harder to create a character, as unless you are using an established archetype, you have to create both the character and the character's race, setting, etc, to make it work.


Wolves unite..... oO CHICKEN!!
My Fursona:
"Alpine" ... I guess I came up with this after thinking along the general lines of the back country. I hike a lot and even named my dog after a mountain. So it just felt right to name a character along the lines of what I love. It also went along well with his species, an arctic-ice wolf.

My Online Name:
"Sierra" ... not really a fursona name but it's what everyone calls me, which is rather funny... you know that line from Indiana Jones about being named after the dog?? Well... I'm "named" after the cat ^~^ Wasn't my idea... just the nickname friends started using, and it just stuck.

"Shiego" ...again not a fursona, just a character that represent me in my story. I was shooting for a Spanish base and decided on Diego... but decided against using the 'D' since it made it sound too close to another characters name. (( He's the wolf in my sig.))

AND finally "Ciri" ... a female OC that is named after the Dog Star... with my own twist... XD


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My fusrona name is Verona. To be honest, I don't like my name, and every online thing I sign up for, (sites and forums) I used NeoVerona.

It's just a name I really want for myself.


Luke came from the series Professor Layton but it's so generic so I thought about ways to differntiate it. Lucerne was a word I learned in middle school and it has to do with rare furs (kinda anti-furry but ya know) and frost just sounded really nice. Luke Frost kinda has a nice ring so I went with that


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I think I'm just going to stick with Leora.

However, I just got a new name idea and I think I'm going to run with it. Martifur. I saw the word Martyr and I thought of how most new furries act like one and well... Martifur was born. He shall act just like most newer furs. Oh man. I'm sorry for what I'm about to create, but I can't help it. He'll be just too fun not to, ya know? X3

Leo McDowd

My name is Leo McDowd.

I've had other names in the past, which were either unoriginal, uninspiring or too complex to remember. This name came to me in a dream one night, and I woke up later, wrote it down and was happy with it.


Banana Party
I know D:

It's a habit I picked up from posting in another forum I admin in. I hope it's not bothersome to people...

Naaww. You do it in a shade that isn't entirely obnoxious.

Although around here people would prefer black, as it is the same color as their souls.

Black and rainbows.


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funny the name chosen wasn't even a furry to begin with. Speedactyl was a merge of two words and started when I got into the RC hobby forum. I pick this name as a reference to where I want to be later on.
guess currently on Airframe fabrication. then later the construction of the RC Aircraft that finally bare the same name , this became some what a became a signature on the field , its only fitting a character should follow the concept

its like crossing over from two completely different hobbies. since I do bird like Aircraft it could be counted as a furry in some sense.

.... well this explains it

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Naaww. You do it in a shade that isn't entirely obnoxious.

Although around here people would prefer black, as it is the same color as their souls.

Black and rainbows.

and some people have no souls, that is why you need to highlight their text.

Rat Balls

everybody likes balls
my favorite uncle has a cat named fat balls, and he used to have a rat whose name i always forgot, so i just called him rat balls, although come to think of it he may not have really had a name???? i don't know
so yeah when i was coming up w/sona names i decided that until i thought of something better i'd just be rat balls, cause hey uncle mike is rad and it's fun to pretend balls didn't get fed to carebear the monitor lizard. it kind of stuck. probably cause all the suggestions i got were annoying


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Recently made a fursona and its name is just my middle name because I couldn't think of a goddamn thing. Name obviously subject to change.

Mint Chip

minty fresh
Ah well..
In Early 2011 I believe I created a character I planned to actually keep as my fursona. (I had been fursona hopping since.. 2006)
So I created this little cutie - whom had no name. The longer I looked at her and couldn't think of a proper name the more annoyed I became.
I jokingly told my friend I'd name her Mint Chip is I couldn't think of anything else. And not because I couldn't think of something better, but because it dawned on me that that was what I wanted her name to be, Mint Chip has been with me since 2010. c: And yes, my fursona's name is fully Mint Chocolate Chip (it amuses me so much).


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I'm a pretentious snoot :V, so I named my character Calemeyr, which rougly means "He who illuminates all" in Hebrew (Caf-lamed means all, Meir (meyr) means he who illuminates). And, his last name is even more pretentious, "Hesediel", an alternate name for Zadkiel, one of the archangels. He is supposedly the angel who stopped Isaac from killing his son in the Bible (more importantly the cadence of Hesediel works with the first name). Zadkiel means "righteousness of God"; the angel represents mercy and freedom. Hesediel means "Love of God"; Chesed is the Sephirot representing "love" or "kindness". So, the full name could be translated to: "He who illuminates all under the righteousness and love of God".
The other name is Marcus Lucian Valerius, which sounded interesting, too. As did "Stormchaser" because if George Lucas can do it, so can I.
Calemeyr can also mean "peaceful air" from Calem or Callum, meaning dove or follower of St Columbus, and Eyr meaning air in Chaucer's time.
So yes, I'm going deep into Talmudic mysticism like Hideaki Anno. Let's hope I don't run out of money...

Now, I am allowed to use weird names because there's a lot of other characters in my character's world that have interesting names. As for the Anno-esque stuff? Dunno. I'm agnostic and don't believe in super spiritual "Jesus appearing in guacamole" stuff. What does it mean??? I don't know, maybe it's physics at the university. I think she's blinded me with science.
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The Lonely Wolf
I think I was drunk when I came up with my name...


smell-good badger
My best friend's dad thought I was Hawaiian, so my nickname while growing up was Pineapple. I applied my nickname to my net-handle, and being Filipino I'd usually go as Pinoy for short, which turned into Pine, which turned into my furry name.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
My best friend's dad thought I was Hawaiian, so my nickname while growing up was Pineapple. I applied my nickname to my net-handle, and being Filipino I'd usually go as Pinoy for short, which turned into Pine, which turned into my furry name.
I was actually interested in your name and its origin.Now I know