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How did you come up with your furry name?

I thought Keeler was the leader singer of my favorite band's middle name for the longest time, and I liked the way it sounded, so I went for it. Turns out it's actually Unis ._. but Keeler sounds nicer.

Newol Fate

Blood Painted Canvas
... One of the first RP communities I ever joined had a Chatango instead of a Cbox, and so, sucking at names, I simply put down the name of my favorite place in the world, AT THE TIME, that has changed sense. New Orlands. I wanted it to be short and simple, so I went with NewOL. Later, I made a character there with that name, as it was a tradition to have a character who shared your namesake. And at some point, Newol quit being just a character and became my fursona.


Sophisticated Snake
I'm terrible at names. Leviathan was taken. I -> 1. Lev1athan not taken. Been my alias since. It has been seen in multiple forms, ranging from Leviathan to L3V14TH4N. The last one was more of a joke.
Strangely enough, I came up with it while playing WolfQuest, with friends, named my wolf Stargazer, and somebody said I had handy paws, so it kind of stuck. Oh and the fact that everybody in real life calls me Star instead of my real name xD


My fursona is named Philipo and is a wolf. I named it after my grandfather and it is a wolf because my grandfather was so close with all his family and family always came before anything no matter what.


The Direst of Wolves
My furry name, Spur, means darkness/shadows in German, which is one of my favorite languages. I use a lot of German in my character names for that purpose, and have created some interesting people. I chose Spur because my wolf character has black fur and grey swirl markings. I suppose the name was fitting...


It is blatantly obvious, and depressing.

Good thing I'm not alone. [Ha]Joke[Ha]


I literally was pounding on my keyboard randomly while IMing my boyfriend and I thought, "wow, that looks kind of pretty...... I think I'll name that purple raccoon I have Zraxi."


I couldn't think of a good username for Xbox Live, so I asked for one to be randomly generated. One of the choices was "MarsupialRogue" and I liked how it sounded, so I kept it. Now it's my handle.


wet floop
Oh god mine is so lame. Her name is Libitina, but goes by Libby for short. The name Libitina is the ancient Roman goddess of funerals and death. I'm a funeral director/embalmer in training, so of course my fursona, being a fuzzy me, is too.

Plus there's no other names with similar meanings that you can make cute nicknames out of.


Cheese Danish
I'm terrible at names. Leviathan was taken. I -> 1. Lev1athan not taken. Been my alias since. It has been seen in multiple forms, ranging from Leviathan to L3V14TH4N. The last one was more of a joke.
Yay for l33t speak when in a bind! :D

I've always liked the idea of having a name that sums me up well... And I'm terrible at all things, so why not "Slipshod"? ^^;;


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Well over the years I've actually came up with quite a few nicknames and fursonas but this one seemed to fit the most, so over the summer I decided to stick with Rakkit and who I've become. I mean I've always loved music, get on a drum set, grab a bass or guitar and make some noise. The name just popped into mind, plenty other names seemed to be taken or well known already, so jumble a letter throw in one over there and there ya go! Typical yes, but hey how many rakkits do you know?


dumb dog
I've always liked words or names with 'ae' next to each other. I wanted a brand new, easy to recognize name, and Kolae was born.

Unfortunately I found out Kolae is a small clothing company, as well as Hawaiian slang for an outside dog (?). Not too worried though, I like the name.


Taste purple
Enfys Ellezard : His "original" design was a complete rip-off from 12tails Chameleon, but with badly drawn scales and rainbow hair (Because I was addicted to Robot Unicorn at that time and rainbow and shit). Enfys = Welsh for Rainbow. He took a complete redesign into the current cocky androgynous purple lizard but I still kept the name anyway. Ellezard was later slapped in because I needed a last name and Ellezard goes well with it (also lizard).

Zeitzbach : Was playing Knights in the Nightmare and this pops up as a name for the cemetery stage. No one uses it so I might as well do.


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I got my name from combining the first letter of my first name on to my middle name. It serves as a unique and odd nickname but it stuck to me and grew on me, like how a fungus or moss grows on a tree if damp enough.


Sushi Doom
Jake Ralph/Jackie Rae Caldoon, aka Haystack.

Haystack -- from Stephen King's IT -- pro-wrestling-inspired nickname of my favorite character, Ben Hanscom.

Jake -- cousin's very sweet-natured Rottweiler. aka "the pony with teeth".
Ralph -- from Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr. (also known as "Ironhead", "The Man in Black", and "The Intimidator", [in]famous NASCAR racer)

Jackie -- from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, President John F. Kennedy's wife.
Rae -- homage to a favorite uncle, though spelled a bit differently... also tongue-in-cheek fun-poking at Dixie-style double first names
(e.g. Bobbie Sue, Billy Ray, etc.)

Caldoon -- faux-Scots/Irish surname, rhyming with the real name of Haystack(s) Calhoun, a big, fat, immensely-strong real-life pro wrestling competitor

also: J.R. -- homage to J.R. Ewing in the TV series "Dallas"


also also:
Xenia Maria Samos (first name is pronounced "cass-een-ya" and is Greek for "hospitality") -- beaver gal;
initials "XMS" are a reference to early-PC eXtended Memory Specification.

Russell Grey Caldoon (R-Gray, from the RayStorm/RayCrisis series of shoot-'em-ups; he's also a weather-tech/magic specialist)

Alice Katherine Reisz (aka Licorice), a black-furred, skinny Dyer Mouse...
and Deanne Victoria Reisz (aka Divinity), a white-furred, tubby sister to Licorice... both named after candies.
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Both my names, Terror-run as my username on FA and Nova as my sona name are from WoW -_-
I didn't realize at the time, and thought I was awfully clever, but Terror-Run is the name of a small strip of where the raptors in southern barrens used to roam, and I spent a lot of time there stealing eggs, feathers and stolen gold from them.
Nova is a penguin with something for the stars, so I guess it's kiiinda original? Like the nova in the star exploding thingy, that was until I named her first name "frost", and realized she is basically the frost nova attack I used to spam on my mage. That game got the better of me xD but 7 years of it can do that.


My handle came from me liking extinct critters with cool-sounding names. I was also particularly fond of an episode of the (fairly ridiculous) show Primeval that had a gorgonops in it.

Once upon a time I went by "Ruggy" and named my fursona such. It mutated from the super-original "Wolfdog" (which my friends complained was difficult to turn into a cute diminutive nickname) to "Wolfrug" and eventually to Ruggy. It's still kind of a nickname of mine among that group of friends, but for whatever reason I went with gorgonops on FA.

Stargazer Bleu

2b forgot is worse than death
Always had my char from since I was a kid. Tho he really had no name.
Then I played a bought a game(sometimes in the 90s), and there was a dragon char in that game named Bleu.

So I really liked that char, and name and used it as well.
I also loved looking at the stars, and Stargazer was added to it as well.
I know its kind of funny my char is named Bleu tho Stargazer is first.

I did not take anything from that char unto mine besides the name.


Roller Coaster Imagineer.
I was drunk and watched some Stephen Hawking shows about black holes and the high energy disks emiting bright light near the event horizon in a quasar.
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Isra is shortened for israfel, the angel who sounds the horn to alert everyone that the apocalypse has come. Issy is her nickname, given to her by lovely friends.
Allen is the name of my other fursona, he's an alpaca and I was just feeling original enough to give him a name that began with and "A" as well. =P He is an ancient reincarnation of his past self and that dude's name is Hua-suri.

Aaaaaaaaand then there's my username, which just means "hoof" in Welsh.