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How did you come up with your furry name?


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I wanted something with an F that was fun, flirty, and short. Fizzy Pop is my favorite incense scent, and so I played with that for a while then decided to shorten my fursona name to Fizz.

Vespula Vulgaris

Wasp Queen
Mine is simple, but there's a story behind it. Last year, I was modelling cosplay on the internet as a Wasp Sorceress character I made up. I had seen an Episode of the new TMNT where the Turtles got stung by a mutant wasp. The episode was called "Parasitica", so I thought that should be my character's name. Then I decided it was ugly, so I decided to Google the scientific name for a wasp, and make that my character's name. That's how I ended up with Vespula Vulgaris, which is the scientific name for a common wasp, even though I am NOT a commoner! *Points to signature.*

Hybrid Persona

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My fursona's name? He doesn't have one... To give him one would just be giving him more power over me than I am comfortable with right now. (Actually somewhat serious about that.)

As to Hybrid Persona, we're all part animalistic and part human. However, I find these two opposites sides of me stronger than other people find them inside themselves. Hence my name, Hybrid Persona. My avatars also always match this theme as well in some way.
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"Szop" is polish for raccoon, and considering my rich polish heritage, I thought it would be fitting.
Sure it's boring, but I was too lazy at the time to think of something more creative.
The name I use here comes from me thinking about how the "old man in the tavern" gets their start in RPGs. I eventually figured that it's a mystical family order where you start out as "The kid in the pizza place" giving quests to Goonies type kid adventurers and work your way up as you get older. As for the name of my personal favorite character "James Burt", James is the name of my grandfather and Burt is the last name of the accused real life werewolf that my character is the *fictional* son of. I have other characters in my novel I identify with. One of my other characters has a last name that is Irish for "wolf king", since he's king of the Irish werewolves.
another of my characters is a cumiho (Korean kitsune) and her first name is Yun, which is Korean for "consent" since she's almost as much a slut as her uncle.


Sly Keaton Tobias
I don't have a 'sona because I still view that as weeeeird.
Sly Keaton Tobias is my Steam username. Sly from Sly Cooper, Keaton from Majora's Mask, and Tobias from Tobi from Naruto.
Delphoxy happened during a week that my name was Delphox on Steam, and one of my internet friends ("fiancé") called me Delphoxy. I liked it, so I stole it and claimed it as my own.
Also first post after lurking for a few weeks. GG me


Fencing Bear
Sabrebear is just a username; a modification of SabreMagus, my Steam thing.

Rumelis, my fursona's name, has a weird origin. At some point I learned that Rumelia was an antiquated country name in East Europe. Thinking about it in the halls of high school, I adapted Rumelis as a name from it, thinking I'd save it for a fantasy novel setting or a short story or something. It ended up being my fursona's name. I'm a fan of it because of how it rolls of the tongue, and because I've never seen it on google (i.e. it's pretty original).


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My main sona's name is Proxy, because i thought it sounded cool :p. My user comes from me in my younger years when i was sitting in the car and thought that "Moon Biscuit" sounded cool, and i was in this rp thing where "Moon Biscuit" was my name and i became the Lord of something (i don't remember what). Now i just kinda use it for everything...

My steam is usually Javenchi where i combined "Java" and "DaVinchi", but right now it's "Finallu" which was when my friend misspelled "Finally"


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I looked through the internet to find the meaning of 'wolf' and 'night' in other languages, so her name will match my username. I ended up finding 'varg' and 'natt', so my fursonas name is Vanna, but I just call her Van, and I recently added the last name 'Nyx'
Lucius because, er, that's me. Felix because I'm lucky.

Has nothing to do with Felix the Cat, or cats in general. I'm more of an hyena.


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My fursona's full name is Grace Bordeaux Collier. She's a Border Collie. I like puns. The first name, Gracie, came from a friend's pet, who was also a BC, and who was my favorite dog ever. She passed a few years back, but to remember her I named my fursona after her.


The one and only
I saw the name on someone's phone, Kyocera and I liked it so I made a spin on it and its Kocyra, I'm still not sure how its pronouned, Some say, Cario-Seer-ah, Koh-Seer-ah, kock-year-ah, Kock-seer-ah Whatever XD So if people have issues I just ask them to call me Kacy


Eternal Flames
My username started off on gaiaonline back in the early 2000s I used a translator to find a name that that worked for me originally the translated name was nerezza meaning darkness in Italian but I modified it to make it work on the site and Long story short that has been my alias online ever since.
My persona went under the alias and some time latter my fursona did as well.


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It is a internet username of mine that was spawned from the World of Warcraft random name generator, and is my name and many of my online accounts and personalities.


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Valthera was an original name, and Valthero is the son of Valthera and Victoza, so I named him Valthero because I recalled in Spanish class that -a is feminine and -o is masculine. I have to think that one of my old Minecraft friends I haven't seen in over a year, Valthero, had to have been involved in unconsciously, since I remembered him when I thought up Valthera's name.


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An interesting thread. Very well. The first name, Grayarm, came from my apparent age (gray for an old wolf); and the last name, Silverfang, came from an allegorical "origin story," where I bit the hand off a hunter that happened to be wielding a silver blade.

Esper Husky

I feel like I posted here already.

"Jared Meadows" -- First name, I actually lifted from Jared Carthalion of Magic: the Gathering, or at least, this seems to be the earliest incarnation I can think of hearing and liking / digging the name, how it 'looked', how it sounded, etc. There may have actually been a second instance that really brought this memory up again, and led to me running with it, but I also know I was trying to feel out some variation of Gerrard Capashen (also MTG, yeah, I know) at some point, and they are similar sounding, but... that's where it goes.

As for the last name, which is primarily for story / fiction purposes (whichever), I think I was reading a lesson of some sort on how to name characters, and that a starting point for last names was something to identify the character with or that could be related to them, which for the current writing draft I was doing... started and ended in a meadow, for the character (who was nameless until "his end" or "that iteration of it," blah blah blah). It also was something that made me think of peace, quiet, calm... which is usually the character's demeanor for writing; mentor ish role placement, wisdom and... knowledge, junk.

Casual Cat

I'm just a casual sort of guy, I guess.

...also my handle on steam for the longest time has been FILTHY CASUAL, so it was easy to make the extension.


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Everyone here seems to have special stories behind their names. :C Mines just mah actual name and a statement of my species. So clever lol V:


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My name is not to creative. The whole name is Winter Kitty Night. I started with Winter because she is white. Then i finally decided on Night for the last name because it sounded good after Winter. Then after a while i made the middle name Kitty since everyone calls her that. Normally i never say Kitty When giving her name, i Just leave it as Winter K. Night since i like having a middle name that not every one knows just like in real life. She also has a twin sister that does not have any red around her eyes and is named Summer Night. So again, not to creative lol.


Niko Linni
Originally my online name was Leon Leo, named after a character of mine. However, I found that upon looking up that name, finding me was....difficult. I eventually created a new character and named them Niko Linni, as I've never really seen any online accounts under that name. Though there was a period of time where my green fennec Razzle Joestar was my fursona, and there's still a couple accounts out there I believe that bear that name. But alas, I eventually created ANOTHER character, this time the blue and white rabbit, and he took on the Niko name. And now he's in a story of mine, and surprisingly is not the self-insert character.


Mr. Red Flag
My sona's name is Rei - My first and last name have "re" in some fashion in there - AndREa RAdeck (It looks like rah, but it's pronounced Ray) I just slopped something together.

For Firefeathers, though- My original DA name was Unibomber703 , which was a mix of a few names to make that one. I used to get loads of shit from people trying to start fights over it for some fucking reason, I sorta romanticized guns at one point and it was eeeddggyy and daangerous. Then our college had a shooting, having an edgy and dangerous name lost its pizzaz, I got a phoenix tattoo to sorta celebrate starting a new path in life as an artist, so i went with Firefeathers as a kind of rebirth thing. *jazz hands*


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For me, my real name is Kathryn/Kate. When I joined the Bad Dragon forums, I decided that I needed a new username, because my default usernames all used my full name, or my last name. I decided to use "Dame" before my name because Dame is the title of a female knight. When I started making my first fursona, a Maine Coon, I gave her my name. When she became what she is now, a Dragon-Cat hybrid, I added "Dame" to her name as well.

Kasia got her name because Kasia and Kathryn mean the same thing. Essentially I didn't want to deviate from my 'sonas having my name, but didn't want it to be so obvious. I had a friend in high school named Kasia, and always liked the name. So that's how SHE got her name.