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How did you come up with your furry name?

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Well here's something you didn't know. My fursona shadow's real name is Sora Jaeger. This translates to sky hunter, it suits him perfectly to his personality.


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Rekel, also my username, is simply "fox" in Dutch. Generic, but I picked it because it sounded cooler than other languages. Plus, "Renard" is already a well-known fur, so that name was out of the question.

Heh. Now that I think about it, it's kinda like having a kid and naming it "Human." :v


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My real name is chris, Kit was a shorter nickname that stuck while I was younger, my great grandfather was also called Kit & I've always liked the name. So, yeh, kinda refers to my care-free, playful side (before bills took over *sigh* the joys of growing up)


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I'm an antique bottle collector. When I was looking for a name, I figured I might as well look through my collection and find a suitable name from there. I ended up going with Skoda, taken from a sarsaparilla based 1890's era quack med by the name of Skoda's Discovery.



​Yeah I'm weird I know


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My username for my furry art on DA had 'candid' in it so I just went with the closest thing to that..Candice lol.
Before that it was Marisma which was the name of a nonfurry FC of mine who turned into a tiger so when I made a tiger sona..seemed fine enough to use the name for her. Due to the characters origins, I had gone with Ariola but because it sounded too much like areola, I changed it to a different spanish name XD


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I like space.
Sometimes Galaxy is taken, so I switch around the letters or make it "Sir Galaxy"


Like, "nya" and stuff
Ohboy, this is gonna be a doozy, I had to stop and think for this xD

But my first actual fursona was named after my nickname "Shana", her name was Shanchii. [Skipping the other 10+ I've had xD]
I could not get over how silly that sounded and went on a "finding myself" thing with my fursonas. I kept trying to name them something pertaining to me or something close as possible to my name. It wasn't really working for me. Currently, I just settled on two of my favorite names "Rei" and "Yuki". I couldn't really decide between the two so I just combined them into Reiyuki. Her full name being Reiyuki Layvne (Lay-vin-nay).


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Names Jeremy McNab. I created this Character a long time ago; almost sixteen years ago in a story i wrote. well i liked the name so he kept showing up in each story some where so when i decided to join the community after being a fan for about twelve years i chose it as my own since his Personality has evolved into my own.


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My sona's name is Lyra, I'm happy it's a very uncommon name.
My friend and I actually came up with it while desperately typing random letters together to create a name,
like something like this: Arina, Vampira, Xainia, just fitting random letters together.
After a VERY VERY long time, I had gotten quite desperate to find a name for her, she has been un-named for like a month.
She typed out Lira And I immediately liked it, I wanted it to be sharp though and I thought replacing the i with a y would make an awesome name. It suits her perfectly! Plus we found out it's a constellation :0 as well as it means "like a song." or something like that,which I thought sounded pretty. I don't recommend this method though xD
I actually browsed this thread months ago when I wanted to come up with a name.

Mr. Sparta

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Oh, like you'd really want to know that.


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Grew up in the tropics and spent time in jaguar habitat. Always liked cheetahs, I have freckles. Furspot. Logical furry name.


I'm not even sure myself. I was just thinking what I was gonna call this character of mine I thought of that was sorta like me (and also eventually became my fursona). I just randomly thought of the name Granus, and there you go. It came from there. I didn't really give it much thought, but I like it, so yeah. Sticking with it.


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I've always loved the solstices and found the word solstice very pretty, plus my character has a crescent moon on her back (a symbol that I always associate with the winter solstice) and her furs purple and white (a colour combination that I also associate with the winter solstice) and her birthday's on the winter solstice so the name Solstice was just perfect


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At the beginning, I was a pig in persona terms, and it was a good shorthand for a name, being the suffix of the genetic pig family (suidaen)
Even when I moved towards different species during a hard time in my life, Suid still rang with me. Hell, I'm considering establishing that as a nickname when i get a job.


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I'm half Scottish, so my IRL name is Scottish. While I wanted to keep my IRL name a secret to stay safe, I decided to take my middle name, Silas, and make it my fursona's first name. I am also a metalhead, and my fursona is the frontman and guitarist for a thrash band. I made his last name something that sounded somewhat metal, McSlayer. You can't go wrong with a reference to the most metal of them all, right? So yeah, Silas McSlayer. Sounds Scottish.
Am I the only one who's noticed these necros are all by the same guy?

Anyway if you mean my fursona name I always used it for characters I created.
Faf name well I consider myself pretty unstable mentally sometimes ( no actual mental disorders just ...unpredictable sometimes) and my fursona species is a tundra wolf. Oh the 55 because I'm used to websites where numbers are usually needed on the end...I need to figure out how to change that...


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Interestingly enough, my fursona's name predates my knowing about the furry fandom at all, and it wasn't until early this decade that I bothered to name him at all. In origin, it's a portmanteau of The Strangerhood (the Rooster Teeth machinima that I was a fan of at the time) and my high school mascot. I think what that name means to me has changed over time ;)

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Am I the only one who's noticed these necros are all by the same guy?

I wouldn't know about that but what I do know is there's a much more recently started thread on the EXACT same subject: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1228570-What-s-the-story-behind-your-fursona-s-name

I'm not sure why he bothered necroing this thread since the one I linked is still pretty active, I get the impression that resurrecting old threads is frowned upon on here so it would be better to check for a thread with more recent activity before fishing out one that's a couple of years old! Just saying :rolleyes:


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What's wrong with reviving an old thread? Seems like people get more pissed when you start an new thread of one that's already been created.

Anyhoo. My fursona name actually came from my cat. When I was younger I had a cat named Chester. Three years ago I acquired a kitten from my sister and wanted to give him the same name as my childhood cat but decided upon Jester. A Jester was pretty much an entertainer or "clown" in medevil times as most people know. My cat entertains me everyday and I would like to do the same when I get my fursuit. :)


Good Question, I'm also a Sci-Fi Fan, and with the recent death of Lenord Nemoy I decided to use Vulcan names that reflected my personality.

Dvir Meaning "Crimson Shadow"
Awidat Meaning "Bold Yet Prepared"


Well Kimjoy is a cheat for the game Digimon Rumble Arena on the original Playstation but I wouldn't say it's my "Furry Name" it's just an awesome username. I do have a furry character that is pretty much a fursona when I think of it and her name is Kori. I wanted a short, simple and uncommon name for my character and it was perfect :)