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How did you come up with your furry name?


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I chose Nitro, because I liked the sound of it as well its one of those words one does not hear everyday, and it kinda sounds radical which I tried to make my character be and it just kinda stuck! and then I added the Collie part because Nitro alone was already taken so the Collie part is because my frusona is a Collie-mutt!


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I like bubbles a lot. I used to sit around as a kid and blow bubbles. I usually use a bubble gun now XD. I also lovelovelove soda, and it kind of fits my personality too.


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Name of my very first Dnd character. When I came up with the name originally I was just adding sounds together looking for a cool sounding fantasy name.


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I googled names for Rats, and ended up finding the name Tribble.


Wolf and Jackal Obsessed
Funny story, I was using a name generator for the Orc race in Skyrim, and I combined two names to make Agrorbash Orkoth. I loved the second part Orkoth so I chose that. If I ever create a second fursona I may use Agrorbash. If not, I'm not too sure what I'd name my second fursona.


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I like drinking Malibu rum straight out the bottle, and my favorite childhood car was a 69 Chevy Malibu.

My girlfriend at the time bought me a character. I named him Malibu and he eventually became my fursona.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
I originally chose the moniker "Jesusfish" and the name Jesus because nobody would expect anything sexually horrendous from a name like that. Infact, gay bondage and sadomasochism are probably the two things least associated with Jesus.


I've always liked the name Ryan. So I've had fursonas name Ryan and Riann, but I wanted something different for her. So I googled a bunch of alternative spellings of Ryan, and I really like Rhiann. So, yep. That's how her name came to be.


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Alastair has always been my favorite name, so my fursona is named that for basically that reason alone. It's nothing special, but it works for me.


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It all came to me in the wake of a dream. ♫

I think it was two years from now when I came up with this name, although it wasn't intended to be my nickname or name of my fursona, in fact I didn't know what furries are back then.
It was an idea for a server name in a certain game, though the game never was anything more than just a starting screen.


Mine is mainly associated with the fact that he likes to collect types of rocks, so his first name ended up being Rocky. Now his last name is a combination of Topaz and Ore, just cuz. :p


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Had a variety of names for myself: Raizu, Kaido for examples, but neither seemed all to great to me and came up with Krayvor, no reasoning it was just a name that came to mind. And as for the lat name for the sona just stuck with what it has been for the other names, which was Kagurai...and I liked it and decided to stick with Krayvor Kagurai.


I used to be a leopard, so I chose the name Spotface because Inkdrop was taken and I was desperate to get on. Then I kind of decided to be a pine marten and suddenly it's not so relevant anymore and I am silently cursing myself.


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I used to be a leopard, so I chose the name Spotface because Inkdrop was taken and I was desperate to get on. Then I kind of decided to be a pine marten and suddenly it's not so relevant anymore and I am silently cursing myself.

Yup, I'm in the same boat as well. I used to be a husky, as you've probably noticed, and now, it makes no sense at all since it's not relevant anymore.


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Weirdly enough I picked my name before I picked an animal for my fursona. I wanted a good alias that was simple, sounding like an actual name, that would befit which ever animal I picked - and still fit my fursona if I ever decided to change animals. I also didn't want to take a name already used by an other character (much less a popular one). I knew I would likely have to tweak whatever name I found too, to make it unique. I liked the name 'Naevia' from Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and was gravitating towards the letter m, n or k as a first letter. I found the names Maeva (meaning 'Welcome' in Tahitian) and Mæva (a female form of Már - which is either a diminutive of Marc or Marius (and associated names that derive from 'Mars')) I liked both possible meanings but since I like the "ia" sound, I added an i to "Maeva" and voilà.
i'm still new, but at this point my 'sona's name is simple. My name is Jimmy, and J is the first letter of that name. Jey(Wynn) is what I go by in many other websites and usernames, so Jey is the name that stuck. It's easier to blend my fetish/kink usernames and site accounts with my 'sona, than it is to completely make a new personality. :)