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How did you come up with your furry name?


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"Lauralien" came about in the 8th grade. I was in the library between classes creating a Neopets account (this was in 2001, and my school didn't control our internet access very much...hurrah!), and I had no idea what to name my account. I wasn't very original... I'm still not original, but whatever. A fellow student was sitting next to me (also playing Neopets), and out of nowhere suggests "how about Lauralien?" I guess it's stuck since then.

With most of my other names, such as for characters, I just stick syllables together until I get something that sounds good to me. It means I almost never have a problem with my favorite names being taken. :D


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That's similar to my story as well. I only have Surry as a fursona though. So I don't have to worry about another name.


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My fursuits/fursonas name is Jase which is my nickname and my user name jaseface came from a friend who was randomly adding "Face" to the end of everything she said and after she called me a few times jaseface just stuck.


Mine juss came to me bc of my first name ( sounds close to True) and the fact i always wear stripes

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It's just a name I came up with a while ago.


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I settled on a name before I had decided for sure a species for my fursona. I had always liked the name Pandora so started going by that, which naturally got shortened to Pandi. I chose Lafay as a last name because I like Authruian legends and a close friend that passed on had a character named Lafayette. :D Then when I decided on being a red panda the name was already stuck so I ended up being Pandi the Panda. >.<


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I'm not really sure, to be honest. I ain't too creative, so I went with the traditional adjective+species mold, and Psychic seemed to work well.
I like foxes and one of my career goals involves nuclear reactors and RadioactiveRedFox just worked well. As far as my 'sona goes, I chose Finn for for him simply because I like the name.
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Name? What name? None of my 'sonas have a name- purely out of the fact that I can't do names, period. Leviathan is my general name for all of them, excluding one or two.


I came up with the name of my "fursona" when I was naming a cat-girl in a story I'm writing who I based off of my "fursona". I decided on the name "Cait", based on the myth of the cait sidhe/[insert the thousand other spellings of the mythical creature], then figured it was a good moniker for my furry side.

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Dont really have one, i dont see my fursona as a seperate character, just an avatar of how i wanted to look. I dont ever use my real name online though I mostly go by Harbinger, because Harbinger was a bad ass in Mass Effect 2, and i like to think im bad ass on multiplayer :oops:


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I'v always had a huge boner for the Armored Core series.
I played AC2 when I was little, then sorta forgot about it until I played AC4.
Then I went back and collected all the previous games.

In Armored Core 4, there is one AC that I really liked, the Noblesse Oblige. It had these badass triple-barreled wing-shaped laser cannons that fired a giant spiral death beam.
So, I merely adopted the name of it's pilot, and designer, Leonhardt.

I added Michael to the front because it sorta just fits, you know?

Then i figured I'd give myself a badass middle name, too so I chose Alan Xavier

So I finally ended up with Michael Alan Xavier Leonhardt


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My username is pretty straightforward, just my two favorite animals that I decided to put together to be my username everywhere when I first was active on the Internet maybe 8-9ish years ago.

My fursona is Orco, though. I always thought a "fancy" version of Orcaowl could be Orcolius and just shortened it to Orco (ORCaOwl) for convince sake. Orco is also a name I've never heard used before, really, so it worked.


My username/'sona's name is just a male first name that I really like.


Well, as for my username, it's the same as my Lupinar name. I picked Zabrina because it smelled nice.

My fursona's name is Mocha.


My fursona's name is a rather obvious pun on a common phrase. And, amazingly enough I have yet to see a single '70s exploitation movie that called the main character "Jett Blacke" so his name is completely original.


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Name I used for my character in WoW, in GW2, in every game I ever played.

It's just a good name.

"You wish you could handle this Hewge beast."
"I am Hewge, if you know what I mean."
"Hey there. ...I'm Hewge." * irresistible sexy smirk*

His last name is Bulge. :V


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I wanted a simple and unique name I could use online, so after a bit of thinking I came up with Demensa.I don't have a special name for my fursona, so I generally just use my real name or username. It doesn't make a big difference to me.