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How did you come up with your furry name?

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I thought I was being clever when I came up with my name in counter strike. My fursona is a demon and I'm a fur, so demonfur. Here I used my latest nickname deebatty, shortened to d.batty but everyone I know in the real world calls me demon or dee and sometimes batty.

I wanted to change my name awhile back but demon or dee is who I'm known as in the con community so I stuck with it to retard the confusion.

I know or have known many people that change their name on a regular basis and it's irritating as hell keeping up.


My fursona's name is a combination of several things. I've liked the name Cid ever since Final Fantasy 1, and thought it was cool that he was the only reoccurring character in all of the games in the franchise (at least back when I was still following it). Neil is another name I like, and have used it as the name of the main character in a story I made up. And finally, I've used Cen as part of many gamer/character names throughout the years. The combination of Neil (with the E and the I swapped) and Cen made Nielcen, which I Googled and found out coincidentally that it's actually a real, uncommonly used last name.


drunken pirate
badlands is a contraction of a rather cheesy name i used online when i was a lot younger 'the ranger from the badlands'

my sona's name 'Scáth Mac Tíre' means 'shadow wolf' in irish
PapayaShark, 'cause papaya is my fav fruit and sharks are awesome.
caricanBite, carica is the papayas genus and bite because of sharks. The first letter of the last word is capitalised because of trollhandles/chumhandles.
Secondz is my fursona/personas name. My initials are S.C, and the middle name I want to add starts with an e. And sec=seconds


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Mine isn't so imaginative. I've had the username MrDoctorMan for a few things, mainly Steam. Since I picked a dingo, I just slapped 'Dr' in front of it. DrDingo. Wonderfully simple.


The classy Captain Furfag
Mine comes from an excercise I had in school 4 years ago. The said exercise involved a fictional character named Jerry and I liked the name LOL.
Once upon a time there was a high school near hear whose nickname was the Blue Streaks. The school no longer exists, but I happen to like the color blue. So I decided to adopt the name. 98 is a number.


I basically went through a slew of awful names. Kweeuu, nero, aodh, etc. Then I kinda just went oh...doki. Doki is close enough to the noise ferrets make (dook). So I just stuck with it.

It's quick and easy to say and it's not overly silly.


De Oppresso Liber
I picked a word that described me and translated it into my favorite language, German.
Hence, Krieger was born


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I wanted something that had to do with squirrels. I like to climb trees in real life and squirrels like to climb stuff. Klifra means 'to climb' in Icelandic. I don't speak Icelandic but after checking what 'to climb' translates into in different languages, I thought Klifra sounded the best.


Longetivity is my middle name
My fursona name The Great MC (or TheGr8MC for short) is actually just the same online name I use for all my online identities and profiles. MC is my real names initials and I am The Great MC because I am not just any regular, mundane old MC. I thought about picking a more namey name like Marviwolf or Kazefox but I decided to stay with The Great MC.


The Divide
There wasn't much of a thinking process involved. I wanted something that I could easily shorten, sounded unique, and didn't look too weird.

... Definitely won out on the easily shortened one. Not so sure about the latter two, though.

Go home, Kae, you're drunk :p

Oh and mine was just a character to start. He was meant to be Duce because he was just a generic sort of wildcard in a story I wrote but I suffer from dyslexia so once, while RPing, I wrote Deuc. It was a Spanish RP so everyone assumed I meant Deus.

And Deus stuck XD


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My fursona name is Haewoo, which is a Korean name that means grace and beauty. I chose the name because I love Korean language and culture and I love to dance gracefully and beautifully...yeah...


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it was the first color i understood as a child. at least thats what im told by my parents. i didnt say red or yellow or green as a kid, i would say cyan, sunflower, chartreuse. weird, i know.


I like making up names that people struggle to pronounce.

Phonetics in general is interesting to me.

I'm fucking weird.

Car Fox

Formally "Torsion Beam"
it was the first color i understood as a child. at least thats what im told by my parents. i didnt say red or yellow or green as a kid, i would say cyan, sunflower, chartreuse. weird, i know.

And here I thought your username was Azure because you're one who posses the power of the Azure. :V

As for my username: If you knoww anything about cars, it's pretty self-explanatory.


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My name comes form a character of mine, however said character's name Riddle comes from another character and situation entirely. A feral canine character of mine on a site I Role Play on, named Stitch, was created via an experiment one that went horridly wrong resulting in the death of two of her litter mates and the experiment being labeled a failure. So now when her or one of the other two survivors are asked about said experiment, they respond simply with "It doesn't matter. Its all just Riddles In The Dark now." And that just happened to be on my brain when I created Riddle. Is your head spinning yet? :/


My username is nonconformist because that's what I register as in most places- well, not as nonconformist, but nonconformist is the first half of my generic everywhere username. And my fursona's name is Max, just like my chosen name. That's really about it.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
"Troj" is derived from a longer handle I've had since the 90s.

It's simple, short, and no-nonsense--much like me :).


Ramses - or Ramesses - was the name of several Egyptian pharaohs. I like how the name sounds, and Ramses II was also known as Ozymandias, which has inspired all kinds of things.

I'm Scandinavian, so I use those kind of names - especially the names of Norse gods - for a lot of things, like gamertags. I wanted to do something different for my sona, and I wanted to avoid any wolf-related words, so . . . . . . . Ramses.