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How did you come up with your furry name?


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The origin of my fursona name is kind of lame. It started off as a joke among friends about what would be likely the last name to find in a phone book, so I came to be known as Xander Zzyzx.


My real name is Avi & my fursona is a fox so I put them together. At first I thought it was rly uncreative but then I realized Avi is a pretty uncommon name & I like the way AviFox sounds lol


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I used the initials of three words. Voila!
Well, technically two... Not like it matters.


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Well, back in December 2010 I received my first commission, and each of the tree pages was named as "pheagle00001.png" etc. So you have my nickname right there.

However, I didn't come up with a name for my fursona until sometime last year. My thought process was, since he was a player for the Philadelphia Eagles, his first name should be Philip, or Phil (kind of obvious I suppose). His last name was a bit more creative, but still somewhat obvious if you know my heritage. My real last name is technically a German name. So I looked up the German word for 'eagle' which is 'adler'. I double-checked that it was a somewhat common last name, something believable, you know. I also created a thread on DA to ask what they thought of the name I had come up with.

With that research, I decided that my character's new name would be Philip (or Phil) "Pheagle" Adler. (and I have as of late 2012 begun the process of changing all my usernames to reflect that)


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My name? Not so much story. I wanted something interesting, odd sounding, yet not too extreme. So I just went in my head, and somehow Kalvo came to be.
My character itself dates back to November of last year when I just doodled a wolf with some blue features for a girl who wanted to see me draw, and boom there he is. I originally called him Mike until I thought of an actual final name for him.


When I made my fursona, I actually asked a friend for ideas, going through roman and greek names of ''sick one'', although he thought I meant PHYSICALLY sick, then I started looking up roman and such for tyrant, THEN I remembered mayhem from lapfox knowing there were three others, mischief, malice and fracas, and just decided to call it Tyranny, which I also made two joke fursonas of my parents, Oppression and Persecution, which I got from independence day.
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I sat there for twenty minutes, and the name "Riho" popped into my head.


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It's the name of my 7 year old WoW character.

Also the name I use for everything.

Also because I'm Hewge down there.

It also sounds good.

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I use Uncle Doe for everything (except for DeviantArt),but it originated from me being very unoriginal and using the name Mr.Jane Doe before,then after that I put Not in front of Mr. (Which is my dA name,still). And I still thought it was unoriginal so I just changed it to Uncle Doe. Then I remembered "doe" was a FEMALE deer,so I just gave up with thinking of a good name that doesn't make me look like a hermaphrodite.


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Fox_720b is actually a mix of things. It combines my two fursonas and an aircraft, as I'm passionate about aviation.

My fursona Sky was named after much discussion between a friend and I on what to call him. We almost settled on "Nimbus" but I felt Sky suited him better.

B.F. was the nickname for my blue fox fursona until I could think of a better name. However, I kind of enjoyed people guessing what BF stood for, so I left it at that. He's often called "Blue" as a nickname.

As for the 720 part, 720 is Sky's "Experiment number". It was chosen as a reference to the Boeing 720 airliner, which never sold many units and was considered an underdog in the Boeing lineup. Sky himself is an underdog, a flying experiment without wings of his own, so it really fit. :)


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The honest to god truth? When I collected Pokemon cards when I was little, there was a card artist named Atsuko Nishida. I liked that last name, but ended up swapping the I for an A. I used that name pretty much everywhere once I started doing digital art back in 2003. The name just stuck.

For my wolf-husky, Nisha just kind of happened. Since she's the other half of me, I derived her name from Nashida.

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Ravyn Marie is the name I've used online since I first got on the internet. (I never use my real name online, not even on social networking sites.) My main sona goes by Ravy as well as I just like the sound of it. The Ravyn comes from my digital art and photography business, White Ravyn Images. I have a house cat sona named Mau Mau (Taiwanese for "cat") and an experiement named Venus 712b as Venus is my favorite planet.


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My name comes from Japanese/Chinese for Teeth/Mouth. I love mouths. I am also more fluent in Japanese/Chinese than I am in english! (¬‿¬)


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My fursona name is Kalla. I have a younger cousin, and when she was little she couldn't pronounce my name right so she would call me Kalla. I liked the sound of it, so I kept the name.


What, Outcast? Got it after spotting a group of wandering outcasts from the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3; been using it ever since. Also, this name is not "furry", it's a universal title that I've come to like... how could a name even suggest you're a furry? If you give me a reasonable answer, I'll just shoot you.


I've been writing for a while, and for some reason the name Colin Daniels has been the name of nearly all my protagonists. So,I felt it was fitting that my fursona be named after the character I've come to think of as a part of my personality and my own creation :p .
I was one day deciding what design my fursona would have and her name. I've decided that it would be a female, and later say that it was gonna be a Germán Shepherd. The name, I don't remember, but it is Zasha, and I wanted to change the name a bit. So Zasha is her name ^^


I finally decided to call my Citra Mew. Not from Pokemon, but from that fact that Night called me it first. But also some people in my college afterwards so it grew as a Nickname. I made it a Toon then a week or two back called hir that as I left hir without a name and forgot.