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How did you come up with your furry name?

i listen to a lot of punk, so i took the name of a dropkick murphys song (skinheads on the MBTA) and replaced skinheads with penguinz, because of my strange obsession with penguins

Lawd Desidas Silves


»///#[»Lawd Desidas Silves~]


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I stole mine from work. C:
One of the guests I was helping was named Keldi and I loved how different it was so I'm using it now. XD

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Mine means Apocalypse because I break stuff.


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Ialdabaoth is one possible transliteration of the name of the Demiurge, which appears in Gnostic apocrypha:

Long story short, the Demiurge is the artificer who fashioned the physical universe and believes himself to be god, but the building blocks of the universe were actually pre-existing, created by the one true god who exists on a higher plane than the Demiurge, and in the end, the Demiurge is going to go down with the ship he built.

I actually picked it outside the furry context because it reflects my personality: I'm good at building things and solving problems (i.e. engineering creativity), but I'm hopeless at creating ideas from scratch (e.g. artistic creativity), so I am an artificer, but not a true creator. I'm not sure if it's really a "furry" name because I use it for everything and I haven't actually settled on a fursona. I guess it might be a sweet name for a lion character, since Ialdabaoth is often depicted as leontoeides, "the Lion-faced," but I'm still on the fence about that.


septango was a spelling error (whoda guessed?) that stuck, I really don't even like it
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I started out in the furry fandom as just Lee. I remember borrowing it from Bruce Lee.

Then I became Leonis. But too many people thought I was a lion furry, so I switched it back to Lee.

The crazy I just added to make it longer. My fursona's a bit of a homicidal sadist.


I had three distinct dragon characters floating around in my brain. So I mashed them all together but retained their individual identities - in this case it seemed proper to use a common noun to refer to them since the hydra doesn't have its own distinct personality anymore than conjoined twins do.
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I chose Flux for some deeper reason a while ago in an angsty time of mine but I've just stuck with it because it's simple and sounds nice.


Arthis Languine
Mine is a play on my old fursona's last name, Arthanis, which I eventually shortened to the slightly Italian sounding name Arthis Deacon Languine. As for the previous name, who knows how I came up with it.


I can't actually remember exactly what it was made me choose my name, i've had it for many years.
But i'm pretty sure I wanted something that corresponded with my appearance (that I also liked the sound of, obviously), and then I added an extra 'a' to it to make it look more like a unique name than just a copy of the noun 'shade'.
And I love it to be honest, and will probably never change it <3
However, more recently I started to use the surname 'Silentpaw' outside of furry enviroments, and for that I wanted something that both corresponded to my personality (i'm pretty quiet IRL) and indicated to the right people that I might be a furry.


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I like Studio Ghibli films.

Apparently I look a bit like Howl, but stole the cats name.
People used to mispronounce my real name a lot when I moved, so I ended up with Ji-Ji.


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Catterhatter was just me adding structure and whimsy to a previously strange username of scatterlkmn which is gobbledegook, but I wanted a nice action word so scatter-in-the-wind was what I pictured in my head. Then I added lk for likes and mn for men. Scatter-likes-men... Yeah, I dunno. I picked out "catter" from it, and added hatter because it matches so well and I have a thing for the Mad Hatter concept.

Later, I made an actual fursona and decided to name it. He can go by my middle name of Desmond. But I wanted something slightly more fantasy sounding so I looked up a word that means light - lucin having elements of light, white, clearness or clarity, moon, and shining bright from different languages. So his name became Des Lucin or Deslucin.
Catter became his own entity over time and I drew him as my a Cajun (culture only; I have French not actually Acadian, relatives, but they do live in LA) and Southern version of me. Some small part of my very mixed heritage.


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Thaistick = that stuff that's tied to a stick. Cannabis bud dipped in hash oil... good luck finding that anymore. It's expensive.


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Leviathan, but someone took Leviathan, so I used a 1. SIMPLICITY AT IT'S FINEST


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i'm from a dutch family, so i used dutch to come up with my name. my name is elegastaanval. elegast is a character from a dutch epic peom written in the 1100's. he was a thief that was kind of a friend of charlemagne (i totally just spelt that wrong), and he helped prevent a murder. he could speak to animals. aanval is the dutch word for attack, and i just thought it looked cool, so i added it to the name.


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This is going to sound stupid but I'll try. My fursona is a lion, and I picked my name to be Rex originally. For two reasons, the main reason being Rex means King in latin and Lions are considered the "kings of the wild" so to speak, and second off, if you're going to have a name Latin is a wonderful language to use IMO.

That was my first name, now my name is Kyba, I wanted to pick something simple that sounded good and I didn't really want to be named Rex anymore, it seems too generic now. So as for Kyba, no real reason or story behind it.

'Nuff said.


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My name did not start as a fur name. I made it during an RP long ago, based on one of my series' Universes. the first bit of it snapped into mind though the end certainly was inspired by the great artist Michelangelo. The middle of it just came from my liking of the name Rei.
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