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How did you come up with your furry name?


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That was my first name, now my name is Kyba, I wanted to pick something simple that sounded good and I didn't really want to be named Rex anymore, it seems too generic now. So as for Kyba, no real reason or story behind it.

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I stole mine from a movie

Oh rly? What movie?


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People appear to think I'm smart (for reasons I may never, under the two suns of Tatooine, know), Bob is my ironically generic nickname, and the 117 you could probably guess. My Xbox Live gamer tag is even dumber, sadly :/


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Because I had an idea for a character for a story and Wither was a fitting name.


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Couldn't think of one, when Rain Wizard by Black Stone Cherry came on shuffle. So i stole that.


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Leviathan. Lev1athan. Levi. It's all the same to me. As to where I got the name? Mythology.


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I wanted to make a rat with different brown colors, and have no shame in just naming her Coffee.


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Mine's Peggy...
I don't really know, I wanted a short name with a nice pronunciation that ended in 'y'.


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The brown/white stripe on her lip reminded me of s'mores, so Smory seemed appropriate.


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-Take first name
-Add extra X's to make it supah sexeh
-Make it a generic scene gurrrrl name by adding a random word at the end (which was coincidentally loosely furry (Lupo is Italian for Wolf))
-And finally, regret this for the duration of my stay on the Internet. Especially when realising that Lupo is also the name of a generic car.

Dire Newt

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I needed to change my gamertag and "Fear the Newt" was the first thing that popped into my head (no, I have no idea why). Dire Newt is based off of that.

As for my 'sona, it isn't complete yet but I don't plan on naming it anything special. "Newt" will suffice.

Abbi Normal

It's from a scene in "Young Frankenstein", which I expanded to "Abigail Normal" as my character's full name and managed to work into my sona's backstory as "GENOTYPE ABBI NORMAL" being what her adoptive parents are "almost certain" was written on the strange mechanical pod they found her in.
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Mine is unoriginal. I like electronics and I have fennec as my species so electric+fennec.


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Based off the word glacier, and chosen because I like colder weather much more than the warmer.

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Au is the chemical periodic table symbol for gold. Added a bunch of feminine sounding letters at the end based on names like Sandra and Linda.


I don't have a 'sona as of yet, but for the name it would be Jöt. It is somewhat of a bastardization of the screen-name of an internet friend of mine from A Certain Online Game, though I'd say it's slightly more original than that considering only one letter between the two are shared. Also, the J is pronounced like a Y because Germany.