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How did you come up with your furry name?


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I just create a list of names I like and sort them out. By the way my user name and fursona name are not the same.
My main sona is James Burt, a character in my novel who is the son of the famous Georgia werewolf, Emily Isabella Burt. James is my grandfather's name. As for my user name, the idea is that I'm an old man in the tavern in training.


Dreaming is a pen name, sorta. I had this sparkledog fursona thing called "NightmareSky" way back in 2010... but I'd already registered a Furaffinity account in '09, I just couldn't remember what the hell the name of that account was, so I registered a new account. Clearly I was reluctant to register a new account with such a stupid name, and somehow I got Dreaming out of NightmareSky (probably the Nightmare part!)

Wanna know the name of the original account? DreamerHusky, totally unrelated to my current username =P


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Combined My first name with my old nickname Ozzy.My girlfriend also pointed out that there is a sheep called an Aoudad.


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My fursona name is Alda Elen.
I remember wanting my name to be in another language and upon looking i realized there was a lot of info online about Lord Of The Rings Elvish.
In LOTR elvish Alda = Tree
Elen= Star
I loved how it sounded and that's how i got the name for my Fursona Alda <3


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Opal is simply one of my favorite stones.
So I chose Opal.


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Stole that shit from wikipedia.

Sioras F. Nightfire

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Originally came up with it while me and a friend were BSing around with creating Magic: TG Planeswalker cards for ourselves. Not long after, I became a full-fledged furry and figured it would make for a good name for my fursona.


I asked myself what the the most obnoxious, cliche name was that I could think of. My first choice was SilverSparklePonyFox93. But I decided to stick with something shorter.


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My username is just shit that I put together for no reason.

My fursona's name is Cali, short for Calipsa. My first name is Ali and my last name starts with "C", so ya know... Cali.


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it is what I did when I found out that my main page name was already used here.


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My username was literally how I was feeling at the time. I kept seeing and hearing things and my senses were all "distorted" so I just went with that.

As for my fursona....well, I don't really have a legit one. Just a certain character I like to draw. He doesn't have a name, but my little cousin always calls him Zizi so I guess that's his name for now.


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My fursona's name is Oneiric and I don't exactly know where I got it from. It is a greek word meaning pertaining to dreams, I am greatly interested by things like dreaming and thought process and stuff and I had never heard of anyone with that name, so I used it. Also I believe it is the name of a star or something too. Anyway that's how I came up with it. :p


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Well, names of my characters are just random names from the real world counterparts of the cultures they are from.
In case of my username, it’s just a habit of mine to choose usernames from genus names of plants.


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Since I've changed my name from SIX to BRN, I might as well explain this one. :p

BRN is the acronym used in the Pokémon games to describe the 'Burned' status condition. I'm a fire-type! It fits.

That's all, folks!

How do you pronounce it? Fuck knows


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My username comes from me being a heavy-armor fighter in Society for Creative Anachronism and I'm also currently an apprentice armor-smith.

I got my fursona's name Havelock from the Discworld series. Originally it was just my SCA persona's name, but as I developed my fursona I began to use it for him as well.


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But.. as any pkmn player knows - Fire type can't be BRN (burned)... (just like poison type cant be PSN etc.) .. Isn't that some kind of contradiction? :p


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Came up with "kazooie" because:

*I wanted a username distinct from my "main" handle
*Kazooie is un-google stalkable (I regret this now. Google stalking one's username rules)
*Banjo-Kazooie was a Good Game (also, the soundtrack is now for sale on bandcamp. Just sayin')


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But.. as any pkmn player knows - Fire type can't be BRN (burned)... (just like poison type cant be PSN etc.) .. Isn't that some kind of contradiction? :p

Contradiction to.....? Explain.
size=1]How do you pronounce it? Fuck knows[/size]
Br=ˈbər (ex. when it's cold you say "brr, it's chilly". Homophones would be her, purr, murr, sir, and fur[at least in my accent, which is Western-American])
n= n (yeah. Just n. You know what a 'n' sounds like.)
Brn=ˈbərn (which is the same as "burn")

I was bored. I actually looked through all the phonetics for the correct pronunciation, which, ironically, was the obvious answer. That was a waste of 20 minutes.


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A long time ago, while really into Vocaloid, I invented Kitsune Kitsune, a fan vocaloid with no voice bank and a play on words in Japanese. Kitsune means Fox and Kitsu/Ne or Kitsu/Oto means Luck/Sound. Hachi means Bee and Eight and is an homage to Fox Eight, the most awesome short story ever, as well as a reference to Tegamibachi (Letter Bee) an amazing manga and anime. So... Kitsune Hachi. Ricecake comes from an old Username of mine, and also it sounds adorable as fuck.

Gwashi Gande is referrential to where my fursona originated, in North America near an old Indian Preservation. It is Eastern Shoshone for "Tail owner" or "devil", and this also refers to him becoming an evil wolf spirit born from hatred and death... so yeah. Oh and Shadow is referring to the Sonic character.

I have two Fursonas btw.