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How did you come up with your furry name?


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
My fursona is named after the ice lolly Calippo, shortened to Cali.

Her middle name is 'Isto' so that, along with her first name, sounds like Callisto. So she's kind of named after two things.


Max is already my chosen name IRL, and 'Max the squirrel' just sounds pretty good. Like, I'm Max. I'm a squirrel.


New Member
I came up with my name working on a D&D story with my buddies. The full name of my character is Miirak Lokvorsu of the Somnaga species (anthro wolf).


Your brain cells are mine
It popped into my head like a large bullet.
Except the bullet had a knot. Because furries.


Self-Appointed FAF Bitchmuffin
I invented a language.

Yes, I /invented a language/ just to have a cool name.

That's just what I do.

Swenlarsa kata jio buersaca!
[Svehn-lahr-zah kah-tah zhyoh bwehr-sah-chaw!]
[Do/Make that(action) I also!]
[I do that as well!]


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I came up with my furry name after a bit of thinking. I was wanting to have my furry name to include something about glitches because I like glitches, especially glitches in the pokemon glitches. I went through a few furry names, but finally settled on Madam Glitch after some thought.


I just thought it sounded cool and original! xD
I didn't know what Tesla meant until later. Nevertheless, I still like it.


Cuddle Bug
I'm a huge ancient Egypt buff and I was looking up different different names for Hathor the cow goddess of fertility and protection but then I saw Athyr mixed in with all the Egyptian names and it looked cool, looks even cooler in glyphs.

I'm also a little obsessed with cows...a little...maybe more than a little but still. it's cool.


absolutely disgusting
I dont have a fursona because i'm not really a furry anymore, like my furry levels have dropped tenfold since I joined. But Saga came because the original name sucked and saga was a friends' graffiti name once upon a time. I want to get it changed soon though because if he get nailed I could be accused of writing all his shit, especially since I've revealed so much about myself on here.
Not an admission to guilt


New Member
My name is Baxter Alexander Nimh, or Bax for short. I've always loved the name Baxter, and Alexander. And my last name, Nimh, was in reference to my favourite movie of all time, The Secret of NIMH.


My fursona name and username for here are not the same. I chose dawgz for my userid to separate this forum from the more "mainstream" forums I frequent, as at the time I was still to some extend hiding from myself when I originally signed up here. My fursona name is the ubiquitous "wolfman" as the name was given to me by several co-workers back when I actually had a wolfdog. If you know me well enough, then wolfie works fine as well. :) Since what I have planned for fursuits will inevitably be two highly different personalities, they'll inevitably have their own names once they come to be.

Midnight Gear

Middypie or Midnight Gear
Well if MLP-oc's count then, it came from my like of industrial machinery and the fact I don't get much sleep. It's basicly became the main username i use.


Unicorn Monger
It took me forever to come up with my Fursona name. So I think this is a cool thread idea. My Fursona's name is Zag. And it is (was) my initials sort of. "AGN" were my initials and then one day I thought well why not turn the "N" on it's side and make it a "Z" Then putting it at the front of the "AG" made since and there you have it my Fursona name. Zag :3


Ice cream is the only way
My sona has two names, one is Allan el Packer and the other is Hua-Suri. The second one is his tribal name.


The Cybertronian Kitty!
I got my OC's name Thia as I was looking for a strong Greek name. My Greek friend even thought Thia would be perfect, it means Goddess or Divine One

Alitis Lupus

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My fursona got his name from the way scientists use latin and 2 words to name species, so winged wolf in latin is alitis lupus. Also it sounded like it could actually be a name, without sounding weird or being hard to pronounce.


I was reading Wikipedia when I came across a word I had to actually look up: gravitas. There was the exact same thought/feeling that you get when you hear somebody call your name: "that's me!" Gravitas seemed like the perfect username to carry across sites. Well, almost perfect. It was lacking something. Admittedly, I can be a bit too serious all too often, but when I'm not I wrap my absurd humor around that general personality trait and act ridiculously serious. So, I took "Dr" from what was then my current username-which-shall-not-be-named-here and added it to my new found name. Dr. Gravitas: a playfully absurd Mr. Serious.

It didn't become my furry name until a while later, when I used it as my name in Spore. At the start I had no problems with furry stuff, but wasn't really interested in it either. After quite some time on Spore, my username had slowly accumulated bits of background, development, and characterization when I began to look back at all the stuff I developed and realized all of my, and the character's, favorite things revolved around civilizations of anthropomorphic Foxes. With that realization, I granted my name literal form in the shape of one such creation.