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How did you come up with your fursona’s name?


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These are Eremurus plants.


Slippery When Wet
I just liked the word Maelstrom so I named my character that. As I built her backstory, I said that she was born in coastal waters during the spring, when the water was unpredictable and often formed whirlpools and strong currents, so her parents named her Maelstrom for the chaotic condition of the seas at the time.


Meros the Bun
While staring at the first ever drawing of him it was just the first thing that came to mind. "Meros." Completely made up gibberish that just tumbled out of my brain at the time. And I hated it. But I couldn't think of anything that fit him better! It just felt natural. Overtime I've grown to like the name, and yeah. It does fit him super well. I also learned that it meant "meer" in Spanish, as in "mere mortals" which is interesting! Glad it didn't mean anything bad, haha!

Shane McNair

Ace Pilot
My fursona started as a character in a story after having a vivid nightmare, as the story developed the protagonist was created! “Sigvard” is a old Norse name meaning victorious defender. To simplify the story without getting too much into it, He was destined to save the light of the land. Thus his last name “Alfrothul” literally translates into “of the sun” put it together and translate it and he’s Literally the “victorious defender of the sun.” I’m kinda proud of that one....

When I was creating him, I decided that I wanted him to have a name that sounded like something a tough, masculine protagonist character would have. Think along the lines of Rick O'Connell from The Mummy, or John McClane from Die Hard. So I settled on Shane McNair, because it just sounded right.

At some point I realized that his name actually fits quite well with the fact that he's a border collie. And since "McNair" is a real family name with a real and documented history, I've been motivated since then to explore it's origins and history, incorporate that into Shane's family background, and use it in developing a family history for him. It's not really relevant to his story, but I thought it would add some interesting complexity to him, and it allows me to further explore who he is. I'd be more than happy share some of that, if you're interested.
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Cat With A Guitar
tbh... i literally just thought the name "sabrina" sounded nice. nothing special or interesting about that decision really


"Kiraan" is derived from the Sanskrit किरण (kirana), meaning "dust". It is similar in meaning to my actual name. It also contains the element "Ki", meaning "yellow" in Japanese, and Kiraan, the character, has yellow irises.


Birb Fanatic
I chose the name “Milestone” in the mid-late 2000s sometime, for no particular reason other than the fact that I liked the sound of it. I was very young at the time, and didn’t put much thought at all into naming my characters. I didn’t even know furries existed back then :p but eventually decided to make that character my mascot/fursona in 2020.

Nexus Cabler

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I wanted an intellectual and science based name to compliment my characters cybernetic features. 'Nexus' has a harmonious balance of futurism, potential, and power.

The word Nexus, by definition is a connection, core, or source of things and information, and nearly all of my design choices and ideas in any situation take my sona into account, making him one of the center parts of my life.

I added his last name recently, deciding on cabler. It can reference of my interest in artwork of androids and machines features with large uses of wires and cords in their anatomy.


Werewolf a Tophat
There was a mmo that me and my sister played. And we were trying to find names and My sister said I should just take my name and add some kingdom hearts flair to it.

It works.
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Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
Casino themed…
So of course Jackpot makes the most sense, it’s basically the best thing at a casino, or at least on the slot machines.
His last name is Greed, based on the deadly sin that he is.


Will fly you around for hugs and pats
Skyrim actually. It was in one of my first couple of playthroughs of the game I came across the NPC in falkreath and I went. HEY THATS A NEAT NAME. Then it stuck


I pounce i bounce.
There was a device i bought from my teacher back in college. It was a cloud storage device called a pogo plug. It would allow the user to have access to files from any computer and smart phone. It was increadibly useful for a time. Now adays i find it faster to transfer thru other methods. But the name stuck.
When thinking of what to name my character, i just went with it.

Its been pointed out that pogos also the name of an oppossum from a comic with the same name. I really like the art.


A Wolf, Man!
My main fursona is Pappy Wolf. The funny thing is I came up with the name years before I realized I was a Furry. I love to write short stories with a horror bent to them and I came up with one where a jilted fursuiter gets his ex back by trapping him in a fursuit. The suit starts out as plush bedroom slippers and then grows to cover his whole body, giving him a new personality to match: a lupine redneck in a theatrical hillbilly costume. The character’s name was Pappy Wolf.

When I realized I was part of this wonderful community, the alt-personality and name fit like a glove. A very furry glove.

the sleepiest kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
I like the name "Annabelle" because it's pretty (and calling her by my real name "Melissa" seemed lazy). Skye is her middle name because I've always been fascinated by the sky, the atmosphere, etc. And her last nane is "Kitten" because her name was originally "Miss Kitten", but I wanted her to have an actual name even though I ended up keeping the "Kitten" part.
The closest thing I could call my fursona because it is representing me as my avatar is my cat character Monte. It is the name of a brand of pudding I like a lot, and which is the reason for his white and brown coloration and the wiggly lines on his arms and legs, you can see them in the following picture:


The axolotl is named "Jelly Fluff", because a jelly fluff is a dessert that is both pink and dark red. It may be an odd naming convention, but I think it's cute.


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
He has a Japanese style name 鬼塚.獠
Translates to: Ghost/demon-grave canine/fangs

His name has no correlation to the yankee sensei, it was merely coincidental. The "zuka" part is meant to honour the famous god, tetsuka osamu, who is also a furry.