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How did you come up with your fursona?



My fursona takes a kangaroo form mainly because kangaroos they look adorable to me ; pictures of the little kids poking their head out of their mother's pouch just melt my heart :p
Another reason is that they can stand on their tail and use their legs to defend themselves with kicks ; that's so my favorite
But the main reason behind my fursona being a demon, a creature of the darkness, is a long story...
Before I was born, my parents went to see a fortune-teller to ask about my future. He said that I'd be a blessing to the family's wealth... and I was, indeed. My parents managed to earn a lot, almost impossible to believe. However, for 3 years straight, after my birth, I cried every night, non-stop. Yeah, 3 years in a row, every single night. My parents had no idea what was wrong with me, though, and couldn't make me stop ; I only fell asleep when it was dawn in the next day. My parents took me to a temple and asked the monks to request help from the spirits of the other world to watch over me. However, the crying didn't stop until I was around 3 years old.

Oh yeah, my dad also told me that I'm a son of a lord of the underworld... yes, very hard and vague to explain, I know, but it's not a part of any religion at all, it's just a concept of Vietnamese spiritual culture, nothing blasphemous, so... yeah.

I also notice something strange whenever I go to temples and pagodas with my parents : as soon as I enter the room, I always get a slight but strange dizzy and blurry feeling for no apparent reason, but it immediately ends as soon as I get out.

Strange, too, that I also notice that I usually bring "luck" to the shops or stores that I come in (though not very obvious to notice at first) : for the whole day, I just enter the shop once, and the shopkeeper(s) would get more customers than usual, which essentially mean "temporarily improved business", at least for that day. I guess that's one reason why so many shopkeepers still remember me and welcome me, even after years of me ...

Then, there was a time when I suffer from sleep paralysis a lot... every time I went to sleep, I slowly started to feel my entire body become stuck and immobilized. Usually, I only felt that I couldn't move, as if something was crushing down on me, but occasionally I also felt like I saw vague and random hallucinations that I couldn't understand why.

Another weird thing is that I don't like daylight. Nope. I even feel exhausted when out in the sun (like a vampire, LOL). However, I really enjoy the cloudy and dark sky, especially when it's raining.
All these personal cues are my reasons to make my fursona reflect what I am : someone that... has something to do with the underworld. One way or another.


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My first fursona - a "were-grinch" named Growler was inspired by my love of yeti or grinch-type creatures (you know, the furred humanoid monster type) - it was also a nod to Rick Baker who did the makeup for the live-action Grinch movie and most notably was responsible for the makeup in American Werewolf In London. Originally was meant to be a more villainous character but I decided to make him the protagonist instead. Unfortunately most people on certain forums made fun of this character as well as the character before it which was a similar yeti type monster based on the late John Candy. Seems to me it was a classic misunderstanding of Poe's Law since they didn't know that it was supposed to be satirical.

As for my koala-girl character, well I have a toy koala (a beanie baby) named Mel - which is supposed to be male but I made my Mel female instead and made her a koala-girl.

Reyna Malone

Like "Molly Malone"
My name is Reyna Malone and my fursona is half Irish Fox and Half Appalachian Wolf.
I decided to make a canine fursona because I can act very puppy-like in real life. When I feel affectionate, I randomly hug people; If I smell interesting food, perfume, flowers, or practcaly any distinct scent, I tend to sniff the air like a dog; and when I get excited, I get jumpy and start talking really loudly, like a jumping, barking puppy. I also love dogs. I have a pet dog, and if a dog walks within twenty feet of me, I will usually run over and pet it (unless something prevents me from doing that). If there were such a thing as a crazy dog lady, I'd grow up to be one.
The species comes from my family. I have one parent who is from Ireland, and half of my family lives there, so I visit Ireland every other summer. My other parent was raised in upstate New York just miles from the base of the Appalachians, and the other half of my family lives in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. I visit them more often, because driving is easier than a six hour transatlantic flight. Both of my parents lived near Shenandoah when they were dating, but now we move all around the country because of my dad's job. My fursona's species is a nod to my family/my cultural heratige.
My fursona's name is also part of my family history. The first name, Reyna, is because I'm part Italian (from my american parent: their ancestors came from heavily Russian parts of Poland, Slovakia, and Northern Italy through Elis Island before settling in and around Pittsburg), and Malone is from the song "Molly Malone", because my Irish parent was born and raised in Dublin.
The physical aspects, such as being pear-shaped and short, are based on my actual physique. I chose layered black hair, scarlet ears, pinkish-tan fur, and a tail that is black on top and scarlet on the bottom simply because it looks really cool.

Reyna Malone

Like "Molly Malone"
A little aditional info, if so desired:
The species also comes from my parents personalities. My American-born parent is outspoken, loves to sing, and is VERY much the "alpha" of our house: what they say is 95% what happens, and everyone just listens to them and does what they say. My Irish-born parent is on the small side, introverted, avoids fights, enjoys strategy based games and activities, and moves very quickly. The family members on both sides exibit many similar traits to the respective parents.


Hare Boi
I chose an animal that I like best, the two colors I like best, and otherwise modeled my fursona after my real life self. Same physical stats, same dress and hairstyle. Other than being an orange and blue rabbit, my fursona is pretty much me.


Well the story behind my fursona ir kind of boring, as I own a pet ferret iI chose a ferret fursona, nothing fancy like neon colors, bioluminescence and similar things because I never got into liking those kind of accessories.


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My fursona is an African Wild Dog and Sharkdog crossbreed named Yvelle. Surprisingly, as I originally planned for my fursona to be a bear as I maaay have a slight obsession with the Ursine family .. ? (Shocker, I know, given my username lmao)

My sona came to be what she is today because of a secret santa I had participated in a few years ago. We were required to give our partners at least one custom made character and my partner gave me this gorgeous AWD x Sharkdog design that they had custom ordered from one of my favorite artists. I couldn't believe it when I saw her, still can't honestly, and had fallen in love with her ever since. Despite her design being rather.. uh.. Pain in the ass-ish to draw. Either way, I love her so much and I'm forever going to be grateful for the person who gave her to me !

At first, Yvelle wasn't meant to be my fursona. She just started off as a really well liked main character of mine, then once her bio was fully fleshed out, I sort of fell more in love if it was even possible at that point. Yvelle's personality, compared to mine, is completely different, but that doesn't change the fact that I have a huge emotional bond with her as a character. Sure that might sound silly to say but, honestly, Yvelle has acted as sort of a way to vent/blow off steam via drawing/writing/etc and I think that's where I decided I wanted her to represent me. We both have our differences, yes, but even with my first fursona (who was a disaster, we don't talk about him), I never wanted a character that was me in every way, shape, and form.

Total, I have 4 characters that I consider "Sonas". My Persona, fursona, Ventsona, and Ponysona. While my persona is the most accurate one that describes me, he's also more of an inspiration as well. Even with his flaws, he's what I want to be as a person. My ventsona and ponysona are pretty similar in that the ventsona started off as being my struggles, my fears, just my emotionally unstable mind in general and my ponysona is similar but different. (that totally makes sense.) Over time, I realized the ventsona also became the personification of that little voice in my head that says hurting myself is a good idea. In short, I have a love/hate relationship with that character. He's proved to be therapeutic at times, believe it or not. As for my ponysona, Glitch Hop, to sum her up, she's a broken "glitched" robo-pone who disobeyed the scientists who created her, essentially forcing herself to go against her coding and programming. In retrospect, that may reference my own life in the past and present to an extent.

All in all, these characters, including past fursonas I've had, have always had little pieces of myself while still also having their own characteristics to them, if that makes any sense. They've been so fun to develop, share with my friends, get ideas for, all that good fun stuff. It's probably silly to get so emotionally attached to these characters, they're just pixels on a screen after all, but regardless, I love them and they've helped me through so much. I wouldn't give them up for the world.