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How did you come up with your fursonas name?

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
What was your inspirations for your fursonas and OCs names? For my character Ahrakas, I used the name of an extremely obscure Coptic Christian saint named Saint Ahrakas. According to legend he was a dog headed companion of Saint Mercurios. Here is a depiction of him with another dog-headed saint.


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Akatsuri came from an old minecraft username I came up with after a toxic breakup with an ex (We had matching names by Kuroharu/Kurosuki.)
We've since mended things, and everything ks quite chill.
Taro came from a little indie game I played, I liked one of the characters names and played off of it. Taro became short for Kotaro, alas Kotaro Akatsuri was made! The identity came before the fursona. I planned long and hard on what I wanted my fursona to be. I drew several different species and posted in freebie forums to see who got the most attention, and my blue rabbit was the most loved. Her original name was Pyrss, a Goddess Blue Lop-Eared Rabbit. She still retains some of those aspects, but is now more of a Non-Binary figure. I have a few others now, but rabbits are absolute specialty, and Taro isn't Taro without her signature look.


She is my true pride and joy, and represents the best of me.


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What was your inspirations for your fursonas and OCs names? For my character Ahrakas, I used the name of an extremely obscure Coptic Christian saint named Saint Ahrakas. According to legend he was a dog headed companion of Saint Mercurios. Here is a depiction of him with another dog-headed saint.
Well, my first fursona was Named Fennix. She was mainly dark blue with gold accents. She was a fennec fox and I didn’t really want to go with anything ”dramatic” for the name like moonbeam or something, so I was like: “hMmMmMm… well it’s a fennec fox so how about Fennix!” And that’s the story. My second fursona was Morana. She is a skull dog who is mostly black but has bright green aspects. I looked up names that meant death because that’s what she was meant to symbolize. I found two options: Lefu, which just meant death, and Morana which meant goddess of winter and death. I eventually decided on Morana because I thought it sounded a bit better.


A fox named Ridley
I feel like I've seen a thread like this before. I got the name Ridley from the boss in the Metroid games. I used it for a couple OCs here or there before arriving at my current fursona and took a liking to the name.

Jackpot Raccuki

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DEJUA VU I've seen this thread before.

But that aside, Jackpot wasn't intended to be a fursona even if the name is similar to my own.
The name was within the casino theme I had in mind for the character given he was meant to be Greed who owned a Casino with casino theme coz y'know, greed. Naturally Jackpot is what is referred to as one of the best outcomes, so naturally that's his name, and y'know it's prob one of the decent names that is casino related.
My name is a bit lazy
Awassi is just a type of sheep. I'm just named after my breed


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Miles Marsalis

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I just mashed together the first name of my favorite jazz artist, Miles Davis, with the family names of my favorite jazz collective, the Marsalis family. I like noir and jazz, so it seemed right since I was joining a noir RP.

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!

Rai Bread

A Bread
These days I've taken to just calling my sona "Bread", and that's sort of an inside joke with myself. A name I often go by is Rai, and a lot of people want to say it like "Ray", so I have to correct them, "No, it's said rye, like rye bread." and then in my brief time doing let's play videos my intro would "Hello, I am Rai, like the bread"
And my go-to species had always been cats, so when trying to design a fursona for myself in recent years I took the idea of "cat loaf" (the thing where cats lay with their feet tucked under them) and the "like the bread" joke and made a cat sona colored to look like bread, and like to describe myself as "a simple cat loaf".

Firuthi Dragovic

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I used to go by the name FrostyTheDragon. Then I saw how many times it was used. I needed something that sounded vaguely like it but was still distinct. The "Dragovic" part was easy. "Firuthi" was kind of an invention of necessity.

The five otters? I took Warframe Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos I spared and kept, and tried to turn their names into something that sounded like real names. I'll bring up the actual list on request.

The moth's name, Aifric Paul Capitani, is a pun on APCs - as in, the military vehicle, as I had envisioned him for a tabletop campaign as a military driver. However, turns out Aifric is apparently an actual Irish name. Thing is, the moth's male, and the name was apparently a female one. Oh well.

Lot of my characters' names were an attempt to make real-ish sounding NPCs for the same campaign the moth was envisioned for.


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you know, i honestly don't remember, but i'm glad i thought of "rayd" since as of today i've only ever run into 1 other rayd in my 7 years of having the sona. so that's pretty cool.

Niru the Husky

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Lets see if I remember...
The name Niru originated from the element Niobium.
I'm a chemist so I really like the idea, but my fursona is also a cute fluffy husky who loves snow and winter in general.
If you dig deeper you'll find that Niobium was named after the greek goddess Niobe daughter of Tanatalus.
There are some interpretations of the name Niobe. One would be "snowy" -> Niveus translated means snowy, snowy white, snow-white. And nive is snow...
So yeah there's that ^^


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Mine came up before I decided to be a furry. I'm a fan of space exploration so I chose the name of Astraeus, a Greek astrological deity, and combined it with -ion. I added an -ix to it later on.


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At the time, I was playing "EYE Divine Cybermancy" with my brother - that game has 4 endings and we had only done two when I wrote to my brother "Hey wanna do the Commander Rimna ending in EYE?".

I mistyped "Commander Rimanah" and here we are.
"River" Was the Gamertag of the first girl I ever liked. Draconia is just Fursona background Lastname :p inherited by my grand grand's

Nexus Cabler

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My dragon Nexus, was named because I wanted a cyberpunk name that wasn't too specific to a theme, and held some good ground with flexibility in personality. It had a nice roll off the tongue.

Zippy, my kobold, got his name because he's got electrical based attributes themes and I thought of the word 'Zap' and 'Zappy' but one friend suggested Zippy which sounded so much cuter.


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I was trying to come up with the most epic sounding username that I could think of. "Choasmasterdelta" sounded like someone who travels through time and space, so I went with that. When I was coming up with a fursona years later, I gave him the same name, or "Chaos" for short, because he is based off of me.


A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
mine is lady samantha: lady because she's a fancy rich bitch and samantha because that's my actual name and when i go fursuiting as her to cons,i want the name on the con badge to match the character.


Fun loving kitty cat
What was your inspirations for your fursonas and OCs names?

It's a combination of things actually that kind of chained off each other.

My favourite animal aside from cats are snakes, and my favourite snake is a Black Mamba snake. So early on in school when I got a nice 12 foot stuffed serpent as a gift, I named him "Mambikins" as it was a playful way to say "Mamba" at the time. (ok, full disclosure here, I named him while rather intoxicated and feeling silly, but when I sobered up the next day I still liked the name a lot so it stuck. Still got him too, decades later...right behind me actually on the chair backing. <blushes slightly> )

after a while I started nicknaming him "Mambi" to shorten it, as I do with almost every name I encounter IRL, so when I was thinking of the name of my fursona, Mambi was right in the foreground of my mind, my inner kitty felt it was right when I put on my tail and ears, and years later here I am!!! <the cat laughs playfully>

(p.s. it's pronounced "MOM-bee" and not like the Disney baby deer Bambi)
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Darin Waller

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I choose the name of my fursona when I was in middle school, so it might be over a decade ago. It was between Mandy, Nicole and Darin; in the end I stuck to Darin because it sounded cuter (Dar-in), and is more far-removed from a normal human name such as Mandy, just enough to not be uncomfortable when people addressed me as that.

Waller came many years later, when I figured my fursona needed a surname and I wanted something that started with "Wa" and ended in "e" that wasn't Walter or Walker.

My fursona is the character in my icon.


My fursona's real name is secret because some nasty trolls know me by it. I got into trouble in an old fandom and sadly I they knew me by my favourite pseudonym. I can never use it again.

I call my current ferret fursona "Shit Weasel" because I'm crass.