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How did you create your fursona's backstory?


Simple question, complicated answer, yeah? Explain your thought process for how you created your sona's backstory.
Supplementary questions:
-Did you develop your character through rp?
-Is your character closely based off you? A character from a game you play?

So yeah, don't spare any details!

Le Chat Nécro

most thugged-out dope hoe
my thought process went like this:
necromancers are cool
i should make one.
and what if she is smol and she has big servant and they cuddle
that'd be cute
but why would they cuddle?
cause it's a tragic love story where he dies.
and she brought him back
and she's also in med school.
cause it's ironic
okay... so how does this work?
well, it's modern setting cause med school, but with magic, and the magic is rare
it's a family thing
and her family is weird.
it's going to be like adams family, but necromancers
and also a sitcom
cause jokes.
lots of jokes.


and so it goes. no roleplay and only somewhat close to my personality.



Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
All because of a couple of lizard people I drew when I was 12, I've done a lot of world-building on a near-future setting wherein an alien substance exists that can turn people therian.

There were a few other influences in my life as well while I wondered how I'd turn out in that kind of scenario, not least of all coming to terms with my baby brother's death years after the fact (he died of SIDS on Halloween 1997, back when I was 5).

I also tend to prefer writing about what I know, and as both an army brat and a military member I certainly knew military.


Angry Local
Barron and Kaius have no backstory so that I can roleplay with them across multiple potential settings without it feeling off.

Although I do have furry characters constrained to stories.

Krro'Gaath, for example, is the dragon warlord of the Stonis Confederacy, which has successfully conquered the entire world of Stonis. He and his ancestors before him spent lifetimes in their conquest.

Krro'Gaath was the final warlord to take over before finishing the world-wide unification under his totalitarian rule. The one before him was his father, Garesh. Garesh was one of the most uninspired and weakest of the ancestors, according to Krro'Gaath, wasting precious resources on useless projects and himself rather than conquest, and the inefficiencies made Krro'Gaath furious. Krro'Gaath challenged Garesh to a duel for the throne. Garesh defeated Krro'Gaath, and as punishment, clipped off the wings of his son, leaving only boney stubs in its place.

Years later, Krro'Gaath watched as his future empire slowly decayed from neglect. Krro'Gaath had to challenge Garesh, but not before he took care of his younger brother, Voa'Des, as to not have any competition for the throne. Krro'Gaath killed Voa'Des and challenged Garesh once more, this time winning, and as punishment Garesh had his eyes gouged out and chained in a dungeon until Krro'Gaath decided he should die.

Krro'Gaath sought to unify and revive the dying empire, but the damage was already done.


I created this backstory to make a character in a larger story. I made it up as I went along. He isn't based on me. He's closely based on Caesar from New Vegas, in so far as his temperament and attitude goes.


it's a moth! it a dragon! no, it's a avali boi!
well, basically by taking the story of my life and putting it in an avali setting.....and that sounded lazy af.


Whitest guy you know.
I don't like anything fancy for my fursona
It's just an lazy old farmer, who eats/drinks a lot and flirts unsuspecting men
Go to a bar in AUS and get shitfaced with me.


Oliver doesn’t have much of a back story, I just created him as a fursona as I entered the fandom.
Now, TIDE...
She was created as a joke in the random requests forum, being dubbed a “soapcat.”
But her character backstory...
As soon as the TidePod challenge became trendy, she appeared out of a portal in the sky, to eat all of the Tide pods before anyone else can.
But she has a secret.
How you see her normally isn’t really her. She is a shape shifting demon who escaped hell and wants to be normal(ish), but she can’t because her demon instincts cause her to rage and murder people when they make her mad.
I’m planning on making it a comic. XD


Angry Lizard King
I already have a messed up, complicated, depressing backstory worthy of a comic book villain.
I just use that.


The Mistbinder
I don't really have a fursona, but that's really part of why my character is what he is- a human Shapeshifter.

Shapeshifters don't need to be bound by a single form. I can be myself, and whatever other form I see fit. It's a luxury I wish that I could have in the real world.


Chocolate horse delicacy
Constance, my fursona, was created for a comic I was subscribing to. It was an erotic story set in the Victorian era, and I wanted my fursona to have a classy and glamorous profession, while still fitting in. I chose to make her an opera singer, and based her backstory on that. There's nothing tragic or action-packed in it. It was just a simply backstory of her learning to sing while growing up, which eventually led her to become famous and tour the whole world.

I later made some changes to her backstory, as I wanted it to fit in to a more modern setting, and I also wanted to add some drama to it. I chose that she got married, but that the marriage isn't really a happy one, because Constance can't have children. She's cheating a lot on her husband as a result of this. I thought that this was more realistic, than her being a famous opera singer, and still somehow remain single.

It's all made up, and not based on me in any way. I just wanted a story for Constance, which would be glamorous and have some drama, while still being realistic in the world I imagine her in.


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
Electra's is a over 300 years old to 500 years old female water elemental horse shapeshifter and sucucubus/witch.

Her powers include water manipulation/freezing things/turning Invisable/seeing the past and the future/skin turning into diamond/breathing underwater/superhuman reflexes/superhuman Senses/superhuman strenght/creating sharp diamond shards/ telekinesis/mind control/mind reading/unnatural beauty/height increase /growing venomous snake hair/immortallity/blood absorption/blood manipulation/magic powers/lust inducement/lust sensing/lust manipulation/life energy absorption/healing force/eletrical manipulation/light manipulation/electricity/ horse shifting/ controling animals/making things invisable/creating curses/storm creation/flight due to bat wings/unnatural blue skin and black eyes/ sharp black claws/enhanced magical singing voice/glass manipulation/ creating sharp glass shards/turing into ice or water/turing things into diamonds. (Fursona Updated).
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Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
Electra doe's not know her parents or how see came to be all she knows that she has 10 or 8 twinns sisters who like like her and they all have the same personality as her.


always hungry
I don't have a fursona but I've got about 15-20 OCs for Don Volpe RP that I just pop out when needed

*cranks the OC gun* popopopopopopopop!!!

they just develop during RP. I keep interesting personalities and quirks, and I discard things that don't work.


I don't have a fursona but I've got about 15-20 OCs for Don Volpe RP that I just pop out when needed

*cranks the OC gun* popopopopopopopop!!!

they just develop during RP. I keep interesting personalities and quirks, and I discard things that don't work.
One fursona would simply not be enough for you, Zen. You're a collective; a hivemind!


i sure hope you meant hivemind as something else xD Im not into following leaders mindlessly
Ah, I meant all your characters share the same mind? Like, act together as a single unit but separate people? Not necessarily mindless, just connected
Coolio! Let's see...

I started with myself, a little idealized of course, and added a dash of memories of Robert Asprin's "Myth" series and Raymond Feist's Krondor novels.

After that, I did a little world-building of my own (something I've always enjoyed), and I decided to turn the kobold concept on its head (I'd been pondering that for a very long time): namely, what if "good guy" kobolds weren't an aberration but there was a whole tribe of them? Beholden to a good dragon instead of an evil one, brave and friendly instead of cowardly and xenophobic. But I kept the cool parts of being trap-obsessed and loving all-things-dragon.

RP helped develop the concept further, namely my sister Kak (Come on, Dak and Kak. It's funny!) and using a variant of Tolkien's Black Speech as a kobold language form. Then the idea of a kobold-run village named Ug (black speech for "hello) at the center of a dimensional nexus that attracts travelers from all over the multiverse.

I guess that's it. Hope it's interesting to you. :)


A-veri Rood Roo
Blank charater, she looked nice, and then bam fursona. She grew on me and became my fursona that represents me entirely (except the gender part).
@Dak Throqutak
Oh, I never noticed you were a kobold! I wanted one but never made one. I'm too busy finding a good design for Averi.