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How did you develop your fursona?


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I have a name and a few details in my fursona but everyone has these amazing developed fursonas with backstories and all sorts of personality traits, jobs etc. How did you find the inspiration to develop it so much?


You character doesn't need a backstory or special traits or anything to be interesting. Just gotta be the way he is!

That said, I personally based Punji more or less off myself and what I wish and want for. His personality is more or less mine and his job is the dream job I'm working towards. If you don't want something magical or "unique" you don't have to try to create it. You've already made your own character anyway!


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my sona has zero backstory, bc he's literally just me and what i present myself as online! that being said, in terms of design, i just went with my favorite colors + favorite animals and mixed em all together (aka a blue/green cat dragon)

i also used existing characters and traits i liked while developing him. for example, a lot of his design takes inspo from elliott the dragon (disney character) and yellow eyes are just. super cool.

and then any aesthetics i like i tried to incorporate into his design!! like newsboy caps and steampunk nonsense (the newsboy cap was a bit easier to draw lol)

in terms of personality, bc he's literally my persona in general, he's just,,,, like me. nothin too fancy there

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It takes time. A lot of it.

I based my fursona's backstory on a few of the characters from the series Banshee. It took me 2 effin years to start writing but now that I do write, I have a couple of stories I like.

For me personally, it helps writing scenes for the art and commissions I have for him. Why is he in this pose, in this place, what events lead to it, what's going to happen next, etc.

I add more background characters to interact with him in different ways. These are just random and I don't put much thought in them.

These are just some of the things I do. Maybe they won't work for you, maybe it can give you a few ideas of your own.