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How did you discover the furry fandom?


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Not your interest in anthros (although you're free to discuss that too, if you wish).
What I'm talking about is the actual fandom surrounding them.
Where did you first hear the word "furry," to describe an anthro fan?
What did you first think of them?
Were you already a furry, and never knew?

My story
I've always liked cartoon animal people. In fact, I was a "IM A CAT IN A HYOOMANS BODY 4 REAL!" type for a while, but I was like 7 at the time, so excuse me on that.

I first saw the word "furry" and learned about it on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
A lot of the fandom was fucked up, so my first impressions were negative (although my impressions of the fucked up fetishes and zoophiles in the fandom are still negative),
but I liked the art, and I already liked partial suits, and some people were tolerable, so I thought "Fuck it. Why not? I'll join some furry sites."

ED's actually where I found FA. Lol.


CSI. No really.

I remember that episode. O:
I actually first heard about it there, I suppose, but must've forgot about it or didn't pay it any attention. haha I actually found the fandom through an article detailing "the most terrifying bastardizations of the wiki model."

Rakuen Growlithe

Got into anime fanfiction and then some pokemon porn stories. First started hearing about furry there and then gradually began visiting furry sites.


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My friends were convinced I was a were-wolf (I'm not sure why), but I told them jokingly that I wasn't cool enough to be a wolf and I just would turn into a domestic house cat. I found it pretty funny so I started drawing pictures of myself as a house-cat.

Eventually, I showed my brother (who I didn't know at the time was a furry) and he introduced me to it. I was really put off by the porn and general 'yiff'ness, but eventually the cute art won me over. That and the stories my brother would tell me about his furry friends.

I still have a hard time going full furry, though. :p


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Where did you first hear the word "furry," to describe an anthro fan?

I learned about the fandom from American Dad. Seriously.

What did you first think of them?


Were you already a furry, and never knew?

I've been a furry since twelve, I think. I've always thought of being anthropormorphic around that point, and a lot of my interest lied in it.


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Browsing random channels on YouTube :p

I had mixed feelings, but I was generally pretty open about it.

I guess I was, I started making my fursona and playing games as her when I was around 7.


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CSI. No really.

Haha, this as well. I saw the episode, but I actually had a positive view of furries. I thought the fursuiters looked cool and then delved deeper into the fandom from there.

I'm pretty sure I was a furry, but never really knew about it. I've always loved animals, so that and furries kind of fit together like a nice little puzzle. :3


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I first joined Elfwood with some creature drawings that I took inspiration from video games like Heroes of Might and Magic, Starcraft , etc....didn't even know there was a subculture dedicatad around anthropomorphic creatures.
After spending some time on Deviantart, I have begun discovering more and more about the fandom , I liked it and joined the small furry community of my country, then joined FA and FAF.
I discovered furry art and style at an furry aussie site and liked it, then one day found out others interested in it called them selves furries and did the same for a few years.


First heard them called furries at Elfwood.

Didn't really think too much of them at first.

Probably not.


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I was browsing anthro slideshows on Youtube for a while, when I found some "furry rants" I watched; I looked up furry after, and most of the the definitions are fucked as hell, my impressions on the fandom however, weren't. I like the anthropormorphic art and liked the idea of fursuiting even more. Browsed some forums, talked with other furries, found some other furry art sites...

A couple galleries later I found FAF and here I am.
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DA got me into Anthropomorphics.
ED exposed me to the word "Furry" and its connections to Anthropomophics...
ED is an endless pool of factual, unbiased information and knowledge... Im still learning things I wish I hadn't.


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9 years ago, I came across an AOL group that had the name "Furry" as part of it's title and I thought "Hmm?"

I've known about furs ever since.
Stumbled across furnation when looking for Fawn porn years ago.


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Late nights on the internet. I was on a forum for something and it had a link to jaynaylor.com so i clicked. I liked what I saw there and then came here from which the actual website was down at the time so I came to this forum and here I am still. Fuck man, I've wasted more then a year here already.


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Well, about a year ago I stumbled across VCL and downloaded some pics. They mostly sat on my computer after that. Then about 5 months ago I started looking for yiffy art more. I never really knew much about the furry fandom, but I got to know about it through the art. I think I looked up "What's a furry?" on Google, and then I stumbled on the "How do you know if you're a furry?" thread on here. Basically people said that you are a furry if you choose to be, and I felt a bit more attached to it than just liking the art, so I basically went, "OK, sure, I'm a Furry." And here I am. That's the brief summary.


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I was volunteered to wear the company mascot suit in parades and public events and enjoyed it. Actually wore two different versions of the character. Looked into having a suit of my own. Actually made one without any tutorials or reference material. Won a few prizes at costume events. Research of mascots on the internet led me to fandom.


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I don't remember the exact moment. I was a part of the otherkin/therianthrope community first, and sometimes found some interesting art when looking up that and stuff like digimon and pokemon when I was younger so I'm pretty sure it was in one of the comments. And probably a troll. Didn't really know what to think about it then, but I started getting into drawing anthros without really thinking back on that moment and my initial thoughts and it just started going from there. Wasn't until recently that I decided that hey I like this and that's all there is to it. Since then I have joined this site, become more involved with my own art, and have experimented a little bit with costume making. As far back as I can remember, I have always been interested in this sort of stuff.
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I had a Pokémon website many, many years ago and not long after making it got hosted by a larger one where I ended up Modding on the forums. The owner of the website wrote fan fiction which I loved to read and featured anthropomorphic Pokémon characters instead of regular ones and I fell in love with it (since I already loved Disney films and cartoons with such characters) and was around so many others who were furries at the time (though I didn't know it at first) and before I knew it, I was one too. :p


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1. Where did you first hear the word "furry," to describe an anthro fan?
2. What did you first think of them?
3. Were you already a furry, and never knew?

1. From browsing this forum, as I have for a good while. I am a long time lurker

2. I thought it was awesome, I was 12 when I found out about it, also the porn and such has a bit of a turn off. Then I thought the majority are just 'yiffers' and I don't like that much.

3. Yes, I loved everything about it, bar yiff, since the age of 10, then when I was 12, as I said I discovered the fandom.


Was on DA and heard someone mention fursona. I sorta knew what a fursona was but not exactly so I did research upon it and found out about furries (creepy little blighters :p)