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How did you find FA? What brought you here?


absolutely disgusting
I was following a few furries on twitter a while ago, when I read a tweet saying "QUICK! EVERYONE TO THE BANDWAGON!". I clicked it, lurked about the forum for a week or two, met the regulars ("FAF regulars are mean people who should be burned -unknown) and eventually registered. So- what brought you to FurAffinity?
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Ambered Amaranth
I found FA from Googling furries years ago.

I joined awhile ago because I was severely depressed.


Off we go to the sea
Someone on Yaoi Gallery did an OC collab with and artist on FA. Decided to join FA so I can watch the furry artist. Stopped going to FA about two weeks later because I thought that it was fill with cute, innocent animal people, I was wrong.

Rejoined on a new account about a year later.


I joined the forums because it's not a stupid hugbox. I can be myself here.
The main site, I'm not so interested in because it's not the same vibe, but I do have an account anyway.

Butters Shikkon

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Found out about it way back when I used to hang on DA. It seemed to cater to the furry crowd better though at the time it was down. :confused:
I hung around other furry sites and when FA was back online, I joined up. It's been an interesting experience so far.

I joined the forums sometime later and stuck around due to the interesting posters.


I found it through Furtopia, and I found Furtopia by Googling ''Furry forums''.

It took me a week or so to figure out that registering on the mainsite wont create a forum account for you. So I figured it out and registered one, didn't use it for two or so years and voila.


One-Eyed Canine
Found it by Googling furry forums. Did some research to decide between FA and Furtopia. Needless to say, I decided against Furtopia.


Depends which FA you're referring to. If you mean the original art archive, I simply followed the rest of the artists and set up a page. There have been better sites, but they've all passed on, and this is where the main traffic flows these days.

If you mean the forums, I come here from time to time in hopes of finding intelligent conversation with other folks of like interest, like there used to be on past forums. Alas, I'm often disappointed, and my visits are sporadic at best.

Earth Rio

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Someone mentioned it on GameFAQs before I was fully furry. I decided to check FA out, looking to find what it meant, then, a few months later as a furry, remembered about FA and joined.


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On the other forum I'm addicted to there was a joke thread mocking furries, and the site name came up once or twice. So when I eventually got round to it, I googled fur affinity to register.


I didn't even know what a furry was until 2008 because I did not have high speed internet until then and I did not (still don't) watch that much tv. So I didn't really pay much attention to them and I had relatively little interest in furries in high school. But, during my first year of college back in 2009 I was hopping around different clubs and eventually found myself in a video game club. It was alright, but little did I know, over half of them were furfags. What's funny, to keep attention off myself (actually kinda douchey of me now that I think about it) I would troll the hell out of them and call them out on their fur faggotry, whilst I was secretly getting into it. Of course I was disgusted with myself for awhile realizing that I was getting turned on by animal people porn (like I said I had never experienced it before, so at first I was like "WTF is wrong with me?!)" But now I am just kinda rolling with it.
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absolutely disgusting
(since quoting doesnt seem to be working for me right now, this is directed towards Sylvester Fox) Yeah, this forum seems to have a rep about being filled with terrible and mean people :v


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I was incredibly bored and wanted to find something horrible on the internet.


I think I googled 'furry forums' at one point to try and figure out if all furries were sex crazed, costume wearing freaks like the one CSI episode. I stayed when I realized they weren't.

Kit H. Ruppell

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The first furry I met in person told me about it.


Browsing Google results to find a furry forum to join. First I joined Furtopia, then a while later signed up for these forums. Then a friend got me to join the main art site, which I initially thought I would have no use for, but now I end up browsing it daily. :p


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I don't remember...Blotch, maybe?

EDIT: Actually I probably followed a link from a furry artist's personal site. This would've been years ago, though I only recently created an account.