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How did you find out about the fandom and what made you join?


Fencing Bear
Ah, let's see...

The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind) -> Argonians -> Herpy -> Furries -> Curious outsider fascination w/furries (also, yiff) -> FurCast -> Introspection -> Register on SoFurry -> Write furry story -> Here (also also, yiff)


The Furry Phil
with me it was basically:
who the fuck are these people ew
why are there so many?!
what is it even about?
*googles furry*
a fair bit of kinky porn but a chill group of people
that art is actually pretty cool
YAY I am now a furry!
and here I am doing shit I never expected to do a year ago... mostly good stuff though. Mostly.

Vespula Vulgaris

Wasp Queen
I had heard about the Furry Fandom from my sister (she was creeped out by the furries at her college.) And from an episode of My Strange Addiction. I thought it was some icky fetish culture, until I read a newspaper article about a local furry organizational that goes bowling. I discovered that Furries aren't what I thought they were, and that most of them are people who relate to animals. I thought this fandom sounded adorable, and I've always seen myself as belonging to a misunderstood species, such as a Raptor (dinosaur), a snake or an insect. I chose a wasp because I think a wasp is the ultimate symbol of a powerful woman. The article was in December 2013. I didn't get the guts to join the fandom until recently. But I'm glad I did, and for the very first time in my life, I really feel like I belong somewhere. I've achieved one of biggest goals. Thank you all so much for welcoming me and accepting me! *hugz*


'Net Help Desk


Maze Designer // DDR-ITG Player
Like many other people, I was "born" furry. I started having an interest for anthros and transformations really really young.
But it's last summer 2013 I discovered the fandom. I've been already watching furry art for 3 years, but I never thought they'd be a community based around it. It happened community I'm part of based around a Minecraft Machinima group named CraftedMovie. A few people asked me if I had an interest in furry art, 'cause I adopted a fox skin and also started relating myself to foxes. They made me discover the fandom for the first time but they only told me about creating a fursona and anthro art. In September, when I got back to school, a new school, I made some friends and by pure coincidence, they happened to be furries too (I didn't know it at first). He explained me everything. And that's what made me want to join the community.

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
Well, I started off as a Sonicfag and when that got boring I searched my horizons falling into this bottomless pit called the furry fandom. About, lets say about 15-16 years later im still here, and here to stay. I cant see myself not being a furry, not after this long. For me its more than a hobby, its a huge part of my life. Im pretty much a furry lifestyler, not in the common sense. I have other interests but yeah...


I exist perhaps
cats -> more cats -> something -> path of no return -> FAF

I honestly can't remember how, I just had an interest in anthros and I think I found FAF off some link from an artist.


New Member
Well, wolves were my favorite animal as a kid and I read dozens of books on them. I always imagined about being a wolf to the point of telling my little sister stories about wolves I made up that I imagined were about some alternate persona of mine. (Balto was my favorite movie) Then came my interest in internet comics. I Read a lot of Slightly Damned and a little bit of Two Kinds. Then I ran across the gay yiff, which have enjoyed that for several years now. This was just the next step. Furry fantasy has been a great way to discover more about myself as I feel it is better to be a little bit more reserved with my feelings and identity around literally everyone in real life.


Gregarious Gremlin
The story goes something like this.

"What the fuck? That dog-man thing has a massive dong protruding from between his legs! ...wait, what are you doing, dick? NO STOP THAT FUCK"

And that's about all there is to say.


YoungClaw The Bright
Alright, The main part spans over three years, however, even before then. DRAGONS were always FTW for me. As a kid, I would love to watch shows such as Dragon Tales, The Land Before Time (Dino's are pretty cool too; Dragons are better).

Three years ago, I stumbled upon two dogs mating. (I got excited, Judge away!). I then went on Youtube for more videos of animals mating (You'd be surprised HOW MANY VIDEOS THERE ARE!). After a couple months, I then thought about humans having sex with animals. In a google search away, I found beastality. (Judge away)

And then, my admiration for dragons popped up once more. Found my self on Herpy looking at Dragon porn, thus finding anthro creatures and dragons. (Yes, I separated dragons from creatures.) At first, I was looking for straight dragon porn, but to be honest, there is so much gay porn. I searched what a furry was and found out. I didn't join until a couple days ago.

Before, I was just in it for the porn. Now, I can spread out a little.


Heard enough of people making fun of furfags, wanted to see what it actually was. Realised I fitted with the fandom.

Spent a fair few years trying to ignore the fandom because of all the stigma I was used to surrounding it, gave in, and...now I make stupid jokes on skype to other furries.

What would I do without you people :V

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
It all started when I put a scarf in my pants and pretended it was a tail when I was young.

Now I'm an avid tail chaser just like all the other furfags :V

Shadow Jaeger

set phasers to thrust
It all started when I put a scarf in my pants and pretended it was a tail when I was young.

Now I'm an avid tail chaser just like all the other furfags :V

I uhh....uhhh....uhhh did the same thing when j was little...cant believe i forgot that. Maybe i was born furry then? >.<


A friend and I were talking about comedians around 8 years ago and the discussion turned into us sending each other youtube clips. I received a clip from one of 2 The Ranting Gryphon's video rants. Thought it was funny and found his other stuff. Kept hearing about this term called Furry. Looked into it and found Furaffinity, 2's podcast, a few other podcasts and enjoyed the art and a few webcomics.

Thought I'd stay due to my already liking the Sly cooper video game series, TMNT, Godzilla, and always like animal based cartoons and media. About sums it up.


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
I think my early junior year, maybe a little before, I was an internet junkie and had a deviantart account and learned about furries. However, I wasn't a hardcore furry until later. I knew about furries, but it wasn't until I met one of my guy friends who was a huge furry that I learned 'furry' was a title you can call yourself if you were a fan of anthro animals.

So basically after meeting him I got into it more than before, that usually happens with friends I tend to get into things they like especially if it's something right up my alley.

So yeah...I don't know the origins exactly...It kind of just happened but that's basically it.

Edit: And before deviantart google was and is my friend. I think I might've found cool wolf art on google images, found the source to be deviantart, and got into deviantart. Same way I found tmblr and fur affinity
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King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
I uhh....uhhh....uhhh did the same thing when j was little...cant believe i forgot that. Maybe i was born furry then? >.<

I think many furries were born furries

The fandom is just kind of something you get into after liking furry-related stuff. That and being obsessed with animals/nature/fantasy/nerdy stuff. They're all pre-furry interests

i myself have always been an avid fantasy and animal lover. Furryism is both.
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Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
When I was a tween I started using the internet, where there is a significant furry presence. I also saw an episode of a television comedy portraying furries as kinky individuals who liked to have sex in costumes. I joined because that's what I wanted, and was disappointed to discover that is a largely frowned upon minority pursuit.

Rather the opposite story to the trope 'I thought furries were gross but then found out they were okay and I joined'.

Ziba Roxley

New Member
I don't know if I ever joined the fandom. I just slipped into it cause there's people with similar interests here o_O As far as I can remember, I've been creating anthro characters. For me it's almost as normal as creating human characters, while other people might raise a brow at it or something.
It came as a suprice when I figured that there was a whole fandom for what I was already doing. So of course I took a closer look at it and here I am :)


I found a page on it somehow (searching the internet one day) on accident, and thought it looked kinda weird but interesting at the same time. A little while later, an online friend tried to convince me to join FA, at the time of which I had no idea about. At first I declined, not being a furry and all, but then I took a closer look - and discovered all of the beautiful artwork, writing, and music this fandom was producing. I am also a Pegasister (a female fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), so it made sense that I would also like this.

I never used to like anthro animals (never knew what they were until I joined this fandom), even when I was younger and watched Bugs Bunny and shows like that. So how has that changed? Well, I've been going through a very rough patch in life, and the thought of being an animal pleases me. It would be so much easier than being a human and worrying about all this crap all the time... right? It is ironic, however, that I must say that I used to love trying to draw cartoon animals (again, Bug's Bunny style) with this old drawing book that focused on anthro-like characters (but of course it didn't characterize them as that). So did that also contribute to my love for the fandom? Maybe.

When I was younger I would always roleplay (didn't know what that was at the time though XD) and pretend I was an animal such as a dragon or cat, and loved to the scaley winged lizards so much due to the video game Spyro the Dragon. So it makes total sense that after some soul searching (first having a wolf, than a winged wolf) that I finally found my fursona - an eastern dragon (which is ironic since I used to like western dragons much more, but eastern ones are growing on me quite a bit, and I've taken quite the liking to them).

I've always connected with animals much more than people anyways, so that's another reason I love this fandom. I will admit that I tend to like feral art better than anthro, but I still love the latter anyways. I can see myself as being an animal very easily.

Anyways, sorry for rambling, but that's my story. This fandom, for the little time I've been in it, has already been helping me in so many ways and has become a huge part of my life. Along with MLP, I don't think I'm going to disappear from this fandom anytime soon! XD
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New Member
Hahaha I was friends with this guy for a while and he's a furry and all of my friends made fun of him... I always thought that he was awesome and that furries were awesome but I was afraid to say anything about it... Now he's my boyfriend... LOL XD


I found it through Youtube.

I saw a DexterManning video about a Furry music video and i looked it up. [Was Duke - Finnaly Found You (thatdancingdog)].
(I guess some some of my love for the fandom now came from reading books like the warriors saga when i was younger).
From there i researched and fell in love with the fandom and joined!
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Corwin Cross

Unofficial FAF Welcome Person
I've always felt like I was a "furry", but never heard of the community until...I turned 13, and decided to use the middle school computers to follow the console RPG Maker community. Funnily enough, some of the people who started that fan group were furries themselves.

Also, Starfox porn. Fox x Falco. Unfffff. :U Hence the burdeh.