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How did you find out you were a furry?

Poots The Fox

Look at the happy fox!
I found out a couple months ago due to a friend telling me he was a furry without actually telling me. It was interesting because I went on my own little hunt and ended up getting sucked in...

And i'm glad I did.


I always made fun of furries. I have a friend who is a furry, while researching the community for new ways to insult him, I made a FA account. so yeah, I became a furry while making fun of furries.


Woof? Woof
Iwas ¿¿ years old. I had just exited the grocery store. Then I saw a cat pass by. Boom, I was a fan of amthropomorphic animals.

Le Chat Nécro

most thugged-out dope hoe
a porn artist i followed had some stuff that was cross-posted on a website that hosted lots of fur porn.
i read, i enjoyed. that was it.


train hopping paint cryptid
Watched too much disney? I like drawing anthropomorphic characters, and I certainly like creating worlds and my own "characters" in them. I don't see it as any different than wanting to create your own viking version of yourself, or harry potter version, etc. I don't have any attraction to it beyond the artistic/creative interest, so it's just kind of was "oh, that's cool". And so I drew it well before I knew what furries were.


Hyena Jerk
Digimon. I was a furry in denial for soooooo many years.
Then a friend slowly pulled me under into this bullshit.
Now here I am.


Because I saw I picture of a blue and green fox in a hoodie cuddling its own tail and that when I just knew.

But really, I got this hoodie with fox ears on it and people kept asking if I was a furry and I’m like, “what is this ‘furry’ you speak of?”
I googled it and I’m here now.


petit trou du luke
I was boring on wednesday , I typed a b c d e f g and there were a manga image on google image, I clicked, and I bring me on a image board , there were manga, anim ect, and at the bottom, furry.

and there were nsfw section too, I was 11 year old at this time, I never feel so alone the day after I got to school lol.


A-veri Rood Roo
My mom took a selfie with two of them on a plane and I was like "WOOSH FURRY NOW!" and if my mom ever finds out i'm furry trash (which is extremely unlikely) I will say it was all because of you!


guardian angel
when i was around 10 years old i started drawing warrior cats fanart and posting it online, and from drawing animals for years i discovered the furry fandom and just kinda merged into it seamlessly. i never had a big realization or "found out," it just sort of happened when i stuck the label on myself one day after years of drawing furry characters!