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How did you get into the furry fandom, and what attracts you to it?

Well it started 27 years ago when i was 4 when i was watching cartoons like Thundercats, Heathcliff, Robin Hood and more, i had a crush on Cleo and Cheetara to other animal chicks. I had no idea there was such a fanbase until i was 16 when i read in Wizard magazine and others about anthrocons and all that including about the fanbase as i knew i was a furry since. I even always daydremaed about myself as a thundarian (the species from Thundercats) when i was a kid on rescuing Cheetara from Mumm-Ra and other monsters and all that especially fighting alongside the Thundercats. As a teen i started reading Furlough and other comics from Shanda Comics.

I did rented Fritz The Cat when i was 17 as i discovered yiff especially in Omaha The Cat Dancer comics from some of my cit's comic stores. Those are how i discovered i was a furry.

Though i never attended a convention but i do want to especially when i want to put on a Thundercats costume with furry make-up on and pointy ears to match my thundarian fursonality.

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I was introduced to it through a certain unrelated kink, and then I joined the fandom mostly for the community. Nice people, mostly. :)


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What got me into it was porn and RuneScape roleplaying! I stay because of the art and the porn ^~^
Now that a big story to talk about!

It starts with me back in 2010. I had gotten some horrible flu and was bed ridden for 3 weeks around Christmas time. I remember i was browsing the web and i went to YouTube and saw a video that was called a speed paint. It wasn't furry but i thought it was pretty awesome. Then i saw in the bottom of the related section 1 video that stood out. A 10 minute speed paint of a blue anthro wolf. I was curios so i clicked on the video and BAM. I couldn't stop watching it. I watched it again and again and again. Then i went to that related and clicked on another video. I couldn't stop looking at furry speed paints. They captivated me. I was inspired for the first time in years to try to draw those things but i had no idea what a furry was. Luckily i found ralathar44 who had a video on what a furry is. So i attempted to draw a anthro. Then i went onto devient art and found furry artists. From there i discovered fur affinity. I then was captivated by the fandom and couldn't stop drawing. But i have faltered. I abandoned the fandom for some time..... until i met blu. He got me back to drawing and i got him to draw and go farther into the fandom. He has tied me down perminitly to this great fandom. and im glad for that


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I was introduced by a pen and paper roleplaying game a few years back and I have been a fan since.
The part I enjoy most is the diversity of characters and I love animals.


I admire the artwork... I intitally got into it because back when I homeschooled this was the only porn I could get access to through my school supplied computer. After that I kind of got hooked on it


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I had pretty much always drawn sentient non-anthro animals, and, back in 1998, I found a website dedicated to werewolves (nowadays it would have been called a therian website) and it had drawings by TheWerewolf and K-9. I was instantly hooked on the mix of humanoid shape/sentience and animal features.


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Haven't been on in a while due to family issues and catastrophic financial issues...so thought this would be a good follow up thread from my intro on how I got into the fandom.

When I was a young boy, I always loved dogs. Not in that sexual way, but in a way that I couldn't really describe - like I wanted to BE that animal, or have that animal's strengths, such as being able to run fast, jump high, and be loved. I always felt like I could relate to them at a high level (Probably only in my mind) All through my childhood, I liked my cartoons like every other young person does, but the wanting to be an animal somewhat faded, and then returned later in my late teens, where I thought it would be cool to be like teen warewolf, or Be a Man/dog ultimately human walking, talking, but different such as a canine. Moreso for being liked. Self esteem was never my strong point, so the thought of looking different gave hope of being accepted. My childhood dream was to be a comedian, or an entertainer of some sort - but I was so young...I had no material, and living in a small rural town - no resources.
Fast forward through college, but the wish of being something other than what I was still held strong, and always something part-human.

My interest in wolves and hybrid dogs grew, when Delta - our Husky/Malamute/Wolf hybrid was purchased as a suprise gift by the sisters ex boyfriend.
He did not deal well with any of the family members, except me. He was at peace with me no matter where we went, and became my loyal friend.
Pancreas cancer took him from me a few years ago, so there's this void I want to fill, but know that another pet right now is not a wise choice for me, or fair for the pet.

Late 2011, I was chatting in a chatroom, and a character came in, with a full german shephard outfit.
I thought...WHOA! "This guy thinks he's a dog!" Then....in the back of my head a voice spoke up and said - SO DO YOU DUMMY!" So, I engaged in conversation with him and started asking about it.
He was friendly, but sexual. I didn't know what YIFF was, or had seen anything of the sort. So, I started exploring via the links he gave me to look at.
(As a side note I never saw the CSI episode, but I don't follow society's 'norms' when it comes to judging classes of people. I believe there's always more to the story, and to check it out myself.)

They were of YIFF porn, and some undeniably were erotic. But, overall it didn't really ring my bell, so I kept searching for more....there HAD to be a non-sexual aspect of the Furry Fandom....

And then I came upon Kijani Lion's videos on Youtube. My heart sunk. It was my "Oh Shit" and "Aha" moment at the same time. I tear up watching them out of joy. It's like years of questions, dreams, and endless wonder had just been answered. I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth.
It was everything I like balled up.. Entertaining...acceptance...people smiling at the sight of the suits.

Then...I became hooked on the Anthrocon music videos so many of you have put together. I'm a electronic junkie to begin with...so the furry aspect was icing on the cake. It looked like so much fun.
I kept watching, and learning as much as I could about it. I am still learning.
Kage's videos were always entertaining and educational, as well as others who put together "How to fursuit". I learned a great deal about the methods, and earned great respect for those who fursuit and endure the heat for others enjoyment.
I found the Gallery at FA and was blown away at the artistic talents of people, and amazed at what they could create. Even semi-erotic stuff was just jaw dropping. Not as porn, but as true art.

That's why I posted the commission request in January for my web forum. I wanted to give my money to a community that gives back. At a minimum give to an artist to help out their cause, and help me out in the process.

Where am I at today? Well, trying to find my Fursona. Not sure how some folks found them, or if there's a questionaire that helps narrow it down. I'm still browsing about, enjoying the videos, and learning fursuiters by their names.

My next steps are to try and attend a Furry convention in Michigan, or hook up with Fursuiters in the state to experience their fun in real life. I'd like to attend a convention and browse the market to see get more ideas for a fursona.

Anyway...sorry for the long reply, but wanted to explain my journey so far.
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I got into it just because it was good business at first. But then I kept doing it because I liked the creativity of the artwork and enjoyed making it. I've been drawing human characters for awhile, then just started to move into abstract characters and costumes to keep it interesting for me. Furies gave me a whole group of new subjects to try to draw varied from different species, made up ones, and ranging from Feral to full on Anthropomorphic.