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How did you name your sona?


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Actually no you didnt thats a fucking lie because your real name isnt Miro thats just your bullshit edgy second name you use because edgy people get new names.
Your real name is ██████

You might have had a point if you didn't also use a bullshit first name.


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Actually no you didnt thats a fucking lie because your real name isnt Miro thats just your bullshit edgy second name you use because edgy people get new names.
Your real name is ██████


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My main fursona, Mocaccino, got his name after what I wanted him to be - I wanted him to be a somewhat snobby and hipster guy, yet well-meaning and nice. I wanted him to be the kind of guy who thinks Starbucks is good coffee, and so I thought a coffee name would be appropiate. I wanted it to sound somewhat pretentious yet not absolutely ridiculous, so I just went with "Mocaccino": a cool coffee name, though it's really just milk and coffee. I thought it was a good encapsulation of what the character is.
Basically, think of the personality first, the name will come eventually

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I borrowed the name of a little river (and the surrounding glen) in Argyll that I used to cycle up to with friends and swim in when I was a teenager. I guess using place names is a little reminiscent of the Wombles, but it seemed to fit.


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My favorite hobby is cooking and I always wanted to be a chef growing up. Thus Shef The Dog was born! (Initials S.T.D...)


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My first fursona was named Zoltan, because right as I made him I was trying to be as anonymous as possible online and I had just seen "Dude where's my car?", so I just took that as my handle for awhile. Wasn't meant to be a permanent thing but it stuck. My human persona had a sidekick named Sombra. So when I made this current fursona, who is a combination of the two characters, I combined their names.
I'm asking because mine is still unnamed, and it seems I can't find a name I like anywhere. I even made a contest for it on DeviantArt, but that didn't work out either. I guess I am just very picky :<

So, how did you name your (fur)sona? Do you have any tips or suggestions I can try?
i googled "girl baby names" the went through about sixty pages. wrote down some ones i liked them picked one out of those ones. i plan on using the other names i liked for other sonas


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I liked the name Barron. I looked back at the old Dune movie and remembered the Barron of House Harkonnen. So I just went with that as his first name.

Stoneburg is actually the name of my great great great grandparents and before.


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Umm lemme think for my bunny gal you can see in my icon, I wanted her to have a Vietnamese Orchid theme, and so ok I'll give her a Vietnamese name meaning Orchid.. Problem is I found two Huệ & Lán that fit the bill, and well I liked both so just put them together, so she is now Huệ Lán lol


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I used to just have my fursona share my screenname, but over time that became rather confusing. At one point I went by Lapin Eleanor (How silly) online, but to save from confusion, I called her Eleanor.
I eventually strayed away from going by Lapin for personal reasons, and kept calling her Ellie on habit. And it kinda stuck! She went through so many names, though. Bunnii, Usagi (Weeaboo phase, good god), Lapin, Eleanor, and now Ellie...It's amazing to see my fursona grow with me over the past 6 or 7 years.


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Casey because... I don't know. It sounds like a pretty neutral and unassuming name, so you could never expect what's coming.


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I was torn between two names. Jason, which is a name that I thought about for myself. And Tobias, a name I thought about giving to my first son, but I never had kids and now don't want them. So I essentially polled a few people, and it was unanimously Tobias. Williams for my step-father, who passed away a little over a year ago, and because I have always really liked the name William. Ergo, Tobias Williams.


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Names are more then personal callsigns but links to a human form. Took a long time to a sweet bit to decide what sung words where my characters. Things keep changing.


Back when I made her I went under the name of 'Splat', and one of Splatterdot's previous designs had a dot on each of her ears. So I named her Splatterdot. I later changed her ears to be striped, but that didn't really make sense and didn't tie her name into her design somehow..... so I then resdesigned her completely, with her ears the 'wavy splatter' they are now. But she still looked different than she does now.


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They're names I use for myself, both feminine and masculine. Lillian Viktor.


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I was watching something on YouTube and I heard the name "Rochat". I though it sounded cool and it has "chat" (which is cat in French) so I went with it.


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I love short androgynous nature names, and names that relate to the characters personality so I searched for some on nameberry. I also had names in my brain already for when I changed my own name.
My main sona is named Coal because he's cool until something lights the spark and suddenly he's bursting energy.
Slate is Slate because he's gray and blue, and the name has spiky and slithery letters which resembles him.