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How did you name your sona?


Kushi / grunesdragon
I... um... poorly translated something. I wish I could go back and not do that, but it stuck. And it ended up actually being thematically fitting years later!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I played around with the common names of different species and settled on Kit Rüppell (Kit Fox + Rüppell's Fox). It made sense, as Kit is a very common name for anthro foxes, and Rüppell is a real-life surname. Later on I discovered that "Kit" is a rare nickname for my real name. I gave him the middle name "Heinrich" after multiple (false) accusations of being a Nazifur to fuck with people. What's cool about my fursona's name is it could belong to an actual person.


first of all i just named my fursona after myself but then i saw somebody had created a character that looked a lot like mine so i stole their character's name


The violent man-eater
I spent a long time choosing my character's name to reflect my own personality.

Sammu (sam-moo), the first name, means 'shield' and it's derived from the name for armed guards, which were the first law enforcers.
the name is synonymous with being a protector of the people and an authority figure.

Akuchin (ah-kush-in), the middle name, means 'big mouth' and means pretty much what you would expect.
a person who says what they think with total disregard for the consequences of such and without tailoring their speech.
however in this spelling it's generally seen as a good thing as a person who isn't afraid to speak out about wrongs.

Tireundashi (tea-rond-ash), the surname, is actually a mashup of 2 names:
Treuntash (tron-tash), meaning strong or unwavering will and
Tiandski (tea-ansk), meaning likes to drink tea, which is a joke on me being British.

For simplicity his name is often pronounced Sam Kush Tron-dash and sometimes spelt like that too.


I named Cloud, Cloud, because he is albino, so his feathers are pure white. Plus he's a bird so it makes sense.


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Hetman Jerzy "Boruta" Hmiejewski. Main Leader of the 4th army of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (full title)

My fascination with Eastern European history
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Lilith means "of the night" which I thought was fitting for a bat, though sometimes she rolls her eyes at her parents giving her a traditional bat name when she is constantly fighting the stereotypes.


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Mine is an acronym of my real name and surnames. I still haven't revealed the name because I'm new, very insecure and I'm trying to gain some confidence first, that's why I'm using this anonymous account and name for now.

The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
My fursona/Sonisona, Remedy, I actually created based on the name, but I was inspired by two songs: Remedy by Little Boots and The Remedy by Jason Mraz. I was at work when the second song came on and immediately my brain was like 'Okay this is what they look like'. Also chose the name because it was when I was first realizing my identity/going through a real rough home situation, and it seemed like a push towards healing.


he actually
needs a name! any ideas? he's a blacksmith^^


Wolf Skunk
When I was younger, I used to play Castle of the Winds.

Me in Internet: Castle
→ Caztle (Because the username Castle wasn't available anywhere)
→ Caaztle (Because Caztle was taken up on so many sites)
→ Caaz (Because the short version sounds better, actually the long version is Caztle and not Caaztle, but for registering I use Caaz)

Surname: Wolfschädel (Wolf Skull in german)


My hybrid fursona (who currently has the most art) is named Star Sabremutt.

Sabremutt because I needed a username and this doubles as my fursona's original species name and also functions as a 'last name' in social situations.

It wasn't currently in use anywhere so I was free to join FA, DA, Twitter etc with one name for simplicity. Basically I love sabertooth creatures as well as hybrids so I combined that into a name.

Her first name is Star, not only because of her star-shaped markings but I also like the connotations of galaxy, fame, etcetera.


Robo Doggo
Since i'm new here, I've been recently working on my first fursona. IRL i'm into coding and video games, so I created a cyborg wolf character. His name is Gizmo right now, but it could change in the future. I personally feel like Gizmo is a good name for a playful cyborg wolf.
Mine is by putting the primary colour of my sona Green into the name of one of the inspirations for my character Silver the Hedgehog, Greenver & the 420 is from the date 4/20 because of the Cannabis reference in their design. So that is how I came up with the name Greenver_420.


Writer and World Maker
Mine is named after the shortened version of my online name, and it fit well with them i have found.


Resident Stone Age Fox
Was origionally my tribal DnD kitsune ranger, it's Finnish for Antler, the surname was Far-Ranger, because of the whole ranger thing. I just thought Sakara had a good ring to it, and it still fit the sona's character and setting, and so I kept it for my fursona.


why is the rum gone
its based off my real name