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How did you pick your fursona species?


I identify with birds a lot and always have I guess. Corvids in particular though I think I was super stuck between them and vultures for a while because dang vultures DANG!

so many corvids tho srsly - raven, crow, jackdaw, magpie, rook, jay....

I eventually settled on a hooded crow after a LONG time but man I still want to just mash them all together sometime and at the same time I want them to all be individual and unique because man corvids just wow!


Magical Bun Schmoo
I started the fandom as a coywolf, and was one for well over a decade. I can't really remember how I came to settle on coywolf... All I remember is that I decided I was a hybrid because I'm a hybrid of my parents' DNA, so ta-da~! Yeah...

Earlier this year I changed species completely, and am now a cabbit. I decided on a cabbit for two reasons:
1.) Zootopia. My boyfriend and I watched it together, and he decided that I was Judy and that he was going to call me "Carrots" from then on.
2.) Two friends and I decided to make "Little fursonas" for our DD/LG identities. I decided to use a character I had (my cabbit, Socks) to be my Little 'sona.

Both of those things combined led me to change my fursona's species. That and I had been itching for a change for awhile. I just wasn't 100% happy with my coywolf 'sona anymore.


Definitely not a lizard
Haven't figured out my fursona yet :( but I've always been really attached to red pandas and clouded leopards. If we're going Pokemon I definitely have an affinity for Vulpix, but I haven't settled >_>
You can have multiple fursonas, so if you pick one and you aren't satisfied with it, that's no problem. Vulpix is cool tho :3

Blu Dragon

Two of my closest online friends were actually secretly furry, both of them were dragon fursonas at the time (now their a fox and a wolf) and I decided to copy-cat them and be a dragon with them, however unlike their scalie-sonas I saw myself as a more cute and adorable little floof ball and decided to be a furred dragon instead of a scalie one. As for the name of "Blu Dragon", well the name was strategically named to mess with my dragoony friends in various ways, such as a parody of a certain site and their least favorite team in Team Fortress 2 as well. Although the attire I have in mind for my fursona comes mostly from my favorite video game and movie themes... Either hulking suits of power armor or silk suits, nice ties and guns.

Though fun fact, I actually hate wearing blue or white shirts, but my fursona is blue fur with white belly/underfur.


I am the world's forgotten boy
My fursona is without a doubt canine, specifically I'm a caucasian mountain dog. My whole life I've had furry characteristics of a canine, even before I knew what a furry was. I'm loyal, protective, very affectionate, loving, brave, handsome(at least i think so), and I love having my head scratched and belly rubbed ;) So naturally my fursona was bound to be a canine. Thanks for this post Shay_NuperJo, its a fun topic and I enjoy reading other fursons backgrounds and how they chose their fursona. Makes me a happy pup :)


A wild red panda appeared!
I've reconsidered my fursona over the past couple of weeks. I love a lot of animals, but there's no doubt I'm a red panda. I'm small, cuddly, lazy, and finicky. I wish I had a tail that doubled as a blanket!
If I were to use a Pokémon fursona it would be Eevee because small, cuddly, and adaptable. I love a lot of Pokémon as well, but I identify most with cute things, and I've loved Eevee since I was 7.

Leoni Zheitk

I don't know... I was just kind of like "hey, otters look cool in a hoodie" And "hey, red pandas look cool in a hoodie"
And then I used them in my fursonas

( ._.) cause why not?


My sona started out as a Pokésona of a Rattata. At the time, I thought the Pokémon looked cute (still do) as well as rats in general.
I grew out of the whole Pokésona thing not too long after and thought: "I'll just make him a plain ol' rat."
I chose a rabbit... well... because bunnies are just fun little fluffles to pet. Plus I just like their natural abilities to leap and be super quick. I've always had an idea of what Ecko would look like, I have just yet to put it down on paper... err... on the digital screen.


Galactic Overlord
I made a conglomeration of features I thought would be interesting on a custom species when I was creating my first macro character, and decided to keep a mistake I made when drawing her eyes in the digital version, because it looked cool. After some time I refined her, then made a few other characters with the same traits, coming up with the species "cybercanine". One of them was Valthero, who I later adopted as my fursona.


I feel identified with tigers. At first it was dragons, only feral though and I wasn't into furry yet, I just liked them (I had no idea was furry was, yet). I like fierce things, powerful. Then I discovered tigers. THEN, I discovered anthro. And I'm gay so it was natural to become a muscled anthro tiger.

Fanfic Fetishist

Scribe of Storms
Always liked the bad guys who had the symbol that make up the main part of my avatar. So, I decided to make myself a cobra. Beyond that, I can't imagine myself NOT being a big ol' serpent now (beyond the times I change into an Eevee).


New Member
I'm a wolf/husky mix, because wolves are so pure, and huskies are domesticated and damn sexy.
I swear an anthro could beat me down and I'd still appreciate them.


New Member
Hmm, this is a rather interesting idea. For the most part my main 'sona Noize is a combination of my two favorite animals, Red-Fox and German Shepherd, but for the most part I just go with things that I think would be interesting to make as a 'sona. Right now I am trying to design a new main sona, but sadly I cannot get my ideas onto a page.


Blue Flame Bakeneko
I had no idea what I wanted at first. Then I took several fursona quizzes on Quotev, and in three out of four of them I got a Cat (which makes purrfect sense because I am a dyed in the wool crazy cat person). I decided to mix my love of cats with my love of Japan and base mine off of the mythical Bakeneko. I did a quick Furvilla "paintie" and voila, Nekomura was born!


99% fluff
I like to eat and sleep. Plus I'm bad with people. Kinda obvious what animal I had to choose.


I made my own...The Huffin! (Main Huffin character seen on icon)

They have cat like similarities and have a 1000 subspecies (only because they can be part anything...)