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How Did Your Family/Friends Treat You After They Found Out About You Being a Furry?


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It was a joke. Not funny joke. Parents don't really know I'm a fluffy piece of shit
You're not a piece of shit, you're a wonderful person with a different mind to the 'outsiders' Love who you ARE, not what other people want you to be..


Artemis the Satanist
I use my fursona as my avatar at work and I'm out to most people who know me. Family doesn't care. All of my personal profiles have some sort of link to my fursona just because it's an active part of my hobbies.

Nobody cares. It's not a big deal!

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They don't, they assume it's a character I like from a game I've made since they know I do game development.
That's how I got away with a giant plushie of Jackpot and Legosi mousepad.



A few days ago I "told" my best friend. We finally exchanged our Discord IDs after being friends for over five years and of course that meant he saw my profile picture.

He said he sort of already knew based on our past history together and even though he doesn't share the interest he said something to the effect of "if it made me happy it was okay," and asked a few of the "normie" questions, like if I ever dressed up or wore a tail.

I'm happy that he was so okay with it, even though he's not a fan. I didn't think he'd be against it all that much, but I had to worry. After all, that's why this thread exists.

He refuses to call me Punji though. :p
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Kellan Meig'h

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the only people that know I'm a furry are my wife and my younger daughter that lives with us. It's a hobby to me, like music, slot cars, model cars, RC aircraft, etc. My older daughter and her family thinks I make cool Halloween costumes and cosplay things.

Sorry if that was anti-climactic. I don't shout "I'm A Furry!" at the top of my lungs every chance I get. It's a hobby.


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Nobody knows yet, but that's not because I would actively hide my furry side. I just think telling it out of nowhere would be weird. If a conversation turned to animals, or films/books with anthro characters, I wouldn't try to hide my interests. But if people found out, I can imagine how they would react.

My parents probably don't even know the word furry. They wouldn't care or understand.
On the other hand, my siblings grew up in the age of internet, so I'm sure they have at least heard of the furry fandom.
My sister would be mildy interested.
My brother probably thinks furry is all about porn, but would believe me once I told him it's not.
As for friends, I don't have any. Yay. :cool:

Kit the fox

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My brother called me a furry before I even knew about the fandom. So, I kinda partially blame him for leading me to it. (But let's be fair, I would have eventually found it anyway). This was because I've always drawn anthro animal characters anyway, so it only made sense.

Everyone else in my family just knows I draw cartoon animal characters. I don't think most of them really know about furries or the fandom (other than my brother obviously). Like I've even been working on a fursuit head and my mom thinks it's cool, I didn't have any need to be like "BY THE WAY THIS IS ME BEING A FURRY, MOM."
My mom I think even watched a Christmas furry movie once and she still hasn't put two and two together xD
Or she is a furry


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Nothing really changed. My parents don’t mind the subjects I’m interested in, even if they don’t understand them very much. I haven’t explicitly told any of my friends I’m a furry, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind either.


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They reacted because they don't need to know as it's a private matter, plain and simple.


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I'm curious as to how nonfurries react to someone they know who IS a furry.

I've only told a few friends and a couple of family members. Those friends either don't care or judge other furs. Family is either indifferent or has no idea about the furry community.
They were really supportive and I'm getting a fursiut here soon and I will be very happy and thanks to fluke for showing me that u can be a furry and not be shamed were ever you go and I appreciate that and he is the one inspired me to be a furry and I'm proud to one what I'm trying to say is thanks fluke :)


My brother belittled me for being a Sonic fan, but he just in general doesn't like Sonic. I have pictures on my wall of my characters and my family doesn't seem to mind. It's more or less my brother just doesn't like the Sonic fandom in general or something he's simply not into, on the opposite he doesn't like Warhammer as well, which is filled with humans. I've tried so much to get him into the fandom, got him his own ork army and even bought him a game, but he refunded it on steam. So, it's more of a "meh I'm not into it" sort of deal as for my Sonic fandom stuff as well. I'm not really a furry though.


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It went surprisingly well, though they were always open-minded. I may have been too enthusiastic for furry stuff though because now, they all seem to reference it. Also I'm probably in the only family where we share furry art we like in our groupchat.


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It went surprisingly well, though they were always open-minded. I may have been too enthusiastic for furry stuff though because now, they all seem to reference it. Also I'm probably in the only family where we share furry art we like in our groupchat.
Oh wow! I like showing my cousin really cool furry art. She was amazed at first because she thought most art in the fandom was NSFW.


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I once let it slip to my room mate, just once, that I was a furry. He still reminds me from time to time that I am a weirdo for it. I haven't told any of my other friends. Why would I? It's not for non-furries to know.