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How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?


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It all started with a game show commercial spoofing Godzilla. I saw it when I was 13 and discovered I had a thing for macros and paws.

That led me to a website called Big Clawz. Years later it led me to Fur Affinity.

I only really discovered the other facets of the fandom a couple years ago - fursuiting, cons, etc. And I'm really glad I did, because I now enjoy those just as much as the NSFW stuff.


I'm only just becoming active in the community, and my art still tends to focus on humans cause that's what I'm used to, but I'd like to branch out.
I grew up adoring movies like The Lion King, Brother Bear, Kung Fu Panda, The Cat Returns, Wolf Children, etc. and I'd watch them over and over again. I got introduced to the furry fandom itself, along with the weird side of it unfortunately, around middle school when I became friends with this dude who was really enthusiastic and taught me a bit too much about it lmfao. I sometimes drew his wolf for his story and RP, but I still thought it was weird for a while. Having a bad first experience with RP a little earlier was probably another reason why I just didn't get it, but I digress.
Now, after making more friends who are furries, getting more involved in overall fandom culture and just maturing, I've come to realise it's like any other fandom filled with many different and generally friendly people, and looking past that weird side and the bad rep y'all get over the internet for it, I can really appreciate the dedication and skill that goes into a lot of the art, fun character designs and fursuits! It's actually really cool and admirable!
Then at 19 years old, I made a rabbit fursona and an FA account, and have a crush on a certain hyena boy, so I guess I'm a furry now.

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
It all started with this:


This was my "Foxy." I would not ever leave him alone when I was little. Even when I was older, he was my favorite toy and I kept good track of him until he was finally lost in middle school.

It was also this:


But wait! There is more!



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Always loved animation, and a lot of the stuff portrays anthro animals so there's that. Also always had a fascination for animals.
I was larping once and there was someone with a fursuit there. Didn't really know about furries at the time, but I loved that.
Eventually got more curious, watching videos about it, realised that I had more fun drawing and watching anthros than humans, but didn't understand the point of a fandom about a concept.

This was the tipping point where I started to truly consider myself a furry:

Well congratz, I've been kind of hesitant to get into furry stuff but I think that video might've just been my tipping point too lol


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Hahaha I liked that meme "It all started when I was born". Well, the responsible people for my fur affinity addiction are my kids. They introduced me to this community and I became totally addicted. Of course, it's so much different from what I was used with, I mean cartoons like Ice Age, the Lion King etc. But I like the furry community thing. I experienced something similar with Anime and Manga. A similar addiction was when I discovered Death Note on https://www.greatbritishcarjourney.com/. Actually I think Naruto was the actual start for this transition from Ice Age to furry for me. Anyone here addicted to anime? I am still involved in some forums on that topic, but not so active anymore.
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I believe my sexual drive is unrelated to appearence. And shame from desires made me very shy.

I didnt get to experience anything romatic till about 5 years ago. Im still socially awkward but it was much worse before. I started explorin sides of my psyche thru the lens of furry sexuality to help me cope.
first year of testing the waters was really fun. I was in a somewhat manic state and got caught up in forum games.
There was fun being had so i decided to stay and browse more.
i joined some rp's, spent time taking and offering art trades and making gift art. This creative side of the fandom really appealed to me.
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I believe my sexual drive is unrelated to appearence. And shame from desires made me very shy.

I didnt get to experience anything romatic till about 5 years ago. Im still socially awkward but it was much worse before. I started explorin sides of my psyche thru the lens of furry sexuality to help me cope.
Same tbh. Definitely consider myself demisexual. I've had like, one serious crush? Maybe two?


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Okay I'm just gonna type a list in chronological order because I don't feel like typing a shitload.
  • Valentines day 2014 in school. Cards with cute animals were being passed around. One kid mentioned the word "furry," causing another kid to cringe in response. I didn't get it.
  • Playstation Home 2015. I met two creepy furries. One was a dude with a fart fetish who catfished me into thinking he was also a girl my age and the other kept being weirdly sexual. Even though those furries were bad people, I was still interested in the concept of a fursona, so I occasionally poked my head into online furry spaces.
  • Latter half if 2016 after moving to a new town. I made a short-lived friendship with a guy who happened to be a furry. He was one who liked to cringe at other furries. He came to my house one day and played a furry cringe compilation on youtube. Instead of cringing, I found it interesting. I thought the fursuits were cute. This lead to me joining furry amino, where I made a "fursona" with a random design and species that I hated. I had no direction making one I could connect to and left in frustration.
  • In 2017, I was a part of a lot of Kik roleplaying groups. Most notably, furry ones. Everyone just ripped designs from Google to use as character references, and I did the same.
  • In 2018, I was obsessed with monsters and a non-furry-related ship (imagining characters in a relationship not a literal ship), but later that year in 2018, I made what would later become my first fursona, Jack.
  • In early 2019, I abandoned his design for a while. I made another design that I would soon scrap completely. I went back to Jack's design and made him my fursona. I've been a furry ever since.
I summarized it the best I could and it still ended up being a wall of text. Damn.


So, there's two aspects of it for me. I've actually been a furry for nearly my whole life. I was just extremely dense to the fact that the word and it's correct connotations applied to me. I identified with anthro characters, preferred media with anthro characters, my first crushes were on anthro characters (Bianca from The Rescuers, and Gadget from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers). Many of the values, ideologies, and behavioral traits I carry to this day, I was first introduced to, or best introduced to, by anthro characters. It persisted all the way to this day, manifesting itself in ways here and there along the way.

But here's where I'm dumb. I knew of the furry community. I knew of some of the culture. I knew, in hindsight, that it applied to me. I just didn't....see it? Think about it? It's always been such a normal, yet private aspect of my life, I guess I just didn't even consider the concept of a community in general.

So anyhow, last year, all of a sudden, this car started parking in the lot by my work, and these people would get out, put on partial fursuits, and go...somewhere. It lasted for about two weeks. And all I could think was that I was being left behind, that these people knew the place to go and I was being left behind. I wanted to do what they were doing, go where they were going. The fursuits looked...correct? Maybe that's not the right word, but it felt inviting, like it was an awakening.

It's funny, because it dawned on, or rather, hit me like a bag of bricks. You know how people have this image of themselves that they picture? It occurred to me that mine is always an animal...usually a grey wolf, or grizzly bear. It occurred to me that my heroes from cartoons growing up were always, and still are, anthros (Disney's Robin Hood anybody?). It occurred to me that when I doodle, it's always anthro.

Then, of course, that bit of embarrassment where you realize something that's been right in your face the whole time.

But anyway, since then...nada. Pandemic, being broke, being tied up with life in general. The only things I've been able to do is indulge in some art, look at fursuits, and now sign up here. Hoping, though, that in the not so distant future I can lean more into it, and truly explore the community and lifestyles.


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I’ve been aware of the furry community for many years. I always knew that I wanted to participate in the fandom.

But I was far too anxiety ridden and I kept overthinking about my fursona. I was way too worried about how I wanted to portray myself and my how I would be perceived within the fandom.

Ever since I was a kid, my fursona had been a plain white wolf with purple eyes. They were originally female and called “Ookami-Chan”. I experimented with all different kinds of other fursonas, but nothing else ever “felt right” to me the way that Ookami-Chan did. I eventually renamed her “Wolfie”, but I still felt like she was too plain.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I started playing a dragon raising sim called “Flight Rising”. A certain fluffy breed of dragons on the site inspired me to redesign my fursona. Then the other day I remembered that Fur Affinity existed and I knew that I had to jump in, especially since I finally had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my fursona to be.

Now ”Wolfie” is a wolf/dragon mix, and they’re now nonbinary instead of female in order to reflect my real-life gender identity. And yes, Wolfie’s still got a white and purple color palette!


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Probably a combination of liking animals and watching Pokemon and Digimon back in the day. I guess I was just drawn to that kind of media, same as most people here as well. Namely by really liking some of that media and those designs as a kid. After a few years, I didn't really look deeply into it before looking into werewolf media quite a bit until eventully, I started looking back at furry content again. Initially I brushed it off, but I started looking and getting more into furry. It's got to the point that I want to attend a convention at some point, and toying with the idea of a partial suit.


Sempre gostei de peles, para falar a verdade, passei a conhecê-los por causa da minha imensa quantidade de fetiches, embora eu tenha I've always liked furrys, honestly speaking, I got to know them because of my vast amount of fetishes, although I have many breeds that I hate, like wolves, foxes, dragons and cats when They appear in excess and in a generic way, but I've always loved them, mainly because of the peculiar members too


Not a furry, but it was around 2011 when my friend told me the plot of Sonic 06. I've played Sonic Heroes and wasn't really into the lore, that was until the game sounded more in depth for me and then I've read the Archie Sonic comics online.


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Always liked monsters as a kid. I grew up in a small Kansas town in the 70’s, so I had NO idea what all was out there. I grew into a hyper-sensitive, introverted teen who didn’t get into girls OR boys when all my classmates did. But I did channel all those feelings into werewolves, satyrs, etc. Of course I was certain I was the only guy on the planet who felt that way and it only made me more depressed. I actually trained myself to like hairy guys when I was in my 20’s so it would at least be something attainable. (Only recently figured out I’m actually bi.) A few years ago a “wolf transformation” hypno file really struck a chord with me and it felt so deeply, spiritually “right” that I opened myself up to the idea that I had a furry side. One of the best decisions I ever made.


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I saw somebody on Twitter talk about what started them down the path of becoming a furry, and it got me thinking: What started YOU down that path? As for me, the beginning of my furriness can be summed up with this image:

And, for those who don't know what that is, it's Spyro on the PS1.
When I was a child, as far back as I can recall, I'd have extremely vivid dreams of me being an animal, going through something or other in the natural world (usually involved chasing/being chased by something trying to eat/eat me, which of course usually ended in a gruesome manner). They were very disturbing at times, and waking up screaming was freaking out more than me/my family.
Back then, there was no internet, no easy way to research stuff like we enjoy today. Of course, Momma went 'Western Medical' on my ass, and after a LOT of futile meetings/medicines/et al, Papa finally stepped in and w/o telling Momma, had me meet with a couple of Elders first in our own Res., and then I went to another to meet with a very real, very scary 'Shaman'.
If you're laughing or scoffing, just stop reading right here and now, and do us both a favor.
A word I can't really type ('cause I don't know how to type it in his language), but basically meant 'Reincarnation' was brought up, and we dove into that as a possibility.
Introduce my belief in reincarnation, ever since!
Now, 'Furry'?
My never-ending-war against the Xtian Indoctrination I was forced to endure from kindergarten all the way to my 8th Grade Graduation, saw me studying other religions, via our mobile library van. I must've poured through all the books I could get my hands on, in a 300 mile radius?! Enthralled doesn't do my insatiable curiosity justice.
Imagine my surprise when I finally acknowledged and the pieces of the puzzle finally snapped into place inside my noggin', when I saw pictures of 'Angels', then 'Demons', and THEN compared those to what so many ancient religions had, before?! WOW!!!
Introduce my 'Adult' fascination into Anthropomorphic critters! (Not exactly in the NSFW sense, though that happened too!).
Now, to back pedal here a bit. This wasn't new to me, as our own Tales/Legends have many parallels to this Anthro World. I just didn't give them the credit they deserved back then. To me they were simply 'Bed time/campfire' stories to be enjoyed while we were roasting marshmallows/making s'mores, or feasting ourselves into a stupor with roasted hotdogs. So, moving on...
Years and years later, I found via this Internet thingamajig, what THIS 'Furry Fandom' was.
Been here ever since.


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I just fucking love Krystal.

What he said.

While I liked plenty of furry related things before I even knew about the fandom, Krystal is definitely what triggered my personal discovery of it. This was when I was a teenager and it coincided with my own sexual discovery as well. Hormones + autism + Krystal is just too powerful a combo, LOL. (Not actually diagnosed autistic, too highly functioning for that, apparently.)

I'm somewhere in my thirties now. Still as confused now as I was then to an extent. Never really feel like I found my place in life. Got education, work and money figured out, but when it comes to the social stuff and actually feeling like I belong somewhere in society, I'm still lost as ever.

Perhaps my development would have been different if I was never afflicted by the furry, but I wouldn't give it up for anything.