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How did your loved one react?


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I'm curious on how your loved ones reacted when they realized you were a fan of anthropomorphic animals.
My own parents adore them; my mom loves the costumes and my dad appreciates the work that goes into it! I was shocked they would accept it but now I want to know how everyone else was received!


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My family has basically always known and never cared. They know I like to draw furries and that I plan to get a costume soon.
My mom used to crack jokes at me after watching that CSI episode because she found it hilarious. She knows I don't take it seriously though. c;


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My mother didn't give a shit. I've only ever dated another furry.
So, uh. Well.


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I always see these stories of people being disowned or ridiculed for it... I'm kind of questioning the validity of these accounts bow, seeing as most people's people don't really give a crap lol


Never really told them, I really see no need to. They have always known that I am into a lot of "geeky" things, and they never have reacted badly to any of them, so I doubt they would have any extreme reaction if it did come up.


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My Mum is cool with it, she's never really brought it up, but she's pretty cool with internet stuff. She plays video games all the time, and she's pretty open-minded. My brother is on the internet like 24/7 and says that he thinks furries are cool but doesn't like the "erotic art" of them, which is understandable.

My girlfriend is totally cool with it, she isn't a furry or into anthro stuff, but she has made a fursona-like character before. I look at furry stuff whilst she's around and it doesn't bother her.

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Haha yeah right, because it's real smart to tell your loved ones that you're a grown man and part of a fandom that sexualizes Anthropomorphic Animals.



My parents were actually pretty okay with it when they found out. Their biggest concern was that I drink responsibly at cons and do'nt do anything stupid or reckless. What qualifies as stupid or reckless, I tend to uh... stretch that boundary a bit...


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My bf didn't care, and now he's one too. I corrupted him. >:3


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my first gf was a furry, and every relationship after that they didn't care.


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When I was a teenager, and told my girlfriend, she immediately asked me if I was sexually attracted to actual animals. :\ When I clarified that I wasn't she was placated, but when I eventually split up with her I received emails threatening to 'out' me as a furry, which I thought was silly.

I've no idea if my family know I'm furry; god I hope not. :V

Some of my colleagues at university found out I was a furry. One of them eventually told me that there was a 'horrible rumour' about me, and upon asking them it turned out the 'horrible rumour' was that I was furry.

To be frank, I'm surprised they care. Furthermore, given that furries are all over the internet, one would imagine it's easy enough to see that most furries aren't horrible people.


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My mate reacted with glee, though he did see the whole thing unfold, and has now been officially recruited, and will be working on a fursuit soon, for his fursona: Ring-Tailed Mongoose. Odd, he has no real interest in the web aspect of things, aside from looking at certain artwork, and more likes the RL aspects of the fandom, especially fursuits and the like.

My friends have also reacted with support...I can be a bit of an overly moody, intellectual sort, always reading serious literature, and pondering life, and prone to being melancholy...so they see it as a good counter-balance to this, something I can have fun with, and let myself go, and just be goofy. I was such a serious child, even, so this is like having those years back, that I never really lived as fully as I might have.

My folks think it's fine, and love the idea of learning to make fursuits, with an aim to maybe do commissions, if we get good enough; it's something we could do from home, if we move back to Michigan, which is a goal of ours.


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They were okay with it.

I half-expected mocking and zoophilia jokes, but I haven't had a single person give me shit about being a furry (my brother gave me shit, but that was because I was interrupting his precious tv time). I think a handful of people might've unfriended me on Facebook after I changed my profile picture to my fursuit (good riddance to them. May their petty lives find brighter futures) but the majority seem to understand that I'm still the same person, I just like to dress up as a fox now.
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My partner is not a furry, when I told him I was his heart stopped. He made the comment that "If you ever get a fursuit or whatever, I will break up with you." Little does he know that I already ordered it.


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I'm curious on how your loved ones reacted when they realized you were a fan of anthropomorphic animals.
My own parents adore them; my mom loves the costumes and my dad appreciates the work that goes into it! I was shocked they would accept it but now I want to know how everyone else was received!

Everyone who knows me well enough already knows what I like. The only thing that "furry" did was attach a name to what was already obviously there.


I don't care about my family, or their opinions. But I did tell my sister. She thinks it's weird n stuff, so we never really mention it. uwu;


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Mom was worried it'd be something much worse so she was kind of relieved it was just me liking anthro art, and my brother doesn't talk about it much besides the occasional snark. Could be worse.


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My family had never heard of furries (other than my sister, who's pretty chill anyway), so I explained it to them and they think it's alright. They're not really into it themselves, but they don't care that I like it. :p