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How do/did you make other furry friends?

Tell I is your story or your "method" for making friends in the furry community! (Doing this as a how to for myself and other furs who want to meet people through the internet and not just in person)


Well...you tried
Just PM everyone you see on the forums the words "Oh murr, you make my tailhole all tingly. Wanna commission a pic of my sona PhallicWolf performing anal vore on your [insert species here]?" If they respond, congratulations, you've just made yourself a brand new furry friend!


Archmage of the Wandering Isle
I don't usually try to make furry friends, but I've found quite a few furries through videogames. All you have to do, really, is send a message to people who look/sound cool and say "hey, yerr a furrie, yerr kewl, and i liek u". Done.


you are me, and i am you
Bassicaly, its like making any other friend. just be nise and stike up a conversation. nothing else to it :3


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
I have a fair number of furry acquaintances, and a few friends.

I find the best approach is to just go up to people who seem interesting or fun, including people with neat fursuits. Even when you don't click with these people, they'll often introduce you to other people, who will introduce you to other people, and so on and so forth.

I find that the best way to truly create and solidify real friendships in the furry community is to either chat with folks over social media or private message, or chat with them at quieter, more low-key meets, like game nights or meals.


I use Second Life, Furcadia, and furry forums to meet people. Chat rooms are good because people are generally hanging out there to socialize in the first place.


The Arcane Sage
First I acquired magic spells, then I got a wand and made friends with a guy called Frank. Then there was this lightening storm and some guy named Eeeegore.
Oh wait, you mean to meet people here! Well I just used my natural ability to make things up, then if they find me interesting we just sort of become friends.
So just be yourself and be interested in others. The best way to get heard is to listen!


Roller Coaster Imagineer.
Some dude started a watsapp group and added a 50 furs from a local community all against our will. So everybody had every bodies fscken numbers. Some other dude watsapps me knowing that I was on a business trip too a small town and asked me if I've been to a tiny waterpark there where he mentioned something exceptionally funny is written as the slogan for one of there water rides and that i should share it. Didn't believe him so I checked it out and with Ra as my witness:


This translate directly into English: Water Worm I Swallow - You Enjoy

Got back and asked the dude if he wants to go drink some beers in a local pub and bring along other people with this sense of humor. And we got piss drunk and stuff.

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
I don't.

My plan of action was just to be here and see if anyone thought I was cool enough to pm. I usually suck at taking initiative in a conversation.


The Last of Us.
You have to shine a barman style light in the shape of a paw print, usually they'll flock to it.
Or if you want to be more serious just let it happen naturally, just make sure you put yourself out there and involve yourself in conversations.


Cecaelia Amputee
I drive my white van out to an empty lot and put a sign on the side saying 'Full knuckle Furraver shuttle' and leave a trail of glowsticks and used condoms.

But if you mean like normal not sexual assault type friends then talking. Just talking. For some reason I seem to make friends because people think I'm joking when I say weird things and have no idea what they've signed up for.


Banana Party
Same way I make any friend. Just by being me, and being sociable.
Although I guess a lot of people aren't me. So I'm going to say - be friendly, outgoing, engaging, confident, and don't be afraid to initiate conversations. You'd be surprised how friendly and willing to talk people are.

Not entirely sure why "furry friend" is even a relevant thing. Still just regular people.
The fandom is just another means of sharing an interest, and makes bridging gaps in relations easier.

Batty Krueger

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I started on pounced, before it turned into an awful site. Then everything took off from there.


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I usually find other Furs on Black Ops II. I just play SnD and they pop up out of nowhere. It's actually getting quite annoying...

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I don't usually try to make furry friends, but I've found quite a few furries through videogames. All you have to do, really, is send a message to people who look/sound cool and say "hey, yerr a furrie, yerr kewl, and i liek u". Done.
It's pretty much this. This and vidya/other online activity


Mr. Red Flag
They tend to pop up at work randomly, lol. For the most part, I tend to just post things and talk with my commenters, or my livestream peeps :D

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
Have you tried the secret furry call? Just yell MURRR and you'll have lots of friends in seconds.


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You could do what the new users here like to do- Add a gazillion people as friends on FAF and see if anyone responds.
Works for them. :V


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I tend to ask people via PM for what is the best way to contact them, then I take it from there :) I do wish I could meet most of them easily xD