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How do I advertise an art stream?

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I just got into the world of art streaming and don’t know how to let people know when I’m streaming.

Any advice is welcome.


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I've seen people do banners with some example of your art that say something like "now streaming!" and post them to FA, ideally with a generall description of what you're streaming, like pay what you want, commissions you have queued, etc, watchers and people browsing the first few pages of recent artwork will see the banner and click your link in the submission desc if they want to watch. The banner only stays while you're streaming, and when you're done you delete the submission so your gallery doesn't get clogged with a million streaming banners.

Other than that, a bunch of furry discord servers allow you to advertise your art and your streams, and some even have a few channels just for advertising like that. Even if you don't love socializing in discord servers like that, joining a few large ones is always good for finding new artists you like and would want to commission, so advertising there might help you connect with people looking for art!

Hope this helped!