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How do I become king?


Slow as sickness but true as sap
That's not really a good idea, knowing some of the fandom you will be burned on a stake for copying.
If you do have the skills to "parody" the popular suit makers, why dont you just make/design your own suits?

Also blacklisted, slandered, harassed. The anthro form is about doing things right with integrity and honesty and a unique personality. If you dont bring that to the table your gonna be put on public enemy list numero Uno.


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
If you want to set up a small company of specialists that'd be fine. Having one person whose good at paws. One person whose good at heads, etc would be like how Victorian era trade goods were made.

A team effort of smaller people who don't have all of the skill to make a whole suit could work together efficiently to make a suit.

I could see this being a successful idea depending on the loose ends and how you market it.

Don't market it as Me or my company market it as We the team.

Oblique Lynx

The nationalist conservative lynx
To become king the current king must step down from being king, and if you are in the royal bloodline you have a chance of being king.

I don't think anything I just said was right
Well you can also perform a coup