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How do I draw freckles correctly?


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So as you can see my fursona has freckles (as seen in my profile pic), and they're not great... They just look like it's on a 2D plane, instead of following the shape of the face.

Any advice?


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Freckles are usually darker than the background, which might help.

Your character's snout exists on a 2-d plane (that's why the mouth is all on one side) so you're going to struggle if you want the freckles to appear to follow a 3 dimensional surface.


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I would suggest using a slightly transparent brush to draw freckles so you get some variation - some darker and some lighter. Also try to avoid drawing them all equidistant. There should be some clumped and some bare spots.


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freckles should be all different. not all are perfectly round, they have different color and sizes. For more depth do shading over them.


Heres a quick hack, if you have a brush tool for splatter or even like paint splatter just use that with a darker tone than the background (usually a bit warmer ) and use the brush lightly and lower the opacity by 20% erase the mess that is : when its too clustered and over the border. you might want to try multiple times and do it until you think it looks good... GOODLUCK!