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how do i draw shark head


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Yeah, sharks are difficult to anthropomorphise. The biggest issue I usually find is that they have no neck. You either have to give them one, which often makes them look kinda not like a shark at all, or bend their heads over awkwardly at the gills, resulting in a hunched back that looks decidedly inelegant. Most furry artists I've seen that draw sharks take the first route.

There's a nice compromise between these two approaches in the picture here:

Really all I can suggest here is look at how other artists have done it, get reference photos of real sharks, and try it out. You can fiddle with the formula until you get a format you like.

Judge Spear

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Taran Fiddler and Tofulicious mastered shark people. Though admittedly sharks work best with bulkier builds.

It's not that difficult really and you can make something very fitting without resorting to the cop out of making them smooth Sergals every coward ass furry is doing these days.