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How do I draw?



I'm pretty bad at drawing. I want to draw a lot of things but I see how bad I am and give up in the end. Anyone know about a website or video series that can teach me?


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I can always recommend Jazza for anyone lol especially his how to playlist
How to Draw - YouTube

Rodgon is also a good one for a few tutorials and more
www.youtube.com: RODGON THE ARTIST

Just watching a video series or reading an article won't do you much good unless you put it into practice.

But honestly what I'm doing right now is just trying to copy everything I see. Artbooks? Copy them. Image libraries of both art and photos? Copy them. It may seem tedious but it helps. DON'T FORGET TO DRAW EVERY DAY!

Judge Spear

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Start with the fundamentals. I'm sure there's thousands of tutorials on YouTube.
You'll be bad for months or years. Growing pains. How we all start.