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How do I get into this as a creator

im struggling with money and motivation to draw and heard that the furry community has a lot to offer, how would i get into this industry and where do i start??


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( Oh no, honey, your username.. I mean, same though. )

I would start by saying that the furry community is not, actually, a reliable cash cow - for most people. In my experience, while it will pay you more than commissions on, say, Tumblr, most furry artists are working for far less than minimum wage. ( Not that they SHOULD be, please please don't price yourself low on purpose, but I see it happening all the time. )

If that's a dealbreaker for you, you might be in the wrong place. Your better option might be to find a job that doesn't steal your soul and pays you enough to do what you love in your free time, even if that's just until you can "make it" as an artist.

But if that isn't a dealbreaker for you, you might enjoy furry commissions.

I think they're fun. I love the community. Clients are, on average, fair and kind and professional. It lets me draw cute animals to live when, as a biologist, my other option might be a deeply soulcrushing job in ecology ( or certain labs ). A lot of people love it for the same reasons. I hope if you're making this thread it's because you love it! It just won't make you rich.

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Taking it slow and with patience is better in many regards. You'll build an audience (which is the main key with that sort of things) and learn overtime what works for you not the least if it's really what you want to do. In short practice is the best way to figure things out

If you're looking for a way to sustain yourself in the short term, getting a job is better


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If you have no motivation I'm not sure what you're expecting.
Don't get into it if you can't commit to it.
Don't be like one of the few thousand artists that take ten customers and never put out.


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I heard that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars duct-taping bananas to walls.

The market is saturated, dude. As @TyraWadman says, if you don't feel motivated to do furry art, don't do it. You're not likely to beat someone who is actually enthusiastic about it, and you'll only make yourself miserable if you demean your craft in the name of a quick buck. Draw something you care about.

Believe me, this forum has a lot more people asking for fully-realised art for less than $50 than it does three-hundred-dollar commissions. It takes a lot of time, effort and really good networking skills to get to a position where your commission slots fill up the second you open them.